Sienna Miller. I wonder if that fur thing around her neck is just an extra piece on it's own? I'm crazy for the print of this jacket, looks like something you could find at Anthropologie, however that store is over priced for their target market in my opinion.

Christina Aguilera. Well, I think this is an improvement for her. Her clown makeup seems to be in check too.

Beyonce. I'm not sure how I feel about this 70s early 80s esque suit. I do like the color on her, it's very soft.
Nicole Kidman. I really like this shade of grey on her, I've become a fan of grey lately it's such a sophisticated color. It's too bad about that frozen in time face of hers and the unsual lips.

Miranda Keer with her Prada bag.

Reese Witherpoon in London. I miss London so much, I'm hopefully going back in April.

Baby V and Ashley Tisdale. I like Ashley's hair sooooo much better this way.

She's lucky that she's been able to find medium size boots that are wide enough to put long socks under.

Ashley Olsen. I thought she was over that Givenchy bag? I think black, grey, beige and 'denim' are her favorite colors. Her collection The Row is definitely her baby, while 'Elizabeth and James is more Mary-Kate's. I'm a little confused as to what's going on with Ashley style wise, she hasen't been around much this year.

Lily Allen. I like this look, but I wish she would not have matched her bag to her top.

Vanessa and Angela Simmons promoting their very popular sneaker line "Pastry".

LaLohan. She makes all this black look pretty chic. She's back in LA btw.

Tila Tequila and Courtenay Semel (Yes Courtenaaayy). In case you didn't know she's the daughter of CEO and the founder of Yahoo! She also previously had a thing with Lindsay. I kinda think she has Ali and Tommy Hifiger's face. They could be sisters! What's going on with Tila's top? Too much *Shakes head*

Shenae Grimes. She has cute casual style, very close to how I dress when I'm going to comfort in the winter. Her red crapet (typo, but that's ok it goes) style needs help, maybe she doesn't make enough money yet to have a stylist.

Anne Hathaway.

Sadie Frost. Jude's ex has been dressing so cute lately, I love this color on her.

Kate Moss and Stella McCartney at her Christmas lighting party for her store. Why does Stella always look so sad? She's done so well for herself, perk up a little.

Demi Moore. She's getting younger by the minute.

Terri Hatcher. I really like Terri's smile no matter what people might say about it. She's gorgeous, I'm glad she's found success after being a "had been".

Lauren "LC" Conrad and Lauren "Lo" Bosworth. Lauren and Lauren, LC and Lo whatever I'm confusing myself.

Cindy Crawford. My dream is to live by the beach...someday...

Antonia Kidman. Nicole Kidman's little sister. She's a TV presenter down in Sydney. I want a pair of cigarette pants so much. What I miss the most about living in warm weather is you can put on whatever you want.

Amanda Bynes. This look is different for her, I like it. Looks like something Ashley Olsen would put together, but in a more classy way.

Nicole Richie. Wow Harlow is getting so big, she's soooo cute!

Kingston Rossdale. He's got to be the most hip toddler ever.

Michelle Williams and Matilda Ledger. She's got her daddy's smile.

The Moore / Willis clan . Bruce and his girlfriend, Demi and Ashton. Why can't all families get along like this?!

Tallulah or Tula (As she likes to be called) Willis. She's got the most style out of all her sisters and she started at such a young age.

Scout Willis.

VB in Roland Mouret. Oh Victoria, take a day off. Must be exhausting being you.

Katie Holmes. Plaid Plaid Plaid!

I see Isabella still into the punk / rock look. It's nice to see she and Connor out, Tom has decided to let them out of their cages for the day. I'm kidding ;)

There's such a contrast between Katie and Victoria. Katie dressed casual and comfortable while VB is doing it up. VB looks miserable though, even out with the kids. I have to say the cruises look more authentic and genuine.

I'm not sure that these two are really friends, they seem chilly towards each other in every picture. David and Tom must have organized this whole thing.

Connor is only there to carry Suri's stuff, I'm kidding...he carries Tom and Katie's stuff too.

Day 2, out and about again. I'm gaga for Katie's pink coat, I don't have anything that bold in my closet. She's tall so it's easy to pull off this kinda look without being overwhelmed.

Day 3, out to dinner. I have to say that is one of the ugliest fur thigns I've ever seen. It scares me.

Katie Holmes and Jessica Joffe in Dolce and Gabbana?


IN GERMANY Leona Lewis. If I was batting for the other side, I would date her haha

Meg Ryan. Nice to see her in the spotlight agai, she looks good.

Diane Kruger and her Canadian Boyfriend Joshua Jackson. Picture Perfect.

I wonder if Britney asked Madonna before she copied her entire look? I hope so because if not, it's a 'Jennifer Aniston Uncool' on her part.

Alex Rodriguez or A-Rod had the balls to show up at Madonna's concert in Miami. I guess this is their coming out party as a couple? Word is she serenaded him on stage. Crazy.


SJPEE. I love the softness that she brings to this dress. Sarah Jessica always seems to have that ability. That's why we adore her so much.

Rachel Roy. She always over does it, but I'm getting use to her style and this look isn't too bad.

Veronica Webb. I would have chosen other shoes, but I think the overall look is well executed.

Alexandra Lebenthal. This is like Gwyneth Paltrow's dress to the Oscars in 98 on some sort of drug.

Vanessa Williams. Can you believe she's pushed out 5 kids?! My favorite movie from her is Dance with me, if you like Dirty Dancing with some Latino flavour you'll love this. Ugly Betty wasn't on this week because of the American Thanks giving so I'm going through withdrawls.


Shenae Grimes is showing her home and native land some love. I just saw the episode where she exited Degrassi, they said her character was going to Africa to help build villages or something for a semester...well it's going to be a very long semester.
Anyway here she is hamming it up for the paparrazi in an average outfit. Her casual looks are cute, but she really needs help here.

Sarain Boylan. She looks so fashion forward, she was the standout of the night in my opinion.

Natasha Hentridge. Fantastic color for her, but I'm unsure about the hairstyle with that dress.

Robin Brule. The white piping on the dress is really cute, but she could have ditched the cuff and possibly those YSL pumps.

Tris Stratus. Is she Canadian? I just checked her wiki and she is, god I had no idea I only remembered her from wrestling and her travel show. It's a nice dress, but maybe not for her.

Sitara Hewitt. Not sure about that sash thing in th emiddle of the dress, apart from that it's ok.

Inga Cadranel. She's like a cross between Megan fox and a younger VB.

Ngozi Paul. Such a gorgeous dress and color. A hit for sure.

Carla Collins. The hair style and earrings are not working for me.

Natalie Brown. I love this look! The hair has gotta go though, how awful and distracting.

Rachel Marcus. What a cutie!

Dallas Green and Much Music VJ girlfriend Leah Miller. Dallas Green is the frontman for Alexisonfire and City and Colour. Download: Coming home by City and Colour, it's one of my favorite songs...it makes me cry...it's beautiful.

Natalie Dormer. She's trying to do the Olsen duck lips.

ET Canada host Rosey Edeh. She needs to change her hair, it's always the same! Everytime I turn on the TV, there she is with the same hair. Others might not agree, but I just don't like it. She should puff it up and trim it so it looks like a fro, now that would be cute.

ET Canada hosts Cheryl Hickey and former Much Music VJ turned ET host Rick Campanelli. I love this dress on Cheryl, I think she nailed it.




K.Line said...

Hate to be negative, but I loathe Leah Miller. She's wrecking So You Think You Can Dance Canada.

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

^ ah i never bothered to watch the show, she is a little annoying..her voice.

WendyB said...

Aw, don't be hard on Stella. People always think my face looks sad too, in candid moments. Some of us just have sad faces!

Anonymous said...

oo like sienna's blazer!

diane and josh do look picture perfect as always

anne hathaway and reese witherspoon looking totally chic

nic's dress is hot

and katie rocks the d&g all the way

enc said...

Sienna looks great. Same with Xtina, she's toning it down, I guess.

ediot said...

please answer me or react. i have emailed you and reserved a listing for you- if you dont want it- i can take thre reserving off--


gret post dear.love Ngozi Paul and Vanessa willians outfits respectively.V.williams always is stunning!
muah xx

M said...

I was at the Madonna concert in Miami & in addition to serenading him, she was grinding and popping her butt in A-Rod's direction like every 5 minutes lol & she kissed one of her girl dancers right in front of his seat lol she was really trying to make it obvious. But the concert was amazing. & Madonna's look is not as nice on Britney who probably weighs a good 30 pounds more than Madonna. Britney looks stuffed in it like she literally stole Madonna's outfit straight from her dressing room. Girl's got a lot of prepping to do for her tour!

& I'm really NOT liking Vanessa Hudgens' hair! blechhh

this wheel's on fire said...

wow i really want stella's jacket & nicole's hat. it's so hard to find one that is that slouchy!

Secretista said...

I hate Christina's bangs!

Jenny H. said...

you always have SO many fantastic pictures.

i loveee your blog.

Tina :) said...

Another really thorough post! You have such great coverage!
I am in with Reese Witherspoon's jacket - it looks so cosy!


Mel said...

wow anne hathaway looks like she's lost a fair bit of weight!

Song of Style said...

WHOA! this is a lot of work. thank u for posting all these.
i loved Tila and Courtney's outfit except tila needs to downsize her boobies cus they are popping out everywhere!

Hot Bot said...

I actually haven't seen Kanye's line, but I'm sure it's quite something...just like him!

I'm still not sure about Xtina's bangs.

Fashion Tidbits said...

Mama Nicole looks so lovely!

Imelda Matt said...

This a mega post...I think I was going to quip that I didn't think it ever rained in LA, but I can't sure coz i got distracted by that little Rachel Marcus girl...she has rehab written all over her!

Siljesfashion said...

What a post! I love Siennas jacket, such great pattern. Katie looks good and so does Demi Moore.

issa said...

woooo that totally gave me my celeb fashion fix!

copperoranges said...

that grey dress picture is the best i've seen nicole kidman lately!

Anonymous said...

I think the boots and Vanessa's boots and outfit in general makes her look like she's dressing too "young" for her age. I guess I'm expecting an Olsen style.

Hi Jen, I added you! We're at the www.steelcloset.com .

Thanks a bunch,