I was coming home from work today, and I was really shocked at how dark it was getting already. Winter is truly on it's way, how depressing. I hope it's not harsh like last year, worst winter ever! I'm trying to come up with ways to keep my spirits up during the following months...

LEIGHTON MEESTER. She looks stunning in this Marc Jacobs dress, perfect! I also like the way she's done the loose ponytail.

LILY ALLEN. I'm not sure what to think of this look, it's so different for her. I'm assuming she's channeling 20s glamour meets Sophia Loren?

HAYDEN PANETTIERE. Going to the Madonna concert in LA. Wow that top is trashy, I can't believe she's wearing that to a concert. Hayden is normally so classy, but I knew I never liked her for a reason. Homegirl is evil on the inside.

TERRI SEYMOUR. I can't stand that snarl she always has, I wonder how that worked during her modelling career?


MARY-KATE. She looks like Thumbelina next to that guy! (I love that movie!)

MIMI. She brought 20 suitcases for 3 days to judge X-factor in London according to Dailymail.

KIM KARDASHIAN. I'm gaga for that lace dress, it totally would be my pick for this Holiday season.

NOEMIE LENOIR. She's looking a little sickly, sometime get this girl a Big Mac.

SURI CRUISE. Wow Suri is actually wearing pants, well leggings, but in this case they still count. I think this is the first time I've ever seen this! I didn't know robots got cold...

EVAN RACHEL WOOD. I swear to God, I wrote Dita Von Teese before Evan Rachel Wood. She's transforming more and more into Dita, hell she even dated her man (They recently broke up) but there is only one Dita, Evan is just a crappy impostor. Get your own life!

VICTORIA BECKHAM. Something about this look turns me off, it's very 80s.

DIANE KRUGER. This picture is a few weeks old I think, but this is just to re-iterate that no one can wear clothes quite like Diane! It's a gift!
PAPA KARL LAGERFELD. Getting his inspiration from China Town in New York.

MISCHA BARTON. I know feathers are very trendy right now, but I don't know how I feel about this dress. What is Mischa doing with her career anyway?
LINDSAY LOHAN. Did she rob Le Chateau?

CARMEN ELECTRA. That is the most perfect shade of blue ever. I'm in love.


this wheel's on fire said...

wow mk is way to teeny to be with that guy!!

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

^haha i know seriously.

Songy said...

well inspiration comes from everywhere so why not china town! :)

Posh's dress is covetable I must say.

Vintage Me New You said...

sienna's look is the best as far as i am concerned!
thank you for your comment and for visiting my blog:)yours is really nice also:)best wishes!

penelope said...

That shade of blue BELONGS to Carmen! It totally matches her eyes! LOVE Mishca's feathered dress though; And Evan looks like a copy of Dita! Gosh~ The same fair skin and hair!

But Hayden & Lily looked so trashy! I dont expect much from Lily but Hayden!? That neckline is horrid!

Siljesfashion said...

That picture of Karl Lagerfeld is soo funny! I agree with Songy, inspiration comes from everything. Love Leighton Meesters look as well as Carmens amazing blue dress!

SICK. said...

sienna is just one of those people i hate to love and love to hate, i guess. she always looks so effortlessly put-together, and her hair is brilliant.

mischa looks good too ! i kind of like the feathers ... though the colour leaves a lot to be desired, in my opinion. however the green probably goes good with her eyes. she has green eyes, right ?


Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

Siljesfashion & Songy - i was posing a question because i wasn't sure if he was actually in china town;) i guess i'll reword it;)

Seraphine said...

suri looks awfully cute in those pics.
lindsay... hmm. those shoes don't do it for me.
lily allen's look reminds me a little of melanie griffith's, with her square face and the accent on the lips.

Becca said...

wow lindsay looks horrible.... i don't even know what to say, she also looks really unhealthy.
Also, Lily Allen, I'm thinking she's channeling Marla from Fight Club, hahahI don't mind it actually.

blugardenia said...

Lagerfeld. Love it!

Daphné said...

OMG that's an ugly ugly top that Hayden P is wearing, so trashy!And I know you said you weren't really into Mischa's feather dress but I do think it's looks good on her, the color is flattering.

alis said...

Seraphine is spot on with her lily allen-melanie griffith reference. But that is one pink lipstick.

What is Hayden wearing? A blazer and chains? She looks like a child so dressed like this looks like a child dressed in S&M gear, making me very uncomfortable.