You'll notice that I won't be covering small events extensively anymore, I'm going to back to University part time in January (I'm done school, but for some reason I like to torture myself) and quite frankly I need my beauty sleep. I'm off to Montreal this weekend also, but I'll be back before you notice I'm gone. Enough said, onto more important things like

Lily Allen. I love this top! Does anyone know where it's from? I want to buy it now.

She got new hair extensions and I really don't like it. She looked better with the layered bob. Oh well.

Yay or Nay? I actually like it.

I love her hair like this, it's such a big improvement. The color and print on her is gorgeous against her skin. Aqua and ocean blues are always great on olive to dark skin.

One of my favorite combinations in the world is yellow and gold. One of my Cambodian friends wore yellow and gold to one of her wedding receptions...beyond stunning!

So much pink and black lately.

Ugh I should not have cut off the shoes when I was cropping, I think we need a good view of how mismatched they are to the dress. Black strappy shoes would have gone a long way...no?

Cute for work, but way to plain for a premiere.

Prints, solids and lace all together and she pulls it off. She's so beautiful, I like her best in Lost In Translation.

I hate silk and silk or shiny and shiny together...it doesn't look terrible on her...but...

VB. That's one big nipple. What she doesn't want her rose?

Normally I would shun this bolero, but how can I when it's Victoria Beckham?

Kim Kardashian. Bangs look great on her, I love this dress too she looks amazing.

Molly Sims, Anne Hathaway and others go see Tina Turner in concert. Go Tina! I want your legs!

Rachel Zoe. That lipstick is too severe.

Jessica Alba. I can appreciate that she look a risk and pulled it off. It's too bad she's polluting everyone with her misery.

LL. Black again, big surprise! Love the top underneath though, understated glam.

Vanessa Williams and her son. She's had fresh botox and a peel she looks radiant! I still can't believe it, 5 kids!

Penelope Cruz. I'm not sure what to think...she looks okay I guess.

Chanel Iman. It would take someone that skinny to pull off such a little number. I do I like her hair like this.

Evan rachel Wood sheds her inner Dita. That red hair is really really red...it's flaming. I like it, but it looks too unnatural at the same time.

Speaking of Evan, Marilyn Manson seems to have found a new Dita replacement. It seems like all he's trying to do is reaplace her, but there is only one, sorry to inform you.

Debrah Messing. I love this dress, it's so me.

Katie Holmes. Nice getting pics of her all the time. The paps know where she is everyday because she's going to work on "All my sons".

Kiki in a white skirt.

M.I.A is expecting her little bundle of joy in a few months. I guess she had no idea Paper Planes would take off a year after the CD was released. I still can't believe people are just now discovering her after all these years. I'm such a music buff, I'm use to staying on top of everything I guess...it's my nature.

Danai Jekesai Gurira. She has such a great body for this dress, stunning color.

I never forget Brit Brit's birthday because it's in the same month as mine. Us December winter babies are always something special. To celebrate her 27th (Already!) I shaved my dolls hair, pigged out on Cheetos, McDonalds and Starbucks frapps all day then I finished off by attacking a tourist with an umbrella because I thought they were taking my picture.

Queen Elizabeth II. Those curls are so tight they must be keeping the blood away from her head. Maybe that's why she's always so stiff and vacant unlike her mother (RIP). Looking good though, nice to see her something so soo...royal!


Reese Witherspoon. I never thought all this grey could look so good.

Kerry Washington. I don't know how she does it, knock out every time.

Amanda Bynes is dating LC's ex Dough? Ah, these LA kids love to date each other. I've noticed a lot of mixing between Laguna Beach / The Hills cast members and young Hollywood actors and actresses.

Lauren and Lauren.

Whitney Port. Cute dress, I still don't think she dresses as well as she did a year or two ago.

Christian Aguilera or Xtina...maybe I should just call her that from now on. Here she is at the Grammy nominations.

She looks greally great, considering.., this is Xtina.

I loved her performance dress, very angelic on her.

Mariah Carey at the Grammy nominations. You know Mariah's Christmas CD that she released way back in I believe 94 is back on the charts, this seems to happen every Christmas. That CD is a classic Christmas CD now, probably some of her best work.

Kristen Stewart. Hair needs help, but the rest is good.

Jennifer Missoni. Love the cute Flamencos.

Hilary Duff. She's changing her style again, I've noticed. Now if only I could get her to darken her hair again.

Ohhh I love this coat, I want it. that has to be one of the most perfect plaid coats.

Diane Kruger has got to to be the most fashion ferosh actresses out there. Yes i said it, ferosh, fierce doesn't seem adequate.

Mary-Kate has a new boy toy. Personally I liked her with Max even though they were kinda dark together. She seemed the happiest with David, but he's been too busy dating Nicky Hilton the last few years.

Eva Pigford. She's the best one to win ANTM and in my opinion the most gorgeous. Her face is so captivating I watch her on Y & R, they are thinking of making her role more permanent.

Speidi. Those are the dumbest wedding rings I've ever seen (See below). Dumb rings for dumb people. Are they really married? Nobody seems to know for sure, so many rumors flying around.

Jay Z and Beyonce. They look they they could be onthe set of a video. I'm digging Jay Z's longer hair too.

Canadian Actress Sandra Oh. She always rides a fine line with her looks, but she wins major points for thoese heels.

Oprah. It looks like she's getting slim again, looking radiant too. Why does she always have to wear these dresses? She must have the same one in 10 different colors she just changes up the belt.

Ashley Olsen. So casual every day lately. I'm going to assuming she's doing a lot of work in and out of her offices.

Taylor Mosman and her Balenciaga heels. I hear she's totally messed up at least she's doing it looking good.

Kate Bosworth. maybe she should have pulled her hair back into a sleek ponytail?

Ashley Tisdale. Something about all these tends together makes me feel like she's a year behind.

Becki Newton and America Ferrera on the set of Ugly Betty. I think Betty needs a love interest stat because I'm losing interest...either that or give Mark more TV time. haha

Allegra Versace. Didn't she come out of the hospital a couple of years ago? I'll reserve further comment I don't want anyone jumping down my throat.

(I'm crazy for this song right now, the lyrics are great)



enc said...

I didn't recognize Evan Rachel Wood with either haircolor! She's changed a lot recently.

WendyB said...

Poor Allegra. Being Gianni's heir really messed her up.

Eyeliah @ stylesymmetry.com said...

Lost is such an amazing song.

Anonymous said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



penelope said...

Love both Scarlett's & Eva's dresses! I'm so jealous!

And Rachel with the inner Dita; looks like Marcia Cross; with all that FLAMING hair!

K.Line said...

Sooooo jealous you're in Mtl! Hope you have a great time. Bring back some good loot and show us!

copperoranges said...

i really like the name allegra. i wish it werent a medication.

i think hilary duff has great personal style.

Anonymous said...

oo love kate bos's dress and lily really does look amazing again

Weekly Blogette said...

1) I love Lily Allen
2)Scarlett's hair is fabulous!
3)there is only one Dita, I totally agree
and bythe way are u looking forward to THE CITY? whitney's show?


good post. I liked it!

MOLLY GRAY said...

i love lily allen with hair extensions and i also like ash tisdale as a brunette.

She's Dressing Up said...

Penelope Cruz looks teeny!

Penny said...

everybody looks stunning as usual, but Lily Allen's fringe looks like it needs a wash! x


Jen, I absolutely adore your blog!! U always make me laugh and I always agree with your opinions (For the most part!) Thanks for this great post, it is great like allll of your posts! Its such a treat to read your blog! Keep tp the good work love.... Kisses from Italy :)



ohhh and also i saw a verrry similar top like the one lily allen is wearing, but in black and blush pink at H&M (here in italy), but go check your h&m. i think its the same top.

deep_in_vogue said...

Jenny.. your posts are a treat.. a FEAST actually. Love how visual they are!

LML said...

thats the best dress i have ever seen kim kardashian wear!

love the uber long post

this wheel's on fire said...

wow long post! love it :)

Hot Bot said...

Eva Mendez is my girl crush. She's absolutely stunning.

Tina :) said...

Another great post!
I love Lily Allen's top! And Kim's hair looks really good.
I was really surprised by the photo of Kristen Stewart; she looks so much older and sexier than she did in the movie. Her dress is gorgeous - hate the hair, but like you said, the rest is good.
Loved Kate Bosworth's dress as well!