Jessica Szohr. having a good time in Miami. Oh I miss Miami, I would love to jet off for a four day weekend. Well if life allows...

Beyonce photoshoot. I've never seen sunglasses like that, they bring a new meaning to shades.

Hilary Duff. I have a feeling it's very early in the morning.

Kate Bosworth. She looks makeupless. Personally I can go barefaced, but lipgloss/chapstick is a must especially in the winter.

Ashley Olsen and boyfriend. They are really standing far apart! Paps must be interrupting their flow. hehe

Kiki in Marc Jacobs. I thought I recognized that skirt, because I have the top. I didn't know it came in a skirt or dress, I like the print so much better that way.

Whitney Port's friend. Is that the same bag I bought on Swanson street for 30$AUD in Melbourne? It looks pretty close! (See below)

Katie Holmes. The jeans over tights look seems to be re-appearing again lately.

I love that Katie has comfy style, robots get cold easily you know.

Ali Hilfiger and Christian Siriano. I hope Christian has great success, I'd like to seem someone from PR go mainstream.

Michelle Obama in Oscar de la Renta. I love that she's wearing clothes from all sorts of labels high and low end. lately she's been seen wearing a lot of J Crew.

Lalalohan and Samro.

Billie Piper. I love her, I even have her CDs. I wish she still sung because she has such great tone to her voice. Billie just had a baby, I love the poncho style jacket she's wearing.

Nicole Richie or Rachel Zoe?

Canadian singer Kreesha Turner. Download: Bounce with me and Don't call me baby

Nicole Richie. Maybe she should darken her hair up a bit? Something is off.

Crystal Audigier & Khloe Kardashian.

I know this isn't clear, but Beyonce wore the same dress earlier this week on Oprah.

Paris and Nicky Hilton.

Christian Audigier. How many reality TV shows is he going to guest on? Daddy and Crystal have started a clothing line called Crystal Rocks which you can buy online.


Leelee Sobieski. I think this look is perfect for her, she looks like a fashionable angel.

Rachel Lee Cook. I love the way her hair is pulled back here. Very sweet look, however, I probably would have chosen other shoes.

Kate Beckinsale. Nice.

Jessica Biel. She's really trying to map herself back on the fashion seen. I really like the combination of grey and yellowish green.

Molly Sims. It's not terrible, but I don't like this two tone dress.

Selena Gomez. That haircut is doing her wonders, I miss my bangs but they were not co-operating with me. I'm currently trying to grow mine out, I'm worried if I cut them I'll have trouble making them look good again.

Ricki Lake. I can't believe how small she is now, still quite socking. How did she do it again?

Salma Hayek. Poor wrinkled dress. They should keep a steamer back there!

Taylor Swift. Cute girl, but she reminds me of a siamese cat sometimes.

Cameron Diaz. I like the look, but at the same time it makes her look a little old.

Lucy Liu. Can do no wrong. She's on fire this year! Too bad about her TV shows getting canceled.




WendyB said...

"robots get cold easily" -- ha ha!

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

^ *wink*

alis said...

-Paris seems almost naked.
-I LURVE Queen Latifah, her make-up is just so perfect.
-I guess this outfit is Sarah Silverman's wild take to make people laugh.
-Toccara's outfit is too costumey.
-I love PCD's coordinated look too.
-I love Kiki's outfit, especiall jacket. SO cute.
I hope Nichole Richie isn't losing hair, her hair looks too thin here.
-Kate Beckinsale has the most gorgeous, shiny hair ever! Girl crush alert..!
-Is Selena Gomez 10? Because if not, I disagree on the haircut working for her.
-I love that blue on Salma, but you're right about the wrinkles.


Lucy Liu is smoking! she always get it right. With Paris,That barbie look does not work with the seventies hippie/disco head band period.I dont know how she always gets it wrong style wise.
Liking Jessica B's dress much!

Lynn said...

Love Lucy Liu. Gorgeous cat. Never thought I treasure my Cashmere Mafia DVDs more...

Anonymous said...

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