First off it's been so cold since Sunday, and now this bus strike that might happen on Wednesday...ugh.

I went to Montreal last weekend to get away and do some Christmas shopping, but of course I ended up getting some stuff for myself.
The new H & M on St Catherine's street opened last summer (No longer have to take the subway and the bus!), but I haven't gotten the chance to visit until now. I had big expectations for this H & M and was left disappointed. I thought it was going to be just as big as the one downtown Toronto, but it isn't even half it's size. It didn't have a lingerie/sleepwear department and I really needed to restock on tights, undies and socks. They also didn't have kids (which I didn't need) or maternity which bothered me because I wanted to get a gift for a friend who's expecting. The only good thing is Montreal finally got a men's department so my boyfriend got some new jeans. Every time I leave H & M I itch to go again, but it probably won't be taking another trip down till feb-ish.

(Scarf H & M / Sparkly cardigan - Zara)

Why is it no matter which Zara you are at in the world it's always jam packed?
An hour for the fitting room and an hour for the cash plus the store always looks like a hurricane went through it. Why can't they build the stores with more fitting rooms and cashes like H & M?
I'm completely turned off by it, every time I go there I get discouraged and walk away, maybe their stuff and the prices are not good enough to test my patience. I was really surprised when I just as I was leaving I spotted this cardigan and could not put it down. So I didn't bother to try it on I just braved the line up and paid the 50 dollars. This is the first thing I've bought at Zara in so long, even when I was in Spain last September I didn't bother. I did find the shopping a little more pleasant in Zara native land as the layouts of the stores are a little more friendly.

I got a few things for my apartment.

The albums were mine, but I got some cool frames for them at Urban Outfitters.

I've wanted these picture slips forever, but I could never find them everytime I got the change to go to Urban even though they were posted on the side. I put a few pictures in there to test it out, I still have to fill it up.

My boyfriend got me the Vogue book for our anniversary. It's amazing, Chronicles Vogue's history from beginning to now.

I couple of things I picked up at winners last week. I spotted this girl a few years ago on Mystylediary wearing a vintage mustard yellow Chloe sweater and I never got the image out of my mind. Finally after all this time I have found something similar.

Some thrift finds from Value Village aka Savers in America and Australia. I think that striped top will be great for the beach in the summer over a swimsuit.

Finally I got a tassel necklace, it's a great eBay find.

I also got this belt at Value Village, I love the way the belt slides into the buckle so nicely. Why don't they make them like that anymore?


keira antoia rose said...

The Vogue book is something I want! How is it? I also like the blue/white striped vintage tee. You found a lot of great things!

xoxo Isabella Clarisse xoxo

K.Line said...

Love the snap t from H&M and the yellow cardi from Winners!

Jenny H. said...

wow! you got a lott of really cool purchases.
love the blogggg

WendyB said...

That Tatler cover is terrifying.

Hot Bot said...

There was a Honolulu Bus strike, and it was miserable. I feel your potential pain.

And I agree with Zara. We don't have one here, but when I went to the store in San Francisco, it was a disaster. But every Zara I went to in Spain was enjoyable. Except for the massive one in Madrid.

(R)evolver74 said...

Great stash!! The Vogue book looks interesting!

Dane said...

I love the Zara cardigan you got. I used to live in spain, and Zara there is the best. I dont like the selection here where I live, we dont even have winter, yet they still bring out the winter clothes. Weird.

deep_in_vogue said...

you got some great stuff, Jenny!!

issa said...

wow you got some fabulous items!!!

Anonymous said...

I really liked the grey dress with belt. Over here in California, the Zara's are not that packed. I guess it's kuz we have a lot of them.

sarah mendelsohn said...

loving all of these!

Seraphine said...

wow, you sure know how to shop! i lov your ideas. but but but... there won't be anythng left for santa to bring you! unless you like fruitcake or... i didn't see any displayed from your shopping trip... bedroom slippers.

Fashion Tidbits said...

oh!!!!!!!!!! i really want to read that Vogue book!

Diabolina Da Fashionista said...

hearts to the boyfriend for such a great gift. my friend gave me that book too. kiss!

Eyeliah @ stylesymmetry.com said...

love your grey top with buttons!! And I just got that h&m mag too. :-)