I'll be back soon...
Keira Knightley. I said it before I'll say it again, she's the queen of re-using stuff out of any other celebrity I've seen and I love her all the more for it. I can't count how many times I've seen her in that plaid coat, but I like the way to jazzed it up with the scarf and beret.

Halle Berry at Mr. Chow with her French Canadian hunk baby daddy Gabriel Aubrey. I'm not sure about the boots, but the dress is nice.

Katy Perry. I can't keep up with all these Herve Leger looks, it seems to be popping up more then ever lately.

Nicole Richie. I love big sunglasses on her, it's almost like her trademark now.

Sinna Miller out and about, showing everything why she's such a style icon.

Jessica Simpson. I don't know why everyone is getting on her case about her weight, I went to the grocery store the other day and her face was on every tabloid. Leave her alone, she looks amazing.

Solange Knowles working the Chanel purse and Balenciaga shoes.

Alexa Chung. Our favorite cutie.

Rihanna. Poor Riri, Chris better be fearing for his life or looks because it appears that a lot of people are after him. Last I heard Rihanna was in Barbados with her family, probably a good idea.

Bar Rafaeli celebrating her cover of Sports Illustrated.

How strange, can you believe they put a picture of her in a bikini on a plane? God, you think that would even make the hottest woman feel insecure. There's something so absurd about it, sorry.

Kristen Dunst. Kiki has had some questionable red carpet outfits, but I don't think she's ever made a mistake with her 'street style'.

It appears that she and Mandy have the same bag...I'm suspecting Proenza Schouler, but I could be wrong.

Lily Allen. She should wear red more often, she looks great in it.

I hear Mandy more got engaged to Ryan Adams, how random I thought they were still broken up. I still liked it when she was with Andy Roddick, they seemed so in love.

Tracee Ellis Ross. Oh how I adore her style, I want to dress just like her when I'm in my mid to late 30s.

Ashley Tisdale. Those boots don't go...I'm all for Uggs, just not those with that outfit.

Happy Belated birthday Lauren, I've been on your team since the Lauguna Beach days.

Sadba. I like the way she's been wearing her new hair so many different ways.

I just saw Joaquin Phoenix on David Letterman 'promoting' this movie. He was completely out of it, it was ridiculous. Why did he bother going if he didn't want to talk? When the interview was done he just walked off, wow...

Gwyneth Paltrow. This was one of my favorite Pre-Fall collection, although she did kind of wear the look head to two, I like it.

Taylor Momsen. Oh i want a black dress, that fits this perfectly. Great choice on the hot pink shoes! This look totally reminds me of Topshop.

Beth Ostrosky. Oh god how many times have we seen this jumpsuit already? (Check out my post from a few days ago on Black Halo).

Hilary Duff. I'm not sure about the bottom half, I like that she's gotten low lites in her hair, but I still think she should go darker.

Tinsley Mortimer. I think she needed more simple shoes to go with that dress.

Helena Christensen. Gorgeous, this also looks like something Jennifer Aniston would wear when she's going through her light colored neutral phase.

Olivia Palmero.

Gwyneth Paltrow. She kind of looks a bit like an old woman here, especially with that hairstyle...

Rita Wilson. Is she going for the mermaid look? Seems almost like a costume...

Courtney Cox-Arquette. Beautiful.

Angie Harmon. Great shade of grey.

Lisa Kudrow. What an ill fitting suit, but then again she was never a great dresser.

Beyonce. She's finally decided to show her face since the Etta James thing. I hope the rumors are not true that she was cooped somewhere up crying up a storm.

Parker Posey in Marc Jacobs. I like the top, but not with those pants.

I also like these similar Marc Jacobs looks.

Demi Moore. And I thought polka dots were over...haha

Tilda Swinton.

How fierce is she? Remember when I said she could wear virtually anything?

Keira Knightley. Really cute look on her.

Blake Lively. I wish maybe it was just a touch longer, like half an inch other wise I like it. I feel like were about to see a lot of good style from her this year, maybe that Vogue cover has given her a boots because the previous year was pretty average for her.

Angela Bassette. This probably has to be one of her best looks. Stunning dress. I feel like watching How Stella Got Her Groove Back right now.

Diane Kruger. I'm going to assume that jacket isn't really suppose to go with that dress.

Michelle PfeifferAgeless.

Lily Cole. Domanatrix much?

Zhang Ziyi. the pants could fit better, but she totally pulls off that jacket. Fierce.

Jasika Nicole. Great look, especially the skirt.

Naomi Watts. Great suit, she could teach Lisa Kudrow a thing or two.

Olivia Palmero. Wow, I love the shorts with that top it looks so dressy. Who would have thought?

I'm obsessed with this song form the ending Bollywood number of movie Slumdog Millionaire. I've been working out with it since I saw the movie, the overall soundtrack is really good.



Bex said...

I love that white Roland Mouret dress!!

Anonymous said...

Solange looks good shes been making really good choices lately, minus the headband. I HATE how blake poses, it ruins the whole look, any look she has. She looks all slouchy and unsure of herself. And I would love to see her hair styled differently, just once would be enough its driving me insane! xx

Anonymous said...

I love the PS messenger back everyone is sporting--it so versatile and classic! Great post! It's great to see all these looks together :-)

Rachie-Pie said...

OMG Solange Knowles i am officially jealous of her chanel!!!its TOO CUTTEEEE!!!!!!! just like i am jealous of nicole's of girls aloud giant heart shaped b/w chanel! and lily looks hot in red indeed!

I ma going to be in NY next week!wooopppp!

Charlotte said...

Sorry but I am not a Solange fan :(
I need to see this movie. It will be on cinemas tomorrow in Spain, can't wait!!

Siljesfashion said...

Love Siennas and Nicoles looks. Hope you are having fun in NY!

Dooder City said...

I can't believe Mandy Moore is engaged to Ryan Adams. I love Diane Krugar's dress. I loved this part of the Slum Dog Millionare movie. If only life could be so that you break out in dance!

LML said...

parker posey looks so silly!

love the slumdog video - so fun!

futureowndesigner said...

the looks are awesome, i loved that dress that Alexa was wearing, I adored it!

Ediot said...

hi darling! i love siennas new look and lily allens acne dress is so cute.
thanks for always giving the greatest celebrity pics!

Candace said...

Yea I'm not really sure why Bar Rafaeli's pic is on a plane, it's rather unnecessary....what sort of advertising is needed in the air?

Seraphine said...

poor rihanna. there's no excuse for hitting her like that. i read that chris was text-flirting with another girl, and that's when their arguement started. double shame on him.

iñaki said...

OMG, how awesome is Kiera's outfit!??


The Socialite said...

You always have the best pics! I miss Kristen Dunst she needs to come back to limelight. Have a great time in NY!

Penny said...

i think kirsten dunst is so cute. i love her street style

Make Do Style said...

Lily does look good in red and Tilda is a fab eccentric option - she does what she wants, its great.
I'm thinking Kiera coudl so with some food though!

love and youth said...

keira knightley looks so good in her outfit!


Petra said...

Oh my lord, so much inspiration in one post!! Thank you thank you thank you :)

Any post that begins with Kiera and Rupert and involved Kirsten Dunst, Angie Harmon, Diane Kruger and Bar Rafaeli is destined for greatness


Anonymous said...

happy valentines!

do you know wheere sienna's blazer is from?

maisie #1 and #2 said...

hey, i'm just letting you know that i read your blog everyday and i love it! it's so great for finding outfits and people whose style i love!
keep up the good work

/maisie #1

Secretista said...

Love Slumdog Millionaire!

I really think everyone needs to leave J. Simpson alone as well!!

Love the post!

Swell Vintage - Frankie said...

Wow - epic post! I'm with you, Herve Leger moves too quickly! Have fun in NYC x

Dani said...

I love Keira's look, specially the fact that she is ok with reusing her outfits. More celebs should do this.

keira antoia rose said...

Lovely post. Jasika Nicole is my favorite look. She rocks that skirt. Keira Knightley's looks are my second favorites. That girl is gorgeous! And wow Taylor Momsen looks sooo grown up, she is fierce.

xoxo Isabella Clarisse xoxo

Mademoiselle Bariolée said...

I wish I had hair like the Courtney Cox-Arquette picture

Dru!!! said...

haha I dunno, I feel guilty if I don't comment back to everyone, but I'll keep trying