Our favorite mysterious socialite Genevieve Jones. I've featured her jewelry and bag collection before, it is really good. Genevieve was truly at her best yesterday, there is not one thing I don't love about this outfit. I want to be as petite as her because I am her height, but unfortunately I've got T & A haha. Motivation for the gym!

Zac Posen. Genevieve has apparently been his muse for a while now.

Elise Overland & Bonnie Morris.

Julia Restion-Roitfeld, Genevieve's best friend.

Eva Longoria. I really don't like that her hair color matches her dress exactly.

Jewel. I'm so glad she's getting better, no more crutches. I have to credit Jewel for really helping me discover other music genres. I remember borrowing the Pieces Of You CD from a friend in 8th grade and being obsessed with it.

Samantha Harris. She should really play down the eye makeup, I always wonder if she's had some sort of surgery on her face because she seems to have this surprised look on her all the time.

Jessica Lowndes. She has gorgeous eyes, nice look overall.

Katie Cassidy. This dress reminds me of Alexander McQueen a few seasons back. She did the pink and black look very well with a touch of Futuristic.

Monica Raymond. This is definitely what I would have worn, it's fresh, fun and sophisticated at the same time.

Cameron Richardson. I wonder what it would have looked like with black shoes, nice look overall probably one of my favorites at this event.

Tia Mowry. Stunning! She makes me want to go and get this hair cut, actually I've wanted it since Rihanna had it, but I'll probably do it for when I turn 30.

Tamara Mowry. She should lose the necklace it looks a little out of place, but the rest of the outfit is nice.

Kourtney Kardashian. Honestly, this is probably the best I've seen her. The belt makes it look very Balmain.

Kim Kardashian. Change the shoes.

Simon Baker. I've had a massive crush on him for ages! I normally don't get all gaga over celebrities, but he makes me want to put a giant poster of him on my wall. *sigh*

Karina Smirnoff. Too much makeup and hair, it's not for me, but whatever floats her boat...

Lisa Rinna. She's like a walking advert for bad plastic surgery.

Jennie Garth. Something is off, I'm not sure what it is...maybe she should cut her hair shorter.

Karen Spence.

Beth Riesgraf. I normally hate this color green, especially on the red carpet, but the combination of red lipstick and blonde hair made it work.

Kelly Macdonald.



WendyB said...

LOL @ Zac's face in the kissing picture.

Penny said...

Beth Riesgraf looks stunning, i'm also not a green fan but it's growing on me

nikky said...

i love zac posen!

well just wanted to give a heads up that im back on my blog and hoping to do new things!


Anonymous said...

idk any of those tv guide stars haha

Anonymous said...

i agree about Kourtney K. dress, looks good finally!
I don't like some dresses and faces not natural at all, but Genevieve Jones has a wonderful/powerful style.

alis said...

Genevieve Jones does look amazing from the neck down, God forgive me I still get distracted by her face. I really like her accessory line though, good work!

Samantha Harris should play down the lip liner as well.

KKK sisters have such gorgeous, shiny hair, no?

Lisa Rinna- God forgive me for what goes through my head when I see her face.

Jennie Garth - You're right, either shorter or longer, preferably longer. That length is unflattering on pear-shapes.

In London the billboard posters of Skellig which were everywhere got me excited, I can't wait for that movie!

Juliet said...

A lot of beautiful people as always.

juliet xxx

ijaw girl said...

genevive jones has the most amazing style.i like,.

Curiosity Killer said...

Genevieve looks great! I love those jewelries!