I've fallen behind on Celeb looks due to fashion week, so it's time to catch up.

Mary-Kate Olsen ad her beloved Alexander Wang bag. She's really stepped up her style lately. Where's Ashley? It's like she's been in hiding for the last year and half in comparison to Mary-Kate. I've seen pictures of her going to work, but not very many events.

Vanessa and Angela Simmons at their lunch of their current pastry sneaker collect in on Las Vegas. I love these girls, they have such fun style and they are always experimenting.

Hilary Duff. I hear her boyfriend Mike Comrie just transferred over to the Ottawa Senators. I hope he's good luck because we need a lot of it this season. Does this mean I'll bee seeing Hilary around down?

Australian model Kate Waterhouse. I'm in love with this dress, so beautiful.

Kristen Ritter. I'm a big fan of gold accents in an outfit when done right.

Diane Kruger and Canadian beau Joshua Jackson. There matching!

Taylor Momsen. (Two different outfits pictured here).

Nicole Kidman. Time for some botox! See now that she started she won't be able to stop. I wish she had left her face and lips alone in the first place.

Nicky Hilton. That top is stunning, she seems like she's gained a touch of weight which is good.

Jessica Szohr.

I love those acid wash jeans that that floral scarf. I saw a floral scarf practically the same at H & M, when I was in New York.

Claudia Schiffer. I swear I saw this identical look on her, but in grey a few months back. I almost thought it was the same picture.

Katie Holmes. She's just been walking around town alone all week it seems.

Very Angelina Jolie Changeling of her.

Ellen Pompeo. That loose white top looks great with those skinny pants, I like to wear a lot of my clothes this way too.

Ashanti. I like this Black Halo number on her, her makeup is nice, but the wig is a little strange.

Halle Berry. That dress reminds me of Josh Goot's current fall 2009 collection.

Sienna Miller. I get the feeling she wears real fur, if she is she should know that fur is murder!

Lindsay Lohan in a Alexander Wang vest.

America gets a break from her for a bit because she's ready to terrorize London.

Nicole Richie. I'm still digesting that she's pregnant again, but I know that she will have some fab maternity fashions over the summer. I honestly believe she was at her best when she was pregnant with Harlow, I guess you have to be more creative.

I think that is the cutest baby outfit ever!

Rachel Bilson is going to Mary Canadian boy Hayden Christensen. Seems like Americans are marrying Canadians lately Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson, Amy Poehler and Will Arnett, Tori Spelling and Dean McDermont...Now we just need Josh and Diane to get married although Diane is German.

I really want that oversized coat, it looks so cozy.

Eva Mendez. She sure can pull off some big shoes lately. She looks very fresh and put together here.

Sharon Case from The Young and The Restless. I love this show, I watch it with my boyfriend and I've turned him into an addict. I couldn't help getting hooked when I was only 8 because my parents watched it too. I actually met her once, years ago she's very nice.

Jessica Biel. She looked quite feminine at the Oscars, but here...Ma...you know what I'm going to say.

Kim Kardashian. I really like this color combination, that belt is fab.

Vanessa Hudgens.

The Veronicas Jess and Lisa in Perth. I'm starting to get use to Jess' hair...

Natasha Poly. She doesn't even have to try to be fierce, she just is.

Terri Seymour. She's been all over Hollywood lately!

Brandy Celebrates her 30th birthday with a nasty looking fur. That thing just looks gross and is ugly, but I still love her music.

Cate Blanchett. I love the Leopard sunglasses paired with this dress.

Eva Longoria. I like her hair better wavy, this style is a little too housewife for on her.

Mischa Barton.

I guess she's not dating that shaggy haired guy from Rooney anymore?

Hayden Panettiere. I hear she and Milo broke up, they were kind of a strange match anyway. Maybe now she and Laguna beach boy Stephen Colletti can get back together.

Kate Moss. That corset belt thing just doesn't go.

Whitney Port in Toronto. I want that purse!

Megan Good. I've got that exact same sweater from H & M. I'm pretty sure Lindsay has a couple of them too although she doesnt' wear them anymore

Zoe Saldana. Fabulously adorable.

Camilla Belle and that Jonas boy step out together and look happy about it. I'm getting old, I know that for the sheer fact that I'm not into the Jonas Brothers and I don't have much of an understanding of the obsession. I do like that song Burning up though, it's catchy! Back in my day I was Mmm bopping with Taylor Hanson.

Tilda Swinton. I love her for always daring to wear crazy designer looks.

Diane Kruger. If you could look up the word perfect in the dictionary her face would pop up. I know she's not, but it seems that way!



WendyB said...

Tilda is so much fun.

copperoranges said...

i love rachel bilson showin off her rock! dang.

i'm also super excited nicole ritchie is pregnant again! did she and joel madden get married yet? they seem to be a great pair though i dont really see how they make much money?

Imelda said...

I love Taylor Momsen's outfits, she's got a great sense of style!
That Prada dress Nicole is wearing is wonderfull!!

hettieashy said...

Just quickly, a note form your picky Australian reader, Kate Waterhouse is a friend of my family, and isn't a model persay. She is from a prominent Australian horse-racign family, and is an Ambassador for the David Jones department stores during the spring racing carnivals.

P.S. I love mahalo fashion, all my friends follow you now


giggleness said...

i love hilarys shoes and haydens dress. :)

Savvy Mode SG said...

wow nicole richie is pregnant again. mommyhood must agree with her. i agree with you, nicole kidman looks better pre-all the work. :)

Denise L said...

i love Nicole and Rachel B. Am always looking forward to their pictures everyday,

btw i find myself drawn to Tilda too, i love her fashion style. She's so fierce in every red carpet. She's fit to be a Queen. hihi.

you have a great day and more power!

ellesappelle said...

The 'celeb looks' posts are my fave! MK has been looking great recently and I love the nicole photos - I can't believe she is pregnant again?!

S.Elisabeth said...

i loveeee kate waterhouse's dress, it looks so cute.

Juliet said...

Rachel Bilson is just so stylish -as always. I also Love Olsen's Wang bag.

xxx juliet

Siljesfashion said...

Love MKs look with that white blazer and that AW bag, lust!! Rachel Bilson and Nicole also looks great. I still have not digested that shes pregnant again either, but cant wait to see those fab outfits!

J'Adore Fashion said...

I so love that MK's wang's bag--love Taylor momsen's outfit, not so much that particular ripped jeans. Eva looks so breath taking--cute shoes!!!

Elisa said...

Amazing, amazing, amazing post.

I especially love the Kristen Ritter coat. Dunno why. Just loved it.

and Mischa Barton. and Rachel Bilson. Glad to see we have similar obsessions...

Jenna said...


Delmy said...

I want MK bag so bad! BTW I added you...

Emz said...

Wow thats a long post haha I love Mischa Barton and Rachel Bilson.. The OC did pick pretty people to be on their show! I love so many of those people you put up haha but I'm still not a huge fan of Taylor Momsen's haircut!

TLT said...

Oh yay! It's total fashion overload of some my favorite celebrities! :) I love that MTV show Daddy's Girls...the Simmons girls always wear colorful, feminine, punky outfits that I love and they seem to have such genuine personalities too :)

And I recently saw Confessions of a Shopaholic and love Kristen Ritter in it. She has such an awesome, dramatic look and can pull off so many different outfits!

I'm in LOVE with Halle Barry's sexy, streamlined dress, Nicole Richie & Rachel Bilson are always cute and very California, and Mischa's Temperley coat just makes me green with envy. Oh, oh AND Nicky Hilton's red top??? Where in the world is that from!? I'm so in love!!

Solo said...

I love all the outfits on those photo's..
I enjoy dropping by at your blog..
Have a nice day..=)

Dooder City said...

It's weird, sometimes I am really into Mischa's style and then sometimes I am not. MK looked awesome, Ashanti looked terrible, Vanessa Hudgens awesome.
I agree with your Jonas Bros taste. I don't get them but maybe its because I am not 17 years old.

Erika said...

Please give me that Kate Waterhouse dress. I'm simply in love with it.

geri said...

you are all added! thanks sweets.



zoë said...

yeeeeeee mike comrie is in ottawa !!
i was actually so excited when i found out, i really hope to see hilary around town, though i kind of doubt it .
i mean, when he was playing for the new york islanders, their relationship was probably easier, but now that he's in ottawa i wonder if he'll be worth the travel .

& i love nikki hilton's top .
&& mischa has been looking mighty fine lately, her fur is really exquisite .

zoë said...

( how i left that out, i do not know !!)