I'm going to have to upload the backstage pictures form Milan at a later point because I'm experiencing 'technical' issues. (Updated) I have to say my favorite collection from Milan so far is Missoni, I love all the layers and individual pieces, it's like a gorgeous wardrobe just exploded on them.

This was appparently a Missoni surprise party.
Angela Missoni and Rosita Missoni.

Judi Missoni and Luca Missoni / Angela Missoni. I love how the food is arranged in Missoni style!

Margherita Missoni.

Teresa Missoni.

Rosita Missoni, Ottavio Missoni, Angela Missoni, Francesco Missoni, Teresa Missoni and Margherita Missoni.

Allegra Versace. She's looking slightly better, and I mean slight. She always looks like she needs a hug.

Lydie Pages.

Lydia, Leona or Joy.

This collection was huge, 66 pieces in all, but about them of them was those sheer dresses that the models came out with at the end. I really love how they mixed up Victorian with military and executed in such a flawless dramatic way.

They are so good with shapes, my favorite part was the burnt orange pieces and the shots of yellow.

I have to say I would have liked to see more diversity on the runway from all fronts in Europe, why can't they take a clue from New York?

When it comes to Alberta, I like her casual pieces, but the stuff that really stands out for me are her longer evening dresses.

There was so much velvet in this collection, I could say it was 65% velvet I only showed a bit of it. I love the way they use velvet, such a classy collection.


mat said...

loving it all! i really like how you arrange your photos by the style :)

Anonymous said...

oo jill sander has some amazing colors!

Elana said...

I am so in love with Jil Sander's collection. I thik Raf Simmons did such an amazing job bringing classic Sander and modern art into one collection. This missoni collection is incredible as well! :D

Juliet said...

I love Missoni and Burberry!

juliet xxx

Fashion's Darling said...

love love love Burberry. Don't know about Iceberg- liked some of the pieces but then that pink fur thingie threw me off.

great pictures!

Andy said...


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