Space aliens? Cowboys? German? Victorian? Prairie? Grecian? Lord knows what was going throiugh his mind when he put this together, but only he could take such random inspiration and make it look so good! According to NY Mag it was Ukranian virgin brides with a dash of Greek soldier...um Okay!

Milla Jovovich.
Rachel Zoe.

I'm loving the luxurious look of all the velvet used at Chloe. I'm pretty much in love with everything here, Chloe is always a collection I look forward to every season because it's the closest to my everyday style, wearable and easy to imitate.

When I think of an Alexander McQueen show, I don't think drama I think intensity. Everything just always seems so compressed and intense, but that's why he's so successful. If you look beyond the crazy styling, there are so truly beautifully constructed pieces.

I'm not sure if it's a coincidence or not, but Phoebe Price was wearing the "Alexander McQueen lips" today.

Elie Saab is definitely the go to guy if you want to look effortlessly fabulous. I never not like anything he does, it's a hit all around.

Laurence Ashley. Didn't Beyonce wear that dress a while back? I've definitely seen it on someone else.

Linh Dan Pham.

Hmm....well one word airplanes!

I'm loving the use of lace detail here, reminds me of something Boudica would do except they put out a less then stellar collection this year.

The critics are apparently saying that they've seen it all before and I have to agree. Are they going to switch designers for the thrid time?

I hate to say this, but the collection looks a little cheap, there are some okay pieces (Third coat at the top) but I wouldn't be caught dead in most of these looks.

The best parts are definitely the black sequins and sweetheart necklines.

OMG, Kermit the frog? Sesame street? wow, definite points for creativity. There were some cute less crazy outfits in this collectin believe it or not.



miss vintage love said...

I love the Elie Saab white dresses, so classy!

Juliet said...

These are all such a gorgeous collections. I need to get overall!

juliet xxx

LML said...

galliano and mcqueen are EPIC!! so fierce and original - i am in love :)

Puebla Chic said...

wow!! Galliano and Mcqueen really level my expectations this time...