Diane never messes up, she's the kind of girl can can pull of any look. I'll never forget staring at that beyond massive billboard of her at Cortes Ingles in Barcelona and thinking, wow now she's made it! I posted the picture that I took of it on my blog...somewhere...

Memo to Mary-Kate you are not John Lennon. When I see pictures of Mary-Kate sometimes I feel like she's picking different characters. Like for 6 months she'll pretend to be one person then move on to the next. If you look at pictures from like 2003 till now you can notice all the phases in her life.

Ashley however has remained pretty consistent, she's definitely seems to be the more grounded and secure of the two.

Rihanna in Mexico City. How does she manage to always look so hip and cool? I do have to say her look does seem forced and not effortless.

Cameron Diaz. I wish I could see more of her and Paul.

There must be some big secret going around because apparently Mischa Barton is a lot cooler then we think. People that came to her birthday were: Canadian-Romanian model Irina Lazareanu, designers Gianbattista Valli, Nina Ricci Designer (former!) Oliver Theyskens, Dita Von Teese, Iranian photographer Ali Mahdav etc. This girl doesn't even have a job, why do people care? At first I didn't like Mischa, then I liked her a bit, but now she's back on my list of annoyances.

Raven Symoné. The garbage bag dress of all garbage bag dresses.

Nicole looks so adorable here, I really like her hat and necklace. It looks like she might be at The Grove, but I'm probably wrong. I don't know why people like that place so much, I thought the shopping there was average.

Taylor Swift on Much On Demand at Much Music in Toronto. I guess now that TRL is gone, this is the next best thing. MOD is better anyway.

Beyonce. I like seeing her casual, but she still manages to look dressy at the same time.

Fergie is back from her honeymoon.

I really like the cover, she looks adorable, but hip at the same time.

The entire Jolie-Pitt crew in Japan. Honestly, how do they do it?! I just heard the other day about this woman in California who had 8 babies at the same time and she's already got 6 at home, that makes 14 and she's only 33 without a husband and living on social assistance. Freaking crazy. Apparently she used her student loans to pay for treatments, why would you want more when you have 6 already at home and you can't afford to even take care of them?

The matching caps are too cute!

Penelope Cruz. As much as I love Pene, something about her has change to me lately and I can't put my finger on it. Botox?

Kelly Rowland. I hear she quit daddy Knowles and she's moving to the UK. Well fair enough, he was probably too busy promoting Beyonce. She's much more popular over there anyway, I can see her style and music fitting right in. Good choice. (I also hear she's dating a Brit too)

Lauren Conrad. I think the next season of The Hills will be the last, everyone knows most of that stuff is fake anyway. The ratings have gone way down and the spin off shows are not doing too hot either.

Stephanie Pratt.

[Photos courtesy of photographer Anthony Citrano] Dakota Fanning. Those jeans are nice, they fit her well. I really want them.

Gwen, Zuma and Jennifer Myer (Toby McGuire's wife). He's so adorable in his little hat.

Michelle Williams and Matilda Ledger. Matilda is going to be stinking rich, Heath Ledger's insurance company has finally ruled out suicide and has agreed to pay his 10 million policy. Well duh! Now pay up! I'm sure it's no condolence for losing her father at such a young age. Chin up little one.

Keri Russell. This look has really inspired me, it's so me.

Lindsay Lohan in her usual plaid. I haven't seen her with Samantha in ages...breakup?

14 year old Ali Lohan going on 40. She's showing off her new found bosom.

Shenae Grimes. WTF, who told her it was okay to leave the house this way? It's all just a strange combination, stop trying so hard.

She's looking a little homeless.

Working her favorite paparazzi pose.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt has a cute girlfriend with style.

She's wearing an FCUK coat, I'm not sure if it's still available since it came out around fall. Minnie Driver, Miley Cyrus and Jessica Stroup also wore the same coat.

Lily Allen left the club atfter a 20 minute set with Kate Moss. I didn't even know these two were friends. Sometimes it seems like Kate is best buddies with eveyone anyway.

Rachel Zoe is working her usual 70s garb. She's always drowning herself in clothes, but she can't hide what we already know.

Kim & Kourtney Kardashian. Kim is working a lot of boob here, but I like the dress.

Jennifer Connolly on a Revlon shoot, she's looking gorgeous.

Helena Christensen. I really like this look, so trendsetting yet simple.

Who wore it better?

Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron in Japan.

Stella McCartney and her dad at her flagship store opening in Paris.

Tori Spelling took me by surprise here. I love this breezy 40s ensamble, she looks so good.

Rachel Zoe. I said it before I'll say it again, whomever fixed up her face did a good job, because she's was scary before. That woman is totally lying about her age, out with it already.

Nicole Richie blew the cute radar out of the water, with this adorable kimono style dress.

OMG are these two friends again? I don't think I've seem them in the same room since Nicole said this: BLIND ITEM: "What 35 year old raisin face whispers her order of 3 peices of asparagus for dinner at Chateau everynight, and hides her deathly disorder by pointing the finger at me, and used her last paycheck I wrote her to pay for a publisist instead of a nutritionist?HINT: Her nickname is lettucecup..."

Lisa Rinna. Ugh those lips, she use to be such a beautiful woman. She still probably has one of the best bodies in Hollywood, but it's hard to get over what she's done to her face.

Nicky Hilton. I feel a bit strange saying this, but I don't really think that beret suits her well.

Rose McGowan. I really like the earrings.

Debbie Matenopoulos. Nice dress.


Adrienne Bailon. I'm not sure if I like the way her top is tucked into that Herve Leger skirt...it was a good start, but the whole thing looks like it needs another once over.

Kiely Williams. A lot of boob, but nice outfit. I have to say though, there's something evil about that girl. I bet she's the reason 3LW broke up (Dumped Naturi) and that Raven left The Cheetah Girls. From what I hear Adrienne seems like too nice of a person, so i doubt it's her.

Lady Victoria Harvey. She reminds me of Mischa Barton, she doesn't do anything with herself, but socialize. Shouldn't she be terrorizing the Brits instead? I like her top though, lovely color.

Eva 'Pigford' Marcille. My favorite winner for ANTM, she truly is stunning. It's too bad she doesn't really have the height for runway. Oh well, I'm enjoying her seducing ways on The Young and The Restless.

Irish singer Samantha Mumba. Girl, where have you been all this time? I've got baby come on over in my head...As for the outfit, I'm nto feeling it.

Aisha Tyler. I was reading her section in the Go Fug Yourself book the other day. She really does like to wear baggy loose things. This dress is nice though, this is how you do it right.

Pheobe Price. Purely for entertainment.

Dita Von Teese and Elie Saab

I loved all of Elie's Saab's couture collection, although the last one was great this is definitely much better.

Carla Bruni-Sarkozy in YSL. I love this girl, she's really grown on me. I think I have a small girl crush on the first lady of France and I'm obsessed with her song "Raphael". Carla is a big advocate of AIDS research since her brother died two years ago of the disease. I can relate I lost an aunt years ago to this (her husband was cheating on her and passed it on), I saw first hand the tole it can take on a person and their family.

Mila Jovovich look stunning. I wish she would bring back Jovovich-Hawk, but I suppose she's too busy with little Ever.

Mischa Barton. Why do they invite her to this stuff? Personally I think she just 'trashes up' every event she goes to. When Mischa appears a some class goes out the window. I guess the press they get from her is worth it. I wish she would not have worn that dress, it's so beautiful, but now I'm sure no other celebrity will want to touch it come Oscar time.

Diane Kruger. I honestly never thought I would see anyone wear that Nina Ricci dress, but I suppose if anyone would, it's Diane.

Spanish actress Elsa Pataky. I love thsi black and black combination especially with the fresh makeup.

Vanessa Paradis sans Johnny Depp. I've really been getting into her music lately, especially the old stuff.

Designers Nathalie and Sonia Rikyel. Wow I never noticed how scary looking Sonia is. I know it sounds a bit mean...but...she's going to give me nightmares.

Camilla Belle. Impeccable as always. So is she actually dating Joe Jonas? I haven't seen them together at all. Maybe they are keeping it hush? I thought it was suppose to be a match in eyebrow heaven or something.

Ashley Greene. Love this color combination her, so fresh.

Dakota Fanning in another minnie dress. She couldn't help herself.

Kimora Lee Simmons and Djimon Hounsou. Congrats on her pregnancy! I hope she marries him because he's such a hot piece.

Ming Na. This is the kind of dress you might ignore on a rack, but when you try it on you are pleasantly surprised.

Rumer Willis didn't really make an effort, but I'm getting use to that red hair.



F.B.A. Fashion blogger Awards: After some thought I've decided that unfortunately, I don't think I have the time to keep up with the blog and run the F.B.A. this year as it is quite a consuming proccess. If anyone is interested in hosting it for 2009 please contact me. If not, then maybe next year?


Thanks for the Your blog is fabulous award Juliet & The Seeker!
Also thanks Anne for the Dreamaward and siljes for the Proximidade award you are too kind.

Belinda tagged me to post the fourth picture in my fourth folder well it happened to be my eBay folder so here are the Lela Rose for Payless shoes I was planning on selling. Well I still am...I'm sorry that my folder could not have been more interesting!


The Seeker said...

Great post as all the ones you publish my dear.
Sorry if I've not commenting much, but I see every one.

I've a little thing for you in my blog.

All the best, take care, sweetie


ellesappelle said...

Amazing post & I love Mary-Kate's bag - gorgeous!

hippyhippychic said...

you should do a photo post of mary-kate and the different outfit phases of her life, would be interesting to see!
great blog, your comments always make me smile

Nadia said...

I absolutely loove Diane's coat!! And also, you have to admit that Mischa has been looking amazingly lately. I dunno WTF she's doing differently but it sure is working.

Anonymous said...

Hahah I laughed really hard when you made that Rachel Zoe comment about hiding what we already know. Its kind of sad because on her show the rachel project she came across as a nice person. Also I gave you a dream-award on my blog because your blog was the first I really liked and checked like daily haha.


Make Do Style said...

Yeah Mischa needs to be gone!
The Pitt Jolie gang are a sight indeed!

Vintage Tea said...

Both piks of nicole, she looks lovely. She is so pretty!

I love MKs style always, even if it is wack! She has fun with fashion and thats what it should really be all about

Check out http://vintage-tea.blogspot.com/


drinkupthefashion said...

great entry as always. ashley greene is so gorgeous.
phoebe price has horrible style but AWESOME hair. it's so shiny and the color's so nice. she might have extensions, i don't know, i can't really tell.

WendyB said...

Re your comment on my blog, I think NYC is quite walkable and the subway/bus system is excellent. That said, unless it's divine weather and you're wearing comfortable shoes, I wouldn't recommend walking, say, 40 blocks as some tourists set out to do! I don't know why they decide they want to walk from midtown to the Village but they do. Crazy! At that point, I'd say take a subway/bus/taxi.

LML said...

diane!!! i want the paps to take more pics of her fabuous outfits!

brooke said...

awesome post! I love that picture of ashley olsen, but I agree, I do wish MK would get rid of those blue sunglasses. Nicole Richie seems to always look amazing, and that kimono dress was extremely cute!

thanks for your comment, I'm so adding you to my blogroll :)

xx Brooke

giggleness said...

i love leighton on that nylon cover.

and all those fashion inspiraton outfits! :)

coco said...

Nicole, Olsens, Diane....
What more could you want in a post?

Siljesfashion said...

Nicole, Diane, Mila, the Olsens. YAY for so many great looks! ps an award is waiting in my blog...Happy sunday!

Charm said...

I just found yourblog and now you're leaving? :-( Those pictures made my sunday! ( and the witty commentary, of course).

futureowndesigner said...

I so love all this reports avout fashion, you keep me updated!! I love the gowns everyone use at the Fashion Dinner for Aids and I also love Leigh's dress for the launch of NYLON Mexico, I was so excited when I found out they finally launch it, gotta buy it!

Winnie said...

Love Leighton Meester and Mila Jovovich looks stunning as always!

Penny said...

Maybe Mary-Kate just changes her style with the music she listens to. I know I do that a lot.
Those Elie's Saab couture dresses are amazing! So gorgeous.

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

^ I use to think she changes with every new boyfriend. you'll notice style differences from when she was dating david, stavros and that other guy who was kinda goth...i can't remember his name.

Demi said...

thank you honey :)
I love lauren conrads style!


La Couturier said...

yet another fabulous compilation!

La C.

yiqin; said...

You really have the most amazing posts! I really like how simple but yet chic Dakota's outfit is!

Miss Woo said...

Woah mega post, I'm getting my fix ;) and Lily Allen is looking nice these days.

closeup said...

wow! great outfits!! and great post/blog

Juliet said...

Camilla Belle is incredibly beautifully dressed there. Thank you for the tip!

I hope someone with energy fills up for the job.

juliet xxx

Carolina Lange said...

Amazing post, as always!
Keri Russell is really cute!
and I love Vanessa Paradis' look!

Siljesfashion said...

I love coming here, so you are more than welcome! Hope you get to sell the cute shoes.

strikeapose said...

Dakota and Taylor look adorable. I love cameron's outfit--totally airport casual chic. And Angelina of course can do no wrong--HER BABIES!! OMG!!!

Mouthwash said...

I absolutely love Mary Kate's fashion. She makes it look for effortless; maybe it is...but it still somehow looks amazing. She's such a free spirit.
I take little mental notes when I read through your posts, but then I get down here to comment and things go blank!

Oh, your poll; what a great idea! I haven't seen that in a post before. Good job!

Once again, thank you so much for the time and effort you put into creating these posts. It is truly enjoyed!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen,

Thanks for the note on your blog and for putting me at your details totally unexpected but I really appreciate it :)!

And I do think men exist like that but there are not many so you kind of have to be patient. Its like a goregous dress you been looking for for a special party and then you go from store to store and then finally you find that stunning number and youre shure this is "The Dress". I kind of like to think about boys/men in that way haha

And to come to think of it I really didnt give a description for my award: So its just to say keep on dreaming lovely and eventually making your dreams reality wheter its fashion related or garcon related ;p and Also thanks for inspiring all your readers with fashion

I really Think sites like these especially yours makes fashion more available to girls (and some boys) all over the world. Like Im sure that your site is being read somewhere in India in a little village and your inspiring a girl to dream about fashion and clothes. And I think that is really important.

Oke and now my comment was really long so cest fini Au revoir.

Shelly's Style Shop said...

Great post. I always enjoy your blogs! Wonderful, xoxo, Shelly

atelier said...

I think loosing a father must be terrible at any age...no matter how much $ she has earned because of tha...

I adore N. Richie's looks!

La Mode is Rad! said...
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Tina :) said...

Amazing post! I can always look to your blog for the latest news in celbrity fashion. I am loving Dita Von Teese so much here - she always looks so timeless, classy, and fierce!

I also find myself liking Ashley Olsen's ensemble - usually I find the Olsen twins' outfits a little too sloppy chic for my taste.

Great inspirational post!

drinkupthefashion said...

gotta love you some liya. those lela rose flats are cute. why not keep 'em?

Cris Lazoru said...

I'm not a fan of shepratt but she looks very good. The olsens are of course flawless!


Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

drinkupthefashion - unfortunately they are not very comfortable for my feet even with insoles my feet keep popping out :(

LoveMore said...

Oh i LOVE marky kate and her amazing studded bag..also i do love nicky hilton :)

thanks so so so much for your warm comment on my post! meant a lot to me. sad to hear you aren't continuing your blog! it is fabulous and will be missed dear!!!

xxx LM

Rachie-Pie said...

i love leighton on the front of nylon! she looks great!! i think i have some dort of GG fascination...no matter what the cast alwy look great in my eyes! and Rhianna..yea...one hella stylist do you remeber her having any sort of style at the beginning?? I DON'T!! she def NOT effortless but DEF hot!

Kiely Williams haha..she def looks quite evil...but maybe she isn't...?! she has some urm..very strong features...! but i think she has grown into them now...before in 3lw (i loved them!!) she lookd sweetish her face was softer and now she grown up her features have just gone harsher maybe giving her an 'evil' look.Im sure if she had less prominant perfect brows it would be fine...

Samantha Mumbo!!!where did she gooooo....not felling her outfit AT ALL! whats with the trousers!?where has she been hibinating...if you know tell me!

S.Elisabeth said...

Ah! That was surprisingly (and nicely) long.
1) I love Diane Kruger, she's so beautiful.
2) Aw, I dunno, I like Mischa. When she get's it right, she's stunning. Also, I'll always have a soft spot for the OC...
3) Dakota Fanning is adorable. I really hope she grows up well and maintains her status as a phenomenal actress.
4) Oh my, Shenae... That first outfit... Is she ONLY wearing lace tights?!!

PS Bucket List was THE cutest movie. I'm pretty sure I nearly cried.

Fashion Addict said...

I really think Mary-Kate looks better in bigger sunglasses. She totally looks like John Lennon with the tiny ones. And I wasn't too fond with Leighton Meester's black dress, something look very odd about it.

And Jen, I am very interested in hosting the Fashion Blogger Awards, so if you have time, can you shoot me an email about it?

Oh and one last thing, I'm hosting a Valentine's Day contest starting tomorrow and I would love it if you entered! Please check back at my blog for the details!

Anonymous said...

(concerning the Mischa Barton post)
Just because she's not an A-List celebrity doesn't mean she can't have them as friends. Do you personally know Mischa Barton? Do you know if her personally is that heart-wrenching to the point where she has no famous friends?
That's like in high school when "nerds" couldn't be friends with "the cool kids". Okay, she may not be working at the moment, but clearly the people who attended her party didn't seem to care.
It's mindsets like these happening in the celebrity industry that mess up the minds of the younger generation and make them feel like they're not worthy of having any "cool friends" (all of which are no stereotypes I use, hence quotation marks).

Aisha said...

I love your long posts, they're always so inspiring.

Dakota Fanning is growing up so fast and pretty!

alis said...

I must know who Diane Kruger's bag(first picture) is made by! It is the cutest thing I have seen in a long time! Anyone have an idea?? I gotta find more pictures of it because I want to have one custom-made.

I have to agree with you on Mischa, it's annoying to see someone who isn't creating value of any kind, and yet is living the sweet life of a celebrity. What a parasite.

Camilla Bell's dress is gorgeous, she looks like a million bucks!
Nicole Richie's hat is adorable, I would wear it even though orange is my least favorite color.
The Jolie-Pitt clan is so cute, I just saw Benjamin Button last night and girl, you gotta see it asap! It is just as good as Slumdog.

Alecca Rox said...

Man! What a post yet again! i can only say my 23rd was nothing like Mischa's.. I am so excited I am going to the Sonia Rikyel exhibition today, no matter how scqry she looks:) I love her designs throughout the years. Speaking of scary, i think Vivienne Westwood would be a strong contender for the title!! xA

Mimi said...

Diane looks great in her casual look.Her little brown bag is super cute.

MK's bag is amazing and I like her military inspired coat as well.

I agree about Rihanna but I've to say that I don't like her look that much.

Cameron Diaz:I haven't heard a lot of her lately..

I think Mischa became such a drama queen. I don't like her outfit at all.

Nicole looks super cute and funky.The necklace is lovely.

Leighton looks awesome on the cover but I didn'tlike the dress she wore.On the ruwnay it looked much better.

Stephanie Pratt's shoes are hot!

Ali Lohan sucks!I think she looked much prettier before.

Shenae looks aweful.

This yellow FCUK coat is awesome.

Rachel looks cool but she's too skinny.

I like Kim's dress but not on her.

Nicole looked breathtaking at the party. But why is she with Rachel again???

Mila looks awesome in Elie Saab but Mischa does not at all.

The Nina Ricci dress is great and it look quite good on Diane.

I adore Camilla Belle.She looks breathtaking here.

Dakota Fanning has really growen.Her dress is a bit boring but anyway nice.

Anonymous said...

dita looks amazing in that dress!
and yes that one on mischa looked so beautiful,for a girl with erm..no career
and dakota has really grown up!

Alya said...

I think you're right about Mary Kate. She tries to experiment a lot, whereas Ashley has her own thing going on..

xs said...

i think diane kruger has great style. she was the first to wear that glorious white giambattista valli dress i was eyeing!

love and youth said...

even tough the hills is not a good show and the people in it kind of fake i still like lauren conrad and her style!

cool blog, ill def be back!


Laroux said...

WOAH. Amazing post - so much to take it! I love Nicole Richie's hat and Micha's party dress


layersofmeaning said...

OMG! Ali Lohan looks sooo much like Lindsay in those pictures!

Charlotte said...

Well, let's do this step by step:
I loooooooooooooove Camille Bell outfit here, gorgeus!!!
Oh my...! What happened to Lindsay? She looks so skinny, is she ill or somethin? Break up? old addictions? Dunno...
Elsa looks beautiful, but she has so many surgeries on her face...
Please look at Mischa while Irina is kissing her. She is kind of saying "Get away from me" Don't you think so? I don't think she is glad with the model's lips on hers.
I love the Jolie-Pitts. I gues if you are a millionare you can afford like having 26 babies or so.
Have a nice week.

Dooder City said...

I can't believe how old Dakota Fanning is...she looks like a young stylish woman! I hope she doesn't screw up. I think that the girl from the new 90210 is so annoying. I don't watch he show but seeing her photographed is just annoying. I love Nicole as always.

Flashes of Style said...

Thank you for the lovely comment. I love the leighton meester Nylon cover. So perfect.

Molly said...

i must say i'll always have a soft spot for mischa. mainly for the fact my friends say i look like her...
wow, im so impressed with dakota! shes so grown up :)

Anonymous said...

wow, great long post! :)
i like diane's jacket, it's lovely colour and fur is great in that (i hope it's artificial...).
Then, Dakota is so cute in mini dress. How old is she? I always think she's little 10-year old girls and don't know why :D
Mischa's patry outfit is awful, her smokey eyes are so haaard.
kate's style is great as usual and also i like the dress of carla bruni!


Seraphine said...

gossip girl is what happened to the hills. it's a better show. so i'm not surprised fewer peeps are watching the hills.

The Socialite said...

Wow. You have a fabulous blog! Great pics. ;)

fashion herald said...

one of my favorite Leighton covers, beautiful!

* Fashion Dreamer * said...

I love Diane Kruger & MK Olsen's bags. And Leighton's cover. Just when I decide to grow my fringe out, I see a pic which makes me want to book an appointment

J'Adore Fashion said...

love MK Olsen bag, too fab!! nice post!!xx

Song of Style said...

i'm so mad at Kim kardashian for being so freaking skinny! i loved her voluptuous figure! and
Shenae Grimes seriously looks like a bum.
wth is wrong with her.

aimeeways, i hearted this post as usual!
u rock the celeb fashion world!

Hippy Chic said...

my oh my what a post! i really like MKs purse. studded leather rocks. completely agree with liking Keri Russel's outfit, casual chic with a little menswear. great inspirational photos!

jess s