I went a little MAC crazy today, I was going in to replace my blush and came out with extra stuff. Why is it that the people in there act so fake all the time, I especially hate the fake smiles quite irritating!
I actually want to know has any body ever had a problem with the top part of the blush container caving in? This is the third time it's happened to me, it makes the blush a waste because then I have to get a new one. Why is their makeup so expensive, but they put it in cheap containers? I asked the girl about it, and she tried to understand what I was saying, but came up pretty clueless (lots of works like "Oh ya" "Like" "Omigod"). Anyway this time I'm going to try to be extra gentle so that the clear part doesn't cave in. I also got a smokey eye liner (I'm into that again) and the lipbalm tint. I definitely recommend the lipbalm tint, it's so much better then I expected and the color lasts for hours.

REMEMBER: They give free samples out at MAC if you just ask. I suggest going for the pigment eyeshadows because you can get so much use out of what they give you verses lipgloss which is one application.

I'm getting ready for summer and my trip next month and I was tired of my usual sporty Oakley sunglasses so I went to Sunglass Hut and walked out with a new pair of Burberry sunnies. I'm happy about them, I chose a pretty classic style that way I'll get a lot of use out of it. I was hoping to try on some Chanel ones, but I guess they don't stock them.


SET said...

I love you sunglasses, its timeless.

Hot Bot said...

MAC workers are the same everywhere.

grace said...

much more of a sephora girl myself. but mac's eyeshadow samples really do last if you want to try a fun color but not commit

smokey eyes foreverr

Winnie said...

I really like MAC and some of the workers are a bit like that but there is one store I go to and they are all really friendly...maybe I'm just lucky! I've not had that problem with case the blushers are in...and I own a few.

alice said...

cool sunglasses!