RICK OWNS LEATHER JACKET. This is sort of an old trend, but I really wish I could own one of these jackets. Does anyone know where I can get something similar?


Remember when she use to wear the anti fur pin on her Rick Owens jacket all the time? Well she sure is doing a good job of promoting the cause.

RACHEL BILSON. I remembered hearing that Bilson's clothing line Edie Rose was based on her own wardrobe and style. I remember when she wore this seafoam green dress a while back, I love the yellow version she created for her collection. I wish it also came in a darker color, would have been useful for fall/winter.


Make Do Style said...

Ewh the Rachel Woods morphing is very creepy indeed well spotted! Don't ya think Suri is getting paraded around a lot!?

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

^ a little too much!;)

blugardenia said...

Rick Owens jacket? I blogged about something similar that I think will make you happy. Thanks for the inspiration. Cheers! :)

blugardenia said...

oops. www.blugardenia.com is where you'll find the post about the Rick Owens jacket. Enjoy!

alis said...

Dear Lindsay,

Jen has made a wonderful post that reminded me of why I used to have such a girl crush on you, and also why I no longer do. You need to be scrubbed until you are no longer orange, I don't think your stringy hair is salvagable so you should shave it Britney-style and let the red gorgeousness grow, and finally, Rachel Zoe's whipping lash on your back is essential to get you out of the leggings-rut.