Papa Karl Lagerfeld at his window display at Printemps (Spring) department store in Paris. I've only been in there to use the toilet, but if you have the cash you can certainly do some heavy duty shopping.

Chloe Sevingny. Loving this look. I wonder what she's doing with her career? It seems like she's a full time hipster.

Kate Schelter. The necklace is so cute, it almost looks made out of pasta.

Rachel Weisz. I'm crazy for the print of this dress. When I was younger I use to be obsessed with anything iridescent.

Leona Lewis. Looking very squinty and drunk in London.

Selita Ebanks. I'm still getting use to her new hair.

Mandy Moore. That Jacket! Need I say more?

Shenae Grimes. I love a good loose tank and that one is perfect. It's a must piece for me during the summer.

Power couple Iman and David Bowie. She should be a queen, I don't know what of...but someone needs to crown her.

Nicole Richie. I think the extra makeup is working wonders for her.

Lindsay Lohan at her own party in Paris. Fur with sequins? I guess...

She sure loves that coat, she's been photographed so much lately with it on. What happened to being anti-fur? Remember that pin she use to tote around?

Devon Aoki. For a model she has boring style, but I do like her scarf. I wonder what her interests are if she's not into fashion.

Christina Aguilera. Her bangs look more taimed.

Elisha Cuthbert. Cute little bow.

Down in washington they all look so co-ordinated.

Delta Goodrem. I'm not sure if I like the sleeves on this tunic, but she manages to pull it off.


MEDIA AWARDS Jamie King. Such a cute little black dress, it suits her well.

Eva Pigford. Take Note: This is how you dress up a black dress. The shoes, clutch, bangles and lipstick are perfect!!

Amy Smart. I like the dress, but I think she could have done better.

Rosario Dawson. She always wears solid colors, I'd like to see her in a print sometime.

Shondrella Avery. What an outfit! The look seems to suit her personality.

Soleil Moon Fry. This is an amazing color on her, but I probably would have done up an extra button on her dress or at least worn a small camisole under.

Nicole Richie. She always looks so great in these types of dresses because of her small frame.

Maria Bello. My favorite of the night, she looks posh but fun at the same time.

Elizabeth banks. This dress suits her well. I saw Zach and Mira make a Porno last week, she's quite good in it considering the type of movie it is.

Marisa Tomei. I said it before, this girl can pull off any look. The colors of her outfit mesmerize me, my favorite colors rolled in one.

Lyndsy Fonseca. I love the color of this dress, it's so cute on her.

Winona Ryder. This look is all sorts of unflattering.




enc said...

Marisa really can do anything. I don't know how, but she does.

Juliet said...

Nicole looks great in actual makeup.

juliet xxx

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

^ haha I know, her face looks less like mush.

WendyB said...

Re Chloe, is her show "Big Love" off the air?

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

^ she has a new show? never heard of it. About time she did something!

Jill said...

The store display is insane! I love how shiny it is. Iman always looks stunning, it's a phenomenon, really. I really don't like Christina Aguilera's look right now.

yana said...

hehe the dress wasn't actually lover - a very cheap copy - i'd never tried the smock so didn't want to pay 350+ for a second hand one. Although my lover collection is pretty big, have bought about 6 things from the current season, eek!!
Ah yeah nz is all good, although I think australia is better (minus the accent, lol), i'd love to go to canada, i mean, kenny vs spenny is from there!

Fashion Tidbits said...

Eva Pigford look AMMMMAAAAAZING!

Secretista said...

I'm not a fan of that loose tank.

I think we should start calling Obama's wife Chelley O. It rhymes with Jackie O and she's our modern Jackie O. How short was her dress?


i just finish reading the first season and it doesnt look anything like it!!!maybe i need to read them all to see the similarity? ONE THING THO like u said shes not british anymore!!!thats BS!!

Champagne said...

WHEW!! Its me a while, But I finally made it to your last post. Well, not really, I wasn't really sure how to post a comment on your blog, its different from how the others are.

But enough about that, I'd have to say I love your blog, I will admit that some of your comments were a little off putting, but I got used to it, but the time I to the TeenChoice Awards post.

I've already added you has a link on my blog long before I actually looked at it.

Your two pictures of the Jonas Brothers has inspired me to do a post on them since I love what they were so I will be giving you some credit. Anyway, can't wait for your next post.

XOXO ^_^

Kat said...

love chloe's outfit here but ya, she should make more films!

How fantastic do bowie and iman look?!


eva marcelle Pigford is a beautiful girl.great facial beauty.love her hair colour,as for Iman shes stunning!!!!great images as ever darling.

kokostiletto said...

i love devon aoki! i wish she were in the media more!!

Fashionista* said...

i love chloe
great look