Sarah Jessica Parker. I've been obsessed with blush pink lately, and I've never really worn much pink in my life. I've noticed that H & M has been carrying quite a bit of vintage style colors (Off whites, mint greens) lately.

Megan Fox needs to go away. She's too into herself.

Mischa Barton. That's a smoker's face if I've ever seen one. I have nothing against smokers, I grew up with one, but it's certainly not helping Mischa any. I wonder how long her 70s phase is going to last?

Kelly Rowland. Like a Ghost! She's slimmed out, but her face has remained the same.

Rachel Bilson. I've been wanting a cardigan just like this, I've checked eBay, but I can't seem to find anything. ^ The one pictured is Rebecca Taylor.

Rihanna. I'm surprised she's kept her hair short for so long, she normally would have changed it up by now. I'm use to it though.

AMA rehearsals.

I love this dress and the color.

Those Chanel earrings are huge! Only Beyonce!

Esmee Denters. God she's still around? I thought JT was suppose to turn her into a huge superstar. There's no doubt that she can sing. That outfit would have been better if skinny jeans.

Tyty and Twilight hottie Robert Pattinson. That dress is too cute.

Selita Ebanks. Everything about this look is disjointed.

Ali Hilfiger. I've never seen a child looks so much like their father. This is probably the best picture of her I've seen. Great outfit.

Eva Herzigova & Claudia Schiffer. That midnight blue dress is stunning. Probably one of the best evening dresses I've seen her in.

Madonna and David Banda. Love the humpty dumpty pants on Madonna. I'm not sure about that jacket, but she still pulls it off.

Reese Witherspoon. I missed her so much on the red carpet.

Keira Knightley and her stylish mom. I want her mom's boots. Those are the fabbest cowboy boots I've seen in a while.

Michelle Williams. Go to McDonalds, this look doesn't suit you.

Nicole Richie.

Amy Adams. I don't mind the cut of this skirt, but I would have liked to see it a bit shorter too.

Kim Kardashian is going to be in Ottawa tonight at Parliament Ultra club. I'm debating if I'm going tonight or not, I have the feeling the lineup is going to be long long long...

Christina Aguilera. Full face of clown makeup. Love the boots though.

Lauren Conrad. That's a really cool tie dye top. Do they sell similar ones at American Apparel?

Keri Russel. That dress is cute on her, though the bodice has strange rushing. I'm not sure if it's intentional or badly fitting.

Sienna Miller looking like Sienna Miller. Love the splashes of purple.


Monica Cruz. I love that she always seems so comfortable in her clothes.

Solange Knowles. Not sure...

Genevieve Jones. WTF: Fishnet rose petals? Her face looks sculpted out of stone, something unnatural is happening here.

Besties Julia Restoin-Roitfeld and Genevieve Jones.

Poppy Delevigne. Is this Anna Sui?

Dakota Johnson. That thing looks like a dead dog. I'm sorry.

Ashley Olsen. Impeccable.

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Tingeling for the I love your blog Award
And any others I may have missed, I'm so sorry! Also, I know your suppose to pass these things around, but I simply can't pick any favorites. :)

NewlyInspired tagged me a while ago:

My quirks:
I'm obsessed with cleaning though I make things messy just as quickly
I use to be addicted to sailor moon when I was younger
I bite my nails
I'm a slow walker
I buy magazines and never get around to reading them, if they are more then two months old, forget it.
I'm a picky eater
I have an amazing memory, which can be obvious in my blog
I love the beach, I'm obsessed I live and breath it
I grip my utensils strangely when I eat
Luxury food for me is Mac and Cheese
Whenver I go anywhere, my first thought is to shop
I love milk especially when I eat something sweet or cheesy
I hate horror movies...


Anonymous said...

oo sienna and keira will be my inspiration all winter!

Tina :) said...

I love Rihanna's looks, as usual. Her style is so fabulous.

And I really like what Ashley Olsen is wearing too...her style is always so chic.

Great and thorough post; I loved looking through everyone's chic [or not so chic] attire. :)


Anonymous said...

I SO SO SO agree with you. Megan Fox IS too into herself... it's unattractive!

Savvy Mode SG said...

i am not feeling sjp's outfit. totally agree with you about those huge chanel earrings. statement piece but too much for me.

copperoranges said...

the only thing i do not like about rihanna's style is that everything seems so pre-determined- like oh ok i'll go cowgirl today and wear a plaid shirt and jeans? it's not effortless at all.

reese witherspoon looks so good!

madonna has horrible personal style in my opinion. my mom dresses better i think and does not have cash/access to high end design.

Petra said...

Love love the first Rachel Bilson picture. The sneakers look wonderfully comfortable yet so perfectly chic.

fashion herald said...

i love sjp's dress, she's got it accessorized beautifully. And wow, Penelope's sister is gorgeous.

Secretista said...

Where'd you get the Polaroid pictures of the stars. They look awesome.

michelle said...

Megan Fox does need to go away lol

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

Secretista - Wireimages.com, but you have to pay for an account.

Candace said...

Wow Beyonce's earrings are outta control! And Robert Pattinson is truly hot! ;)

Songy said...

Rihanna is sporting the Givenchy look nicely. My vote is for her.

Aliena said...

ashley looks great in that picture!

goldieoldiecharms said...

very entertaining photos!! mischa looks very dead... and as always ashley is drop dead gorgeous!

Winnie said...

Love Tyra's dress and Kelly Osbournes outfit!

Juliet said...

I can't wait it to be xmas! somehow, these pics reminded how close the holidays are.

juliet xxx

this wheel's on fire said...

sjp looks so pretty!!

alis said...

Wow, so many great looks. I pretty much agree with you on everything except Madonna, she looks awful 99% of the time. I love Sienna's outfit, especially her bag and armwarmers, I also love Rachel's leoprad cardigan.. I think Mischa's smoking alright, but I doubt it's just cigarettes, my guess is it's crack.