I love Chloe Sevigny, I didn't realize I was going through withdrawals until I looked for some new pictures of her. She made it big when she was discovered on the streets of New York because of her fab style sense and well the rest is history. I've got to get my hands on those sunglasses, another celebrity wore them not long ago. Do we know their make?

My boyfriend and I are planning a trip to New York for a few days in Feb, hello Topshop! Everytime I've been to New York it's for a funeral or a wedding so it will be nice to do the tourist thing for once.

She did such a great job of making this Louis Vuitton outfit look absolutely fab.
Naomi hotting it up in the Maldives with her Russian billionaire. Oh I wish I was there right now, this cold weather is depressing me.

Lily seems to have found herself a new older man. I have to admit I have a thing for hot older men like George Clooney, Colin Firth, Richard Gere, Morgan Freeman, Harrison Ford, Steve Martin, Denzel Washington, Sean Connery, Anderson Cooper, Andrea Bocelli and even David Foster. I don't discriminate, I love all haha.

I'm glad she got rid of those extensions, I love this short shaggy cut that she got for her Nylon cover.

I'm really wanting a cut out swimsuit just like this for the summer coming up.

Solange's big sis Beyonce was also enjoying herself. That Beyonce sure loves going on boats and yachts.

The Hiltons are terrorizing Australia. Why is the Australian press so obsessed with has beens.

Speaking of Australia The Veronicas celebrated their birthday in style. I still don't like Jessica's hair, she's quite the eccentric one isn't she? Anyway congrats to the girls, they have a song on the Billboard charts called "Untouched" which as we all know can be difficult to achieve for bands outside of the US. Personally I prefer their first album, if you haven't heard it yet then download it, it's amazing.

Sadba is out doing what she does best.

Wow Pete cleans up well doesn't he? I still wish Ashlee was a redhead, it suited her so well. Maybe she wanted to be more natural for Bronx or something?

I really want tights like this, I was planning on stocking up on funky tights when I was at H & M in Montreal last month, but sadly that H & M didn't have sleepwear/lingerie department. (I didn't know that was possible)

I really like her leggings here, you can tell they are good quality.

Rihanna looks really cold here, cover up girl function over style.

That kiss between Kelly and her boyfriend Luke looks really gross haha.

Wow looks like being a mother has rubbed off on Nicole, that's life eh? She does seem so content with everything right now, I'm happy for her.

She is looking good, this is a great weight she is at.

Wow I don't think I've ever seen Jennifer look more boring.

I really like that white cropped jacket Lindsay has on, are those leggings or tights she's got on? They are cool.

I have to give her credit, she probably wears leggings better then anyone else. I'd love to see how many she has at home, must be zillions in all sorts of styles and colors.

Wow this is a very dark outfit for Katy, I'm so use to seeing her in bright bubbly colors. Dolce and Gabbana?

There's nothing good about this look, she looks orange, too blonde and that dress is ill fitting. I have this thing about your hair matching your skintone exactly it looks strange because I had it happen to me and it was not cute.

Jared Leto has a new piece. I really like her top, would be so great for the summer.

Beyonce rings in the New Year with Mariah. That dress Beyonce is wearing looks very similar to the Marc Jacobs resort one.

Update: I thought so!

Dakota Fanning! God I feel old, because she's grown up so much. I really want that cropped jacket, I've gotta get my hands on something similar for the spring.

Those LV boots on Brandy are just too much...too much. I love her, but she can be such a try hard when it comes to fashion.

Those pants with those boots just don't go, the top half is okay though.

Heidi and Spencer hosted a New Years party, I wonder how much money they got for that?

Reese and Jake matching? It must be love!

Molly Sims looks hot but classy at the same time during New Years. She always rides that fine line so perfectly.

The triple K sisters looked like they had a great New Years, I wonder what lies ahead for these three? They've really grown on us this last year haven't they? We'll maybe not everyone.


Random Blog Award said...
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Anonymous said...

the H&M in Florence also doesnt have a lingerie/hosiery department! wtf, i was so sad :(

Great post Jen, Happy New Year :)


WendyB said...

Nicole Richie is looking great.

Aliena said...

Happy New Year!! Nicole Richie always looks so good.... and Must admit that LiLo is lookong better too...

Dane said...

I wish Lindsay wasnt getting so skinny. I still love Lily Allen and The K sisters, especially Khloe.. I think most people are really annoyed by them, I dont get why.

alis said...

Reese and Jake are so cute, they even matched their purses! Adorable :)

Puebla Chic said...

i liked Fergie, but she looks trashy lately, she is starting to look like Carmen Elektra its weird... and she looks so i dunno, whats the word, for when you like sleep all day and look fat or when you drink to much...... u know what i mean??