Keisha Buchanan (Sugababes). I really love this look she wore to the 7 Pounds premiere in London. The makeup, hair, dress, shoes work so well. I've noticed everyone is doing a good job having the complete look down pat lately.

Cheryl Cole. I love this dress, it suits her petite figure well. It's rare that I say this, but pink is her color.

Tyra Banks. She looks like a freaking piece of Candy here. I don't get Tyra, whenever I watch her show, she's dressed good enough, but on the red carpet she's always a disaster.

Tierra Marie wearing head to toe Louis Vuitton's tribute to Stephen Sprouse. You would think it would look terrible, but I believe she pulled it off.

Lindsay Lohan. Everyone's starting to comment on her recent weight loss, I just hope she doesn't get as bad as when she was under Rachel Zoe's control, that was just scary.

American Apparel tank? I think have the same one at home, it's quite popular seller of theirs.

Lindsay back to her usual head to toe black. it's like she's constantly in mourning, I'm sorry to tell you Linds, nothing is going to get you your pre-rehab life back.

Shenae Grimes or Paparazzi lover as I like to call her. She's still fresh in Hollywood, give it time. I guess us Canadian girls are just too nice.

KK minus a K. It's Kourtney Kardashian's birthday. I had no idea she wasn't even five foot tall until the girls discussed on the Tyra show. Nice to have another short celeb I can relate to! I really love Kim's dress and their friend's Herve Leger number, I just wish I had seen a clearer shot of it.

Maggie Gyllenhaal before and right after The Golden Globes. I love seeing style transformations, especially the ones posted by Scott "The Sartorialist" a few months back.

This picture was taken by Scott over two years ago, and here is the guy now...(see below)

What a complete style transformation.

I wish it was warm enough here I was to wear a skirt, I still can't figure out Ashley's style, but it's definitely changed the last couple of years.

Meagan Good is wearing her American Apparel Disco pants again. I think she's just as much as an AA junkie as I am.

Natalie Portman in a Philip Lim 3.1 T-shirt. I've been wanting that T-shirt for so long, does anyone know where I can still buy it?

I love sailor print dresses, I still haven't managed to find the right one.

Naomi Watts post baby outing. that coat looks amazing, I would have liked to see it all done up.

I'm going to call her the queen of bundling up because she always does it so well.

Sienna Guillory. I love this look, especially the jacket, but maybe the long gloves are a bit much? I've never been a fan of the long glove thing.

Vanessa Hudgens. That dress is so adorable, oh how I miss the sun.

Katie Holmes after the Golden Globes. Gold does amazing things for her, she should wear this color more often.

Miranda Kerr. I thought these were pants at first, but it's a skirt. I really like the way she wore it though, she's really tall so she can pull of this look. It's definitely not for everyone!

Salma Hayek. I don't like it, the wide shoulders and ruffle around her big boobies just don't do it for me. She should ditch those sunglasses and shoes too while she's at it.

Jessica Alba. Wide leg jeans gone wrong. I no like.

Charlize Theron. I'm going to take a shot in the dark and say her bag is Gucci. I'm sure someone will fill me in if I'm wrong.

Kate Moss turned 35, now it's just a count down to retirement! Ok, I'm kidding, maybe she can make it last like Linda, Naomi, Christy etc. but quite honestly I think she's turning a bit haggish, I'm sure the ciggies and everything else do not help especially if she wants her career to last. Maybe I will eat my words, time will tell.

Taylor Swift. She kind of looks like a cat, but in a good way if that's possible.

Amy Adams. I think her best look since last years Oscars.

Nicole Richie. I really like the color of this dress.

Nicole Richie. I didn't get the chance to cover this event because I wish sick and well I can't do it all. Nicole looked fabulous though, so I thought I should post her picture. Nice to see she's still managed to keep her boobies, though I'm not sure they look quite right here.

Whitney is not in the city, she's in Miami beach.

Audrina Partidge. Personally I don't think I would ever wear a jumpsuit like that to go clubbing. Let's hope she's keeping her new boobies form falling out.

Lauren and Lauren. they both look cute.

Danielle Savre. I love brocade, I've been fascinated with it since I was a child. This dress is really cute.

Christina Milian. She ruined a perfectly good outfit with those boots. She always manages to ruin some part of her outfits, oh well as long as she has her own style that's all that matters.

Paris Hilton. I think this outfit would have looked really nice, but on somebody else.

Lily Allen. She sure likes to be seen around lately eh? I guess it's code of "Buy my new album" don't worry Lily, I will. I promise not to download it because I like you that much.

Ashlee Simpson. I'm still thanking the lord she went back to red hair. Can't wait to see her around with her new Baba. You almost forget she's a new mommy.

Shemar Moore at a Golden Globes after party. I actually met him a few years ago, I got to sit on his lap and everything. He's Hot with a captial H.

Nicky Hilton. I like the idea of the long beaded necklace.

Sienna Miller. I really don't like that coat, I think it's ugly. At least she has a cute Chanel cuff on.

Anna Faris outside for a photoshoot. Gorgeous. She reminds me a bit of Heidi Klum here.

Nicole Kidman and Sunday Rose. Wow Sunday is getting so big. So what happens when she gets older and everyone is using the word Sunday all the time, is she going to get annoyed? Tired of it? She should have kept it as a middle name instead, poor kid.

Bride Wares photocall.

Kate Hudson. I'm not use to seeing her in something dark like this with red lips. It suits her really well, she should do it more often.

Anne Hathaway. She looks great here too, both their looks can easily translate into reality for us ordinary folks.

Emma Roberts. I can't believe she made another children's movie. She's 17 now, it's time for some adult roles! I have to say this all white look with the pupleish blue shoes is stunning! Probably the best two piece outfit I have seen in a while.

Selena Gomez. She also looks great here in white, great choice wtih the nude shoes, black shoes would have turned it into a more dramatic evening look. (either way both are good)

Shirley Manson looks great here in an FCUK dress.

Erica Ash. This is a good look, but it needs some editing. That necklace should go, so should the tote and the matchy lipstick. This look would have been better with a gold belt, shoes and simple clutch.

Oliva Wilde. This would have been my pick if I was going. It's so me.

Kelly Osbourne. Maybe she could have gone without that white bow at the front of her head. Maybe just a simple white barette?

Lisa Edelstein. You can't go wrong in J.Mendel Pre-Fall.

Kara DioGuardi. That hair is boardering on the 80's, not good.

Eliza Dushku. I like a loose dress, but this is a little too loose. I like the way she kept her hair nice an casual like this.

Paula Abdul in what else? Alexander McQueen. That's all she seems to wear out lately.

Arden Myrin. I almost bought this dress, but then I decided to stay away from it because red isn't really my color, but it looks cute on her.

Annie Wersching. Very interesting.

Tamara Taylor. Although I like the dress and necklace, I don't believe they should go together.

Emily Deschanel. Such a nice look, a great take on gold and black. It reminds me very much of Marc Jacobs resort 09.

Anne Hathaway. It suits her so well, she looks better than the model.

Naomi Watts. She looks beautiful.

Victoria Webb. I really like this dress, looks like something you can find at H & M.

Danai Jekesai Gurira . I like this modern 40s look.

Violet Davis. She has been everywhere lately. This simple and pretty dress would have been my choice for this event. I can picture myswelf wearing it work with a little white or black cardigan.

Heather Graham, she's always looked fab in red. Does she age? Wow I just checked her IMDB and she's 38 years old. I can't believe it, she doesn't look a day over 29.

Melissa Leo. Continuing the velvet trend.

Salma Hayek. Stunning, whatever team put this together did a fantastic job. I actually think this is the best Salma has looked in ages.

Eva Amurri. Nice.

Amy Adams. I wish she would really smile more at events, other than that she looks good.

Mireille Enos. This a gerat look for her, the dress is a perfect choice. I love her red hair against the silver and grey.

Chloe Sevigny. What can I say about her besides 'cool'.

Tina Majorino. Beautiful & lovely color.

Noa Tishby . You know I love this dress, the color is beautiful.

Amanda Seyfried. Interesting choice of shoes. I think they are good, but maybe she would have had more of an impact with ankle boots?

Such a fun song!



Aliena said...

what a wonderfully long post!!! I love natalie portma's style and she is so unpretencious!!! Salma looks great with that dress, i agree with you!

Siljesfashion said...

I love your amazingly long posts! I think Chloe Sevigny is my favorite. A little unexpected as usual, and it reminds me of spring-summer, while I sit inside in Oslo watching the snow outside.

Imelda said...

WOnderfull post, with so many beautifull clothes and outfits!
And I'm so in love with that golden dress Katie Holmes was wearing! Love It!

iñaki said...

I think I might be sick if I keep seeing those LV graffiti leggings once more. Very stylish post otherwise ;)


...love Maegan said...

wow. amazing grouping of photos. Lohan looks better when she's not so skinny.

WendyB said...

Amazing post! And I can't get over Anna Faris in that dress -- her body is amazing.

Mel said...

wow lindsay is so skinny ..again!! the ksubi jeans looks good on her though. love the post x

Dooder City said...

I love Chloe. She doesn't get old and she is always taking chances and I admire that. As for Natalie Portman, she looks great and always sophisticated even in a t-shirt!

drinkupthefashion said...

i can't tell you how much i loved this entry! i loved it a lot! you really know how to hold my attention. and so many people look great in this entry, but one person i must commend is violet davis. she looked perfect in that lbd. :)

Lyrical said...

Wow I love the oppurtunity that we have now a days to pick and choose where we want to go from visually seeing everything on the web! I mean I am quite new to the whole blogging game, but its really fun and interesting! I mean look at what we run into?!?
Blogs like these that I just have to comment on! :)