Kate Bosworth. I love those jeans, she looks great.

Nicole Kidman. I normally would not picture her in something so shiny, silvery and sparkly. She carries it well, but maybe not 100%

Carla Bruni-Sarkozy. Is the spokeswoman for World Aids Day. This is a subject that has touched me personally, I hope I can live to see the day where they can treat or cure people of this.

Ashanti & Nelly. I love seeing them out as a couple, Ashanti's makeup is well done. They could be the next Beyonce and Jay Z if they revived their careers. Ah what am I saying, there will never be another Beyonce and Jay Z.

Shenae Grimes in Toronto. She loooooveeess the paparazzi. I said it before and I'll say it again, she has great casual style.

Liv Tyler. Those red lips on her are a little severe.

The Jonas Brothers. They are one stylish trio, you can see where all their money is going.

Sienna Miller and Keira Knightley. They both look great at an event for The Edge Of Love. I still have yet to see this movie. The fact that Sienna is in it, is a little off putting. I think I only managed to stomach her in Alfie.

Whitney Port. Interesting top, I like the looseness of it.

Jessica Alba. Hurray, back to her miserable self. I knew she couldn't smile for long...it's unnatural for her.

Jessica has landed in Heathrow, and it doesn't look like she'll be in London long.

Diane Kruger owns the red carpet. No one can compare in these modern days.

Guess who got rejected? Baby V wanted to go eat out at a popular restaurant, but she didn't make a reservation and was turned away. I guess those Disney brats don't have all the power.

Mary-Kate. This is not a good look, makes me wonder what's going on with her. She looks like she needs a shower.

Sienna Miller.

Penelope Cruz. Normally I love black black tights with anything, but in this case I think they should go.

Nicole Richie and her Benji Madden. I wonder where these two are doing together?

VB. I hate that bag.

Paris Hilton. I'm not sure about those earrings, but dare I say...she looks ok.

NEW YORK PREMIERE Beyonce. Back to her fishtail dresses, she's trying to make that bouffant look her trademark.

Emmanuelle Chriqui. Her makeup is cute on her. This is a great way to wear a simple dress, but not look boring.

Gabrielle Union. I don't think I would look at a dress like this twice, but on her it's quite fabulous.

Chyna Layne. This is such a cute dress, and it fits her well, but what's up with the shoes?

Darnell Martin. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I don't mind this dress. The boobs look like they are hurting though.

Selena Gomez. She's such an adorable girl. These colors look amazing against her skin.

Gemma Atheron. When I first saw her in this jacket, I thought okay, but then I saw the reveal and I was like wow. Well done.

Rachel Stevens. I'm not sure that I like this all pale makeup on her and her choice of shoes.

Geri Halliwell. I hope she keeps this darker hair forever, she looks like a doll. I swear I had one that looked just like her when I was younger.

Danii Minogue. Rule number one about makeup, if your going to do a strong eye go for a light, pale or nude lips. Stop those YSL pumps already, I'm going to have to form some sort of Society. People against YSL tribute pumps..this is becoming just as bad ad Herve Leger.



Anonymous said...

oo love nic's coat

sienna's red bag is awesome

diane is picture perfect

and love gemma's curves

Savvy Mode SG said...

I like Ms. V's Kelly bag.... it's different.

WendyB said...

Re Sienna, I loved her in Factory Girl.

Song of Style said...

wonderful post as always.
paris hilton is off as always. (lovely dress but the tights and hair, earrings... ew)
and i heart selena gomez's dress but it looks so much better on the model. haha
thank u for the awesome post!

Make Do Style said...

I'm with you ref the YSL shoes!
I actually don't hear anything YSL as it is just a name sold to a company to make money but that's another rant.
Diane Kruger looked amazing adn VB - she is not Jackie O!

Fashion Tidbits said...

yes! Kate Bosworth's jeans! Do you think they're Cheap Monday?

miss vintage love said...

Liv Tyler looks amazing

Champagne said...

I want Joe's(Jonas Brother) Jacket. I want to get my hand on a really nice plaid peice.

Juliet said...

Liv looks a lot better than she has in a long time.

juliet xxx

fashion herald said...

wow to Selena in that Williamson dress. also love Gemma in that black dress, stunning.

J'Adore Fashion said...

love kate jeans, selena's dress!!!

Anthea said...

Great Post! I love Kate Bosworth's look and Whitney Port's! I am so excited for her new show..The City!

michelle said...

No one really impressed me, but Selena Gomez's dress is cute :)

Romany said...

I agree about Shanae. As attention-seeking as she is, she has great style at least.
Diane Kruger brings some much needed old Hollywood glamour to the modern world. Thank god for Diane.
I'm not a huge Beyonce fan but I simply ADORE her dress!
Selena Gomez -- wow. She actually looks adorable, a future style icon in the making?
Omg, apparently Geri Halliwell totally went commando in that dress! Isn't that disgusting?

Great post!

saray said...

lately Whitney Port looks great!
love her outfits.

LML said...

i am enamoured by the sienna + keira duo, they complement each other soooo well!

enc said...

Miss V.'s hair is very sharp.