After a too short holiday break from work (I really should have taken Monday off because it looks as though the whole city did) I got to my desk to find a half rotten banana and was stuck eating my nasty untoasted Subway breakfast. Yes there is a back story to this...
On the last day of work before holidays as I was packing up I offered my fresh Banana to my co-worker being the nice person that I am because I know he enjoys them. I guess in the end he didn't want it and put it back on my desk after I left, so I had a nice smell when I got in today. Thanks a lot dude, you could have just thrown it out. On top of that, how could Subway forget to toast my sub? Shouldn't it come naturally unless you specifically ask? I was annoyed because I only treat myself once a week, and I wanted it done right. I wish the girl that usually served me had been in, I'm assuming she was still enjoying her Christmas vacation.

After a less then perfect start to my day I decided to go to Forever 21.com and browse to relax a little. It's rare that I buy anything online unless it involves eBay or a purchase from someone I know online. I was craving some Forever21 as it had been nearly a year since I'd been there (The closest one is Toronto) I thought I would have gotten the chance to go when I was in Boston, but sadly there are no stores in central Boston.

So I browsed the entire site and picked out all my items, checked out and registered myself on the site only to find out I needed re-direct myself to Forever21 Canada. Okay, fair enough, but annoying that I would have to browse for all my items again. Imagine my disappointment when I found out how utterly CRAP forever21 Canada website is and how I could not find anything that I originally wanted. I feel like the stuff they put on the Canada site is the stuff no one else wanted, all the left overs they are trying to sell us at full price. Nothing on that site is worth putting in an online order especially when you see the goodies on the American site. It's bad enough there are only 3 stores in Canada, but do we have to get jipped online? If I was in another country would I have been able to buy the stuff I wanted?

So for wasting my time this morning, it's war!

F21 = COUNTERFEIT to the max, yeah I know TELL US SOMETHING WE DON'T ALREADY KNOW! But anyway, Pretty much ever designer has waged a war against them and I can see why. The site is constantly changing, but here are a few things I could pick up quickly by eye.

Oh I forgot to say that I'm not saying people shouldn't shop there because I centainly will when givin the chance. Most of us don't have thousands of dollars to spend on the real thing, but we shouldn't live in denial also.

I believe there use to be a dress identical to the Michael Kors one, but it's no longer listed on the site.

Anna Sui gave this t-shirt with the images of Forever21 founders to everyone at one of her fashion shows.

They've copied many of Diane Von Furstenbergs dresses. It's one thing to imitate, but to make it identical?

I don't have to tell you what the imitation is here, it speaks for itself.


(Thanks Rich)



jL said...

forever21 has been stealing since FOREVER lol

(R)evolver74 said...

I can't think of the name offhand but there's a place that does knock offs of major designer dresses that are worn at awards like the Oscars and sells them for cheap...that's basically the same thing, isn't it?

yiqin; said...

Ohwell. But honestly, prada marc jacobs prices. Are almost my 4 months allowance. Ireally can't afford them!

Song of Style said...

the reason why forever 21 keeps copying other designers' designs without getting in troubles with the law is because in the design world if the material is different they count that as a different design..or smtg like that. that's why all of forever 21's quality is freaking cheap as hell.
I used to work as a fashion design assistant and we were one of forever 21's vendors.. i remember researching the newest trends so that forever 21 could use them. or should i say, copy them and remake them. lol

Fashion Therapist said...

I love this post!!

Make Do Style said...

Blimey it is almost unbelivable the rip off! Forever Wrong!

Maverick said...

Wow, excellent post here. I knew that they copied but I didn't know that they EXACT replicas off other designers. That's so sad, they should just get their own inspiration and ideas. I can't stand that! (The Anna Sui tees are hilarious! I actually laughed out loud) Sorry to hear that you had a rough morning with the banana/subway incident. You have a great blog-do you want to do a blog link exchange with me?

x. Mav

WendyB said...

Their blatant theft of ideas annoys me. It's not like anyone is automatically entitled to a designer look because they don't have the money for the high-end version. Designer style is not a basic human right. I appreciate the people who put together their own inexpensive designer look out of DIY and vintage rather than buying fast-fashion rip-offs.

The Seeker said...

And do they ship international??? ;)

Hope you'll have a great New Year, my darling.


J'Adore Fashion said...

great post, but not everyone can afford the designer pairs--i guess it's not always what you wear, but how you wear it!!
have a lovely new yr!!!x

issa said...

the complete copies definitely deserve the lawsuits.. though i'll still pop in every once in awhile to check out what they have.. especially for throwaway trend items.. and cheap basics as needed

keira antoia rose said...

Wow I knew it was bad, but I never realized just how bad it was! The other day, while in Forever 21 I saw a different version of the Marc dress that looked exactly the same.

xoxo Isabella Clarisse xoxo

Girl next blog said...

I'd kill to have a F21 in Barcelona, it's soooo cool!


Fashion Carnival said...

OH my!! like wat thy were thinking?? jeje.. the more obvious were the Anna Sui one and DVF also the Jil Stuart.. i so want the shirt Anna Sui gave.. should be awesome to have it!

copperoranges said...

i agree with wendyb .. i dont shop much at f21 because the quality is SO BAD.

Eyeliah @ stylesymmetry.com said...

That is brutal!

Secret Agent said...

Remember me?
How's it going. I'm sorry you had such a crap day. It's just one of those days, I guess...or one of those "weeks" (if you know what I'm saying) haha.
I did not know Forever 21 was such a ripoff. I have heard about all the lawsuits though.
I guess it's their way of trying to create drama and attention to their brand.

Aisha said...

Wow, Jen, that's much more copying from what I expected.

Can't wait to read the best&worst 2008 list!

By the way, I moved and here's my new blog URL(; http://nerdy-trendy.blogspot.com/, hope you visit me soon! don't forget to update your links (;

alis said...

The exact copies are shameless and their existence would definitely put off rich people from buying the high-priced originals. That being said, I would definitely shop there more often if their international shipping wasn't so freaking expensive :)
Although shopping online from them is a bit risky, my last haul resulted with some very nice pieces and jewellery and one horrid dress.

T-Shirt and Tails said...

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I'd love it if you could add me to your blog list!


Kira Fashion said...


A happy new year for you friend!!
I love your blog. You are an inspiration for me :)

a kiss!!!


Imelda said...

Too bad your day didn't start good!
This post is nice to read, really! I just can't believe how exact the copies are. There is a difference between getting inspiration out of designer clothes and doing nothing but making the same designs in cheap fabrics...
And the Anna Sui t-shirt is great!

Siljesfashion said...

Love your post! Happy New Year!

Ashleigh said...

and thats why I love F21...affordable for the masses....it offers a cheap alternative...so im not complaining...i mean its not like I have 2 grand sittin' around to spare for one dress! ....Love this post that you did

nv said...
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