Alice Dallal. This girl radiates confidence and cool. I've been discovering her style lately, it's quite daring, but she pulls it off. Oh I hope it's not actually sheer sheer...please let there be undewear...
Viktor & Rolf. Alexa Chung. Those Mary Jane's are adorable, I don't really think it's a match for last year's pink Luella dress though.

Pixie Geldof. I really love this look on her, it looks great with her platinum hair. She seems so much more...I dunno 'something' than Peaches...I don't know what it is...Can you believe Peaches is getting divorced already? 19 and she's already got one under her belt.

X-Factor winner Alexandra Burke. I always go crazy over sailboats.

Matthew Williamson & Sienna Miller.

Freida Pinto. I really like the clear sleeves on this Chanel dress.

Edith Bowman. She should have pulled her hair back into a bun, the shoes and dress are nice, but she manages to make the look quite sloppy.

Courtney Love. A high fashion funeral?

VV Brown. Ugly fringe aside, this look is cute.

Talulah Riley. Rocking the Velvet trend (See dropdown menu on the right), it looks so classy with the beaded straps.

Naomi Harris. I want her body.

Rosin Murphy. How does she manage to pull these trendy looks off? I love these genie pants on her.

Jade Jagger. The chain belt is a little passé.

Emilia Fox. She's on my radar lately, she's got great style. Maybe I will do a feature on her soon?

Anna Friel. Oh how I love this Viktor & Rolf collection.

Thandie Newton. She's probably my favorite here, but i'm baised because it's Thandie.

Sienna Miller. She's looking a little Kate Moss here, but with a bit of a Sienna edge.

Natalie Imbruglia. Thank god she dyed her hair dark again, tha blonde was aging.

Mary McCartney in Matthew Williamson.



Thank you Dane for the Aleccarox for the Your Blog Is Fabulous Award! Somebody gave me another Proximidade award, but I can't remember who, point yourself out.


WendyB said...

Serious porn dress on Alice!

Anonymous said...

omg lovvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeee ALICE dress!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree that Alice Dallal's style is something that only she could probably pull off. It's pretty hot (and I think it's actually sheer)!

Anonymous said...

that navy dress is absolutly gorgeous!!!
it's dolce and gabbana!?

kisses :D

Anonymous said...

anna friel is hot, great daring dress

alexa is chic, but you're right luella was cuter

Anonymous said...

I love Alice, she's definitely inspiring me right now. Thanks for posting on this loved seeing what everyones been wearing to the events xx

WendyB said...

@ your comment to me, I hope you look me up when you're in town. Did I already say that? I wish I had a better picture of the velvet dress for you. That was the best of a bad photo session with MrB. If it had continued any longer, we would have been in divorce court.

M Paris said...

i love pixie geldof and her sis peachie...they have great british style!

alis said...

Alice Dellal -That dress looks sheer as sheer can be.
Alexa- Cute as a button. I want those shoes!
Sienna- I think she takes her hair color into consideration when coming up with outfits. Her blondeness always strikes me.
Freida Pinto- I love that you always feature her!
Courtney Love- Kudos to her for looking like a fashion cast-off in Givenchy.
Roisin Murphy- The woman is naturally cool, I love her. She looks good except for the pants, there was a hareem pants trend here a few years ago, everyone in my college was wearing gold or olive satin hareem pants every single day. I developed a gag reflex for this style.
Anna Friel- Great dress, I wish her shoes were different.

J'Adore Fashion said...

love Rosin's pants, I so want it. Pixie looks so adorable!!xx

Kira Fashion said...

Sienna is awsome, love her!
This outfit is so great!

LML said...

so many good choices! i cant pick a favorite!

Seraphine said...

i love how you go right to the sexy fashions. there are a couple of people i don't know (who is matthew williamson???) but funny thing is, after i see them on your blog, i see them everywhere! you're so cool, Jen.

Alecca Rox said...

mahalo back for leaving me a sweet note (that means thank you, right?) :)

and i love today's song.

S.Elisabeth said...

Huh I don't know, not a fan of Alica Jallal's look there... Thought Jade Jagger looks particularly glowy! I love the messy hairstyle. And of course Sienna looks like a healthier version of Kate Moss (to me anyway.) I love these long posts, it's nice to sit down and scroll through them.

Penny said...

I love Alice Dallal's dress! If it is sheer, she's got balls!! Love it!

The Socialite said...

Pixie Geldof looks exquisite!

Victoria-Olivia said...

Alexa does no wrong.ever! And Pixie looks really cute.

atelier said...

Pixie looks very cute, I cannot believe she is getting divorced, she is only 19... I hate Dellal!!!

Alanna said...

love the blog, you do a wonderful job!

I must add I've been listening to honey and the moon for the past few days as well... thats quite a crazy coincidence considering the song is fairly old, and never really that popular!

Brigadeiro said...

LOVE Thandie too! She is too beautiful! And always so impeccably dressed!

Mouthwash said...

Joseph Arthur!! I first fell in love with him during the OC days. Isn't his music awesome? Such a great find.

What is up w/ VV's bangs? LOL.
great post!


miss vintage love said...

Pixie Geldof has such a 60's look, I love it.

Song of Style said...

alice and peaches look fab....... i want their outfit. and my gorgeous alexa looks adorable as always

Swell Vintage - Frankie said...

Roisin is fearless! Love her x