Lily Allen. I love her new haircut, and the coat she's wearing int he second picture is really cute.

Lily on the set of her new music video. Finally the girl is working.

Golden Brooks. Looking cuter then normal. Love the booties.

Alexa Chung. That coat is fabulous, nice to see her with her hair pulled back like that. The guy she's with (I forgot his name) looks equally as snazzy.

Nicole Kidman. The bandit hat looks good, but it makes me laugh.

Joel is cleaning up quite nicely, love the Lacoste sweater. I'm sure Nicole has something to do with this...

Madonna and her pet Louis.

Brandy. Who told her it was ok to wear those jeans? She and Tyrese are definitely a couple!

Minnie Driver. She's looking so happy lately. I wonder if she will reveal who her babie's father is already? Maybe there is no 'father'? Technology these days, you never know!

Chloë Sevigny in Miami Beach. Oh how I love it.

Paris and Nicky Hilton. I think they are wearing the same shoes in different colors. They are quite nice!

Hilary Duff. Normally I would not like this, but I think she pulled it off. I also like the low-lites in her hair. I don't think she looks as good with blonde blonde hair.

Solange Knowles. Brings back some of her Christmas tree style. Baby steps...

Miley Cyrus at the Bolt premiere. Does she want to spit or something? It's like a reverse Olsen duck lip.

Emma Watson. Interesting...


kokostiletto said...

god i hate miley's pout!!!

Hot Bot said...

I had no idea bout Brandy and Tyrese!

alis said...

Do you think Miley has an idea how stupid she looks with that forced pout?

Anonymous said...

Loving Lily Allen's music video outfit.
I think Alexa's boyfriend's name is Alex Turner; she is can do no wrong when it comes to Fashion.
Isn't that Nicole Richie not Nicole Kidman? Lol. Loving the bandit hat and her heels. Also yeah I agree that Nicole probably has something to do with Joel's cleaning up hehe.
Loving Madonna's handbag. Mmm LV.
OMG Brandy's jeans are just so wrong.. there's ripped then there's broken.. her jeans would be the former.
Despite the pout, I like Miley's outfit.
Emma's outfit is unusual for her. I prefer her normal Chanel-based outfits to be honest.
P.S. Love your blog (^_^)