THURSDAY #4 KELLY OSBOURNE. Really cute jeans and puppy;)

KATE MOSS. She should have worn black ankle boots with that top, this look matches too much.

GWYNETH PALTROW. I wish I could see this picture without the awful background.





MICHELLE OBAMA IN NARCISO RODRIGQUEZ. A lot of people were in between about this dress, I don't think it looks that great alone, but when you see how it co-ordinates with the whole family I like it.

JOSS STONE. She got rid of that awful hair color, but her fashion sense has given even further downhill.

CASSIE. The dress is cute I guess, but it looks too much like a nightie. I'm not even going to started on that bird thing.


HILARY DUFF. Love this look, but the crop top reminds me a little too much of Mariah Carey's bomber jackets.

LINDSAY LOHAN. I'm crazy for that Chanel bag.

SCARLETTE JOHANSSON. I'm really into shiny white or off-white dresses lately. Reminds me of Korto's collection from Project Runway. It could almost blend right in.

LAUREN CONRAD. Really love this skirt and the mini version of her beloved Chanel chain bag.

SURI CRUISE. The Madeline haircut is growing on me.

RACHEL BILSON. What's not to love, wish this shot had been a little more clear though.

PARIS HILTON. Would have been better if she wore her hair in a loose ponytail.

ROSEMARIE DEWITT. Loving the ruffles on the shoulder.

AMANDA BYNES. I normally dislike her style and everything she wears. I also have a feeling that Amanda isn't worth big money, but you don't have to be rich to be stylish there is clear evidence of that all over the Internet. I do like her look on the left a lot but if I see her with that red Balenciaga bag again I'm going to scream. Ok maybe not, but it sure is ugly.


TONI BRAXTON. She's looking amazing for her age, but it's a rare day when we don't see her in something revealing. What is she trying to prove?

AMY ADAMS. Always classy, I like the way she poses always the same.




fashion herald said...

Lohan's chanel bag is perfect.

WendyB said...

I did like the way the Obama family coordinated! And I liked Michelle's dress -- I thought the cardigan detracted from it -- but who knows, maybe it was cold!

Candace said...

I kinda want Suri's umbrella haha :)


is cassie trying to show her pierced chest????
i love the chanel of lauren and still not feeling surie's haircut!!kisssss

LML said...

2 different colors of shoes joss? really!!?!?

Anonymous said...

oo amy looks sassy!

and love suri awww :)

Aliena said...

great pics!

Lynn said...

Love the Rodriguez dress Michelle had on that night.

Din't Watts just gave birth not too long ago or have I been living under a rock? :)

Joss Stone, I wish she dresses as good as she sings, but I goota give it to her for the confidence!

alis said...

-Naomi Watts is a cute pregnant, and she looks adorable with a beanie! However that belly-button thing pregnant women get scares the hell outta me, what is it, whats underneath the shirt that it's such a huge lump! I think ppl should put nipple-tape on that thing.
-I want to cast a Harry Potter style "Riddikulus!" spell on Joss Stone's shoes to make them go away.
-I like Cassie's ostrich thing. It must be my inner showgirl talking.
-Natalie Portman, LC, Suri and Bilson all looking good. I wonder if Suri would wear those dark colors if she were given the choice. I haven't seen her in pink once!
-Amanda Bynes is hiding a smoking hot body underneath her Hollister-A&F style. How a girl can distract from her gorgeous legs even though she's wearing a miniskirt is beyond me.

Fashion Tidbits said...

did Hilary Duff have surgery again? she looks different

Songy said...

Yay Go Michelle!

yiqin; said...

Kate is looking so amazing lately!

Savvy Mode SG said...

i shorten my mini chanel chain. i think it's better that way. love gweneth in the grey dress. and, cute cute doggie.

Jennifer Stoddart said...

I love Naomi's pregnancy style- it's perfect. Those sweaters all look so super cozy.

I adore Michelle Obama's NR dress- I fell in love with it as soon as she walked out in it on Tuesday night. I just posted about her style, actually- I think she's one classy lady.

Also a huge fan of that mini Chanel LC's toting. I want one.

Seraphine said...

of the bunch today, i liked fergie the most. katie looks nice too. i mean, they all look nice, even joss. with one exception.
i love kate moss, but what she's wearing doesn't excite me. so there, the very first even slightly negative thing i've ever said about kate moss.

Anonymous said...

fabulous page!.....really it's great

iñaki said...

HATE Kate Moss' top
LOVE Mrs. Obama



blugardenia said...

I really like Naomi's style. She's always so put together even casually just like Nicole Kidman. Not shleppy.