Amy Smart. I really like this combination of lace and sheer.

Rumer Willis. I'm getting use to her new hair color, but I still think the short black bob was more flattering.

Amber Heard. The strappy shoes are a bit too much, the dress and beads speak for themselves.

Ginnifer Goodwin aka Chris Klein's new Katie Holmes. I heard on the radio that they broke up last week. Oh well. My favorite look of the night.

Jenna Dewan. She's looking a little busted and I'm not talking about the clothes. At least she has hottie Channing Tatum to keep her warm at night.

Nikki Reid and Jenna Dewan remind me of each other except Nikki looks like a less busted version of her.

Rachel Bilson. Oh I'm crazy for this sparkly blazer.

Mini Anden. On the surface this dress looks like it would be a fashion don't, but I'm amazed at how great it looks. Katie Holmes also wore a dress from this collection a couple of weeks ago.

Taryn Manning. I love her band Boomkat, I still play their first CD.

Zoe Saldana. I love love this. It's perfect for her. She's in competition with Ginnifer Goodwin for my favorite look.

Bijou Philips. The dress fits her nicely.

Sanaa Lathan. Hip and cool.

Leelee Sobieski. She's been around so much lately. Just when I was beginning to think she was a hasbeen.

Nicole Richie. I like the biggest shades of black.

Nicky Hilton. I like this babydoll look. I was listening to a Michael Kors interview on Fashion Television today and he mentioned how he was sick of seeing women dresses like children. I kind of agree, but it's cute anyway. Babydoll has always been my style, though I'm finding myself trying to be more polished lately.

Paris Hilton. Still fug.

Lauren Conrad. I'm not sure about this all black look with a black bow. The black bow might be pushing it a bit too much, however she doesn't look bad.

Gabrielle Union. Not for me, but she looks cute overall.

Jennifer Morrison. This is so adorable, and I love the shoes. now this is how you do sophisticated babydoll.

Lisa Rinna. Those Hemorrhoid lips are horrible. Doesn't she have enough money to get them fixed? After all these years...I can never get use to them.

Jessica Stroup. It's okay.


Paul Pincus said...

i can't help it. i love love love nicole richie.

cheers, -p.p.

copperoranges said...

i like the way bijou talks.

keira antoia rose said...

Wow everyone looks so gorgeous. It was hard to choose favorites, but my first would be Mini Anden and in second Amber Heard. I think Amber's face is flawless and beautiful, Rumor's hair is fresh, and amy smart's top is nice.

xoxo Isabella Clarisse xoxo


I like Zoe, Taryn + Jenna outfits. They´re my favourites. Good post.
Kss from Spain

Kira Fashion said...

Fantastic looks!
Jen, you are the best!

a kiss my friend!

Fashion Tidbits said...

i'm a bit sorry to say this but all the D&G dresses look better on the models

dapper kid said...

Amber's dress looks lovely!

Cate said...

Amy Smart looks good, but Rumer Willis... I don't really know... That hair in combination with that dress... No.
I. LOVE. AMBER. HEARD'S. SHOES. Not necessarily in that combination, but I need them.
Rachel Bilson's sparkly blazer looks great too. It looks like something Emma Watson would wear.
I can't help but liking the babydoll style too.
Lauren Conrad did push it a bit too far with the bow. She looks a bit like at a funeral.
Lisa Rinna - what happened to her lips? I really don't know, please tell me.

Nathalia said...

Everyone looks so great! I want their clothes... I love the blouse on the first pic.
Great blog you have:)

Demi said...

I love Lauren Conrad and Rachel Bilsons outfits, and I also love that sparkly blazer!!!

drinkupthefashion said...

this is an amazing entry. fantastic coverage. ZOE SALDANA ALL THE WAY! she was on my last top ten best dressed celeb list. she always looks so cute! i just adore her. jennifer morrison also looks amazing, as does nikki reid. and i love bijou philips hair. i want to touch it so badly...heh, that sounded weird :) and i actually think paris hilton looks good. and you're right leelee sobieski is a hasbeen. maybe she's around so much because she's going to be in another movie soon? who knows. but so far she's annoying me by uglifying the red carpet with weird ensemble choices.

Dooder City said...

I always loved Amy Smart. Even though you don't really see her in anything significant, there was something about her. Of course Rachel Bilson always looks AMAZING!

Blicious said...

oooooh! i want a sparkly blazer! :)

Blicious said...

oooooh! i want a sparkly blazer! :)

Tiffany Diane said...

thank you for your nice comment. i'm flattered!

we just posted a new post and will be trying our hardest to post more and more. keep on reading, please. and as always, keep up the blogging. love it.

zsya said...

i don't know why i'm always scared when i see rumer willis :p

J'Adore Fashion said...

I like Ginnifer and Zoe's outfits too!!

cocotte said...

Everyone looked great but Nicole, Rachel and Lauren looked amazing. Love Lauren's bow.

alis said...

Everyone looks nice, except LC because I can't see what she's wearing because of the black carpet and background. And Lisa Rinna, her lips are terrible, definitely unnatural, but her most annoying feautre is her hair! I hate hair that looks like a fucking hat. Imagine her with sleek, darker, long hair, wouldn't she look MUCH better?

Nicole Then said...

I think nicole richie definitely wore the ALL-BLACK better than lauren. although it may not photograph well at night but i'd definitely wear nicole richie's outfit. love how she played with diff fabrics