I took this picture walking home the other day, by the time I leave work it's just around twilight, but it's starting to lift slowly. I have the feeling spring is going to come earlier this year considering we suffered through -30 to -40 Celsius weather throughout the most of December. The news was on not long ago and the presenter was pretty much laughing at the people in London because apparently the city is paralyzed due to a little bit of snow. It was -12 the other day I was so hot that I didn't need gloves! It's kinda hard to snicker, we can have snow up to are waist here and life goes on as normal. Though I can understand that people there are not use to it, but it is winter...what is is there to expect? On the news they also said that we've apparently offered to fly some of our mayors over to teach them how to deal with snow. I guess us Canadians can be a little smug and uncaring when it comes to this stuff, because it's just another day here.

Finally! The Governor General Michaëlle Jean read the throne speech last week and the opposition seems to be agreeing on the budget, so Prime Minister Stephen Harper's minority Government is safe for now. He should be kissing her feet right now since she decided against disintegrating parliament. I guess she or her advisers knew well enough that the collation stuff was all fluff.

HE IS COMING ON THE 19TH! (His first offical presidential visit) After 51 days of no transportation to nearly a million people, the bus strike is finally over and 2,300 drivers have been ordered back to work. I can't believe they made us suffer through Christmas and horrible weather. I've already heard people threatening to attack them verbally and non verbally when they get back to work, so I'm sure they will have to put security (plain clothes or not) on every bus.

They've ruined a lot of peoples lives and Christmas not to mention students that have had to sleep in libraries because they couldn't get back and forth. Traffic has been horrendous around the city taking people 2-3 hours to get home and business had dropped by 30%-40% around the downtown core. I've heard of some people walking 2 hours to work, lucky for me I live and work downtown so it's taken me half an hour each way. I've lost 5 pounds since the strike, so good on that retrospect haha.

Well the strike may have ended last Friday, but were only going to have some service coming back on Feb 9th because the mechanics have to fix all the buses (Although full service won't resume till May apparently). I think the Union is ridiculous these drivers are pulling in 40-50 thousand a year base and most make 20-30 thousand more in over time just to drive a bus! They make more then some cops and doctors and it's not like you need much of an education. Anyway, the mayor asked everyone to move and and get over it, so now I'm over it. I'm happy that I'm going to have to luxury of transportation again. I miss our car, but it's 16,000 kilometers away in Melbourne, Australia...

--------------Pictures Removed, it was only temporary sorry if you missed it---------

The key word definitely is HAD. I got the dreaded phone call the other day from her, "Want to go shopping?" I did hesitate, but then to make her happy I agreed as this only happens about two, three times a year. I hate sopping with my mom as she is always questioning all my purchases, she doesn't understand modern day trends at all. I find it hard to believe how hip she was in the 80s, and these pictures (sorry about the low quality) don't even do it justice. I always tell her that she should have kept all her clothes from back then and she tells me that she had no idea they would become trendy again. She still loves fashion and to shop, though she's dresses more classic and corporate now. I find myself dressing that way to, I always have to consider work when I buy something since I spend most of my time there.

I went shopping at Aritzia the other day and I never noticed this note written at the bottom of their bags, too cute.

While I was out thrifting with my mom at Value Village I found this large travel bag. I know it's totally granny and vintage, but I fell in love with it. My boyfriend kinda raised an eyebrow when I brought it home, but I love it.

I love this very loose long cardigan while thrifting too, I'll probably wear it with a belt around the middle when the hot weather comes.

This may look like a child's cardigan, but it's not. The inner girly girl child in me could not resist.

I got this shimmery scarf at Winners while I was out with my mom too, I plan on wearing it when I go to NY in a couple of weeks.

I got this fab (wrinkled, yeah I need to iron) 3.1 Philip Lim dress, unfortunately it's not appropriate for the winter, but I can't wait to wear it when the weather warms up.

I saw an infomercial for these on TV, and being the sucker that I am I could not resist. I actually bought them on eBay because you get a lot more bang for you buck. My legs have honestly never looked better and it does what it says it does. It gently sort of breaks down and sands your hair down as well as exfoliates your skin at the same time and it's pain free. I can't believe how smooth my legs are, it's insane. This has to be one of the best beauty products I have ever used, highly recommended.

I also wanted to share my favorite lipbalm with you guys. I had a friend who I went to college with that always use to use this stuff. I remember wanting it because I liked how big the jar was and well she always had the coolest things because she use to travel to China a lot to visit her family. Well I finally decided to get a jar of my own and I love it, I put it on like 10 times a day. If you live in Ottawa I think you can get it at Holt Renfrew, otherwise I bought it at the Keihl's store in Montreal.




Weekly Blogette said...

ur mom had excellent fashion its kind of bohemian in a way?
still very cool
and i love ur local pics

K.Line said...

I LOVE the photos of your mother. Stylish indeed.

Savvy Mode SG said...

i love that philip lim dress. soooo stylish.

Bex said...

Same thing, Obama was giving Washingtonians flak about how the city ground to a halt when they had a snow day, in Chicago it would be business as usual! I'm looking forward to spring already.

jessica said...

i love the third photo of your mom, i want her shorts .

& ottawaaaaa, how i really do love you :]
even though i always say i hate where i live .. ottawa is cool .


Fashion_Loving_Stylist said...

Love the photos of your mom and that 3.1 dress is off the hook.

Hot Bot said...

Your mom was so cool!

And for real? Those leg things work? I may have to try it...Haha.

Make Do Style said...

Your mum's outfits were so brilliant - really funky and great.

Don't get me started about the snow - being an Ex Canadian resident! Ok we don't have the resources to deal with it in the UK as we haven't invested in the stuff to deal with snow as it only happens every so often! but then it is made worse as every person lives outside of London so they can't get to their work place as only the uber rich and Russians live centrally and they don't drive tubes/trains or clear the roads!

Love the child like cardi it is gorg!
thanks for lovely pic of Ottawa.

ahhh said...

I get your point,but they´re fighting for their rights

alis said...

Haha, I get London's pain; we get floods in certain neighbourhoods, and traffic jams everywhere whenever it rains. When it snows they just make it a holiday :) I miss snow so much!
Your mom had very cool style. She was very fit too, just like my mother when she was my age. Her waist was so small, it's insane!
I love the the stuff you bought, especially pied-de-poulle cardigan and the 3.1 dress. I like the granny bag as well but I'm sure my boyfriend would find it questionable just like yours.

Kira Fashion said...

Your mom is adorable. Great legs and body! I love too your new buys!
So much snow, love the images! I love snow pics!
a kiss and a hug for you friend,
see you,

issa said...

your mom was oh so stylish!! that first photo is fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Stylish mommy! And I really like the blue cardigan

ana said...

wow i love that 3.1 philip lim dress...! from which collection is it? and where did you get it? aah~ i'm a poor pupil ;) from a small town in germany so i will never have the opportunity to get anything of the cool stuff...

Winnie said...

That bag is more than awesome.

Ahh I know, we don't get snow that often so it's a bit of a shock when we do! It's a little embarrassing and I am glad I don't live in London at the moment seeing as almost all the public transport came to a standstill!

Nina (femme rationale) said...

nevermind london...can u imagine if it ever snowed in LA? haha oh man, people act like the world is melting when it rains here.

and your mom is beautiful. god, she has amazing legs.

and now i want the smooth legs thing, too. haha

WTF said...

Yeah, I read about the London snow disaster--absolutely ridiculous. I've been thinking about buying that hair off mitt thing-glad to hear it actually works!

The Seeker said...

Those pictures are sooooooo beautiful, Jen!!!
And your mother how nice!!! Very stylish back then.
Such great stuf you bought.

Take care dear


Eyeliah @ stylesymmetry.com said...

Great picks, especially that lil cardigan. Your ma was a fashoinista, look at those lace up sandals.

Fashion's Darling said...

3.1 dress is super cute! and I feel the same way about my mom...her pictures shows she had major style (and was rockin' the most MAJORLY AWESOME afro back in the day)

Tiger Tem said...

hahaha, don't hate on londoners, we're just not used to that type of weather! I tried those leg pads once, they worked like a dream the first time, second time, it was lietrally like sandpapering my skin, sores and all. ouch. Love your blog, make sure you stop by on mine please! www.tigertem.com

Gerri Ward said...

Wow! I luv your blog it's solely awesome that's why I have tagged it so I hope you enjoy the award! p.s. The Philip Lim dress is sooo divine thanks for posting it!

Jill said...

I know what you mean about the snow. 12 people DIED in Texas when the snowstorm hit there. People just don't know how to drive in the snow. I will definitely be looking into those exfoliating pads. They sound awesome!

D said...

hahahahah so hilarious about your mom having style. my mom was the same way. her look now is, um, well, not like it used to be really.

KernowWitch said...

Hi, love your blog....Yes we here in the UK were 'crippled' by the snow as we are not used to it. We used to have really bad winters & when I lived in the countryside being snowed in due to drifts half-way up your house was common. I live in Cornwall where there are very narrow lanes, room for only one vehicle, so these were blocked. The problem is the powers that be will not address the problem. Snow doesn't bother me but I don't drive. It was also rediculous closing schools, I ask you. I agree with you guys but sadly deaths do happen. A 16 year old girl died while sledging with her friends, they were catapulted of the home-made sleigh. People have been known to die but thankfully this time not as many. We are more prone to flooding here.....Anyway less of the doom & gloom, I love snow & am now going to continue checking your blog....lol...Hugs Chrissy x

drinkupthefashion said...

i had absolutely no idea that ottawa had a bus strike. i can't believe that. students had to sleep in libraries?! that is intense. no wonder there are some people who want to attack those completely selfish bus drivers. we're in a recession, how much money can you expect to get? you already make more than most people, who actually use their brain at work make. being a bus driver doesn't take too much work. i'm not saying bus drivers are stupid...but their profession isn't known for smarts.

wowww your mom is sporting short shorts! major short shorts at that.

michaelle jean looks very stylish. her hair is done well.