Katie Grand. I've been workign since Dolce & Gabbana's fall 2009 show who would be caught in wearing this coat well...it didn't take long. It looks crazier on her then it did on the Runway. She's giving Carine Roitfeld some pink coat competition.

Caban Mahoney. This is actually one of my favorite look from Missoni's Spring 2009 collection.

Jacquetta Wheeler. Now this is the kind of outfit you wear if you want to bring a some fun and brightness into your office looks, but still remain sophisticated.

Gemma Arterton. Spring is in the air!

Jade Parfitt.

Margherita Missoni. I've always been jealous that she gets all the Missoni clothes that a girl could want, though it must be boring to always have to wear the same label, family or not.

Jade Jagger. I'm liking this softer look on her, a nice change.

The shoe scene at the Missoni party. Those Louis Vuitton shoes are showing up everywhere.

Catherine Prevost and Tamara Beckwith / Elizabeth Saltzman and Marigay McKee.

Jennifer Kersis / Charlotte Dellal. Those 'liquid gold' leggings are to die for!

Juan Villalonga and Adriana Abascal.


Adriana Abascal / Margherita Missoni or Kerry Washington?
I think Gemma's dress above is pretty much the same as these ones, just another print.


Le français parisien said...

Omg, Katie Grand looks awful!

Secret Agent said...

Adriana Abascal looks better.

S.Elisabeth said...

i like margherita's the best... and those shoes!! I'm in love!

WendyB said...

Whenever I see this picture of Katie Grand, I think, "Wow, Suzy Menkes is looking great!"

Winnie said...

Katie Grand reminds me of a pink version of the monster from Monster's Inc. I strangely love it haha.