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SIENNA MILLER. I love that second outfit so much, those heels are killer. Things have been very quiet on the Sienna front lately. I guess she's trying to let her 'scandals' blow over.

KEIRA KNIGHTLEY. She's been hiding out way to much, I haven't gotten proper doses of Keira this year. 2008 sucks anyway, can't wait till the new year.

KIM KARDASHIAN. Stunning, nice to see her covered up in a classy way.

MILEY CYRUS. In Berlin. I think you have to be careful when you match black with bright colors, sometimes it can give too much of a color block effect.

ASHLEY OLSEN. She's still giving me that 90s vibe, but in a classy way. The earrings save this outfit.

JOY BRYANT. I would have not thought of those necklaces with this casual outfit, but it works.

SHARON LEAL. She looks so much like Kerry Washington.

SJP. White boots? Rolled jeans? What do we think?

JESSICA ALBA. They look genuinely happy, that's so unnatural for her. I guess it's because it was an " 'Honor' to have Cash Warren's baby".

SOLANGE AND BEYONCE KNOWLES. RIP, to Solange's Christmas tree style. It will be missed...I must do an homage at some point.

She's been working that bouffant one too many times lately.

RACHEL BILSON. Wow, I love the skinny rolled white pants or jeans?

MINNIE DRIVER. Normally I don't like trash bag dresses, but in this case I'm giving it a pass.

ASHLEY TISDALE. love the booties, and the color of this dress. Her style is definitely improving. She use to be so trashy.

Someone loves her Chloe bag.

BLAKE LIVELY. We all have bad days.


Oh God how come I don't have stirrup tights or leggings? I have to visit AA stat.

JORDAN. Are you going to be buying her hair products? I love her, she's such good entertainment.

CHLOE LATTANZI (Olivia Newton John's daughter). What's going on with her breast? A river could flow between them...

JESSICA SIMPSON. What poor animal died to be the collar on Jessica's coat?

LAUREN CONRAD Promoting her clothing line.

VANESSA HUDGENS does Mexico city. Loving the bangs on her, I always did. I'm trying to grow mine out, I kind of miss them.

JENNIFER HAWKINS & MEGAN GALE. It's time for the horse races in Melbourne, but we all know it's more about the fashion and the head gear. Jennifer (The face of Myer) and Megan (The face of David Jones) to me are overrated, but Australia seems to be obsessed with them. I'm thinking about moving back to Australia, but I don't want to be miserable, sweaty, confused and lonely again. It definitely won't happen till the end of 09 if it does though. My boyfriend seems to like Ottawa and his job amazing how well some people can adjust.



CARSON KRESSLEY. What happened to Queer Eye For The Straight Guy?


This picture of her has been everywhere, she is looking rough, but then again she just got off a flight. Kate is aging anyway, we all need to face it. I think she needs to re-position her career like Tyra did (but obviously not the same way).

JESSICA BIEL. I'm digging the sheer tights, they are more of a spring thing but I guess the weather is sitll fine wherever she is.

BRANDY. Those Fendi boots sure are tall! I love her new song "Right here (Departed)".

CHRISTINA MILIAN. What do we think of the Christian Louboutin fringe boots?

HAYDEN PANETTIERE. I'll give her credit, she can definitely pull off a red lip and that takes a lot of confidence.

ZOE KRAVITZ & ALEXANDER WANG. What's not to love?


MENA SUVARI. She could be a model, that haircut is fierce.


Ps. I added some extra pics to the Halloween post.




WendyB said...

Love both white boots and fringe boots. Minnie Driver looks happy.

SICK. said...

so many inspirational looks !
i especially like sienna miller's. and miley's coat is actually so cute ! it looks good on her.

you're the best for celebrity style compilations, i swear.


Carleen said...

my god I love alexander wang!!! lately i've really been loving ashley a lot more than mary kate (even though i used to be a huge mary kate fan!). ashley's outfit on david letterman was pretty rad!

Sienna Miller & SJP have such great "running errands" style and lauren conrad...who dresses more boring?

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

^ I know, I love them best when they are casual.

(R)evolver74 said...

Aw man, love Judi Dench.

Jennifer Stoddart said...

I love that red dress that LC is wearing. That peacoat is totally hot too.

kathrynsky said...

A river could flow between them...
Hahaha :-D
Love Jenna E. :-)

City Chic Please said...

i think those boots look really tacky on christina millian.

but mena's haircut is so cute compared to her pixie cut; she really couldn't pull off that cut.

oh, and officially moved!!

Juliet said...

jessica simpson is wearing fox. Not sure wich, but if that's real I'm pretty sure, if that's real it's (blue)fox. Kate Moss Should run for Vogue fashion editor's job. Of something as royal.

juliet xxx

Seraphine said...

i love your fashion roundups. i'm glad i'm alone at the computer this morning, because i'm sure my face smiles and frowns and scrunches to utter disbelief all within seconds (what is Jordan wearing??? it's awful!).

Ediot said...

love siennas heels. love them

Penny said...

Mena Suvari looks gorgeous. I agree 2008 has been rubbish!

Make Do Style said...

Gosh I thought SJP was Madonna at first and also the Kate Moss photo shows how she is aging - that smoking is taking its effect.

fashion herald said...

i kind of like sjp's white boots - a casual but cute walk the boy to school look.
and I love judi dench!

miss vintage love said...

Not a fan of Beyonces spandex looking dress, but those gold shoes are pretty hot

geri said...

sienna looks hot hot hot!!!! so jealous of zoey with alexander wang!

copperoranges said...

i love that you do such detailed posts! it's nice to see tisdale carrying something besides LV.

Cris Lazoru said...

I'm not a Sienna fan but I liked her look. How funny was Blake's umbrella? loved it and Rachel Bilson


MOLLY GRAY said...

this is what i called: the most complete post ever!..

Meg said...

I love Brandy's boots!!

penelope said...

LOVE VANESSA'S Silver shoes!! They're fab! Judi Dench is so cool! Love her 007 diamantes!

Theresa said...

I love the picture of the gossip girl cast with their umbrella falling apart haha.... Hayden Panettiere looks very nice.

yiqin; said...

I have been liking Ashley's style more & more lately.

Kira Fashion said...

Fantastic selection!
It´s all can I say!

a kiss for you my friend.
I hope all is fine with you.
Take care,

MR style said...

my favorite one is sienna miller !! so amazin !!! and unique

Ediot said...

please check your email asap. and get back to me- dying to make the top for you :)

Lee Jones said...

i usually don't like miley's style but that yellow coat is impressive and really classic.

Savvy Mode SG said...

adore sienna and katie's red bags, esp katie's red hermes red oversize birkin.

Jill said...

I actually really like the coat that Miley Cyrus is wearing. I can't say I like that look on SJP though. I also think Beyonce would have looked a lot better minus the bouffant and those shoes.

LML said...

youre so right about ashley's 90's vibe!

and i miss queer eye!

Nina (femme rationale) said...

wow, so many great looks! and where has keira been? you're right...she has been MIA lately.

michelle said...

Loving the post, you always have such good photos and comments! xD

Songy said...

Those black strapy sandals are awesome! Yep.. we just have to make do with what we have right?:)

this wheel's on fire said...

oh, jessica's about to get bitch slapped from peta. first her "real girls eat meat" shirt, now that tacky jacket....
good post nonetheless :)

Ediot said...

the package&postage is 4 dollar.
doesnt weigh much..