JAMIE KING. I don't like that dress.

SANAA LATHAN. That is one of the most beautiful jewel tone colors I have ever seen.

KATE HUDSON. She reminds me so much of Sienna Miller here, great look.

LIV TYLER. Love this look and it's easy to re-create.

MISCHA BARTON. She always blends so much into the background.

DAISY FUENTES. I love the shots of red.

AMY SMART. Her makeup is a bit off.

PAULA PATTON. I'm always awe struck by her beauty, must be nice to be able to be serenade by Robin Thicke.

MARIA MENOUNOS. Those pants are crazy, but Maria brought it in full force. The necklace really completes the whole look.

RILEY KEOUGH. One of my favorites of the night! I wonder how her two new sibling are doing? I hope they have Elvis' good looks!

KELLY OSBOURNE. She's made such huge strides this year. That jacket is stunning. So I'm assuming everyone had to show up dressed in Burberry, how do they not end up with the same exact outfit?

MENA SUVARI. The gloves the bag and the necklace are too much. I'm not sure about those hoop earrings either.

LAILA ALI. Did she just raid her local H & M?

DIANA RAMIREZ. I don't like that pale lipstick she likes to wear.



KATE BOSWORTH. Her hair style is a bit off, but she looks stunning.

SARAH JESSICA PARKER. I love that she's rocking the two tone Chanel tights. I really want a similar pair...

She's looking very Carrie here.

PADMA LAKSHMI. She's looking rough.

ZAC POSEN / CORY KENNEDY. How does she get invited to this stuff? She's such a hasbeen. She could at least cover those puffy eye of hers with concealer. I'm so over the heroin chic look.


HELENA CHRISTENSEN. That belt around her waist should have been eliminated.

EVE. She's blowing me away lately.





Welcome back Mandy, you look amazing! Stunning! I'm still in shock!


MISCHA BARTON. This mini reminds me of swan. It's a cute mini dress.

DIANA RAMIREZ. I love this color, I wish she had not worn any jewelry though.

ROSARIO DAWSON. This is a modern take on the flapper look.

JENNA DEWAN. Aways so plain.

SHENAE GRIMES. I like that she's an individual, but sometimes I think she tires too hard other days I feel like she needs a stylist.

MINNIE DRIVER. That mini looks a little too 'mini'.

ZOE SALDANA. Very cute.


Secret Agent said...

Those are some pretty nice-dressed people at the Burberry event.
I think SJP looks funny (kinda messy) at the Chanel event haha.

enc said...

Everybody at that Burberry event looks good. I love that dress MB has on.

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

^ she does look good, I agree there were not really any missteps!

The Seeker said...

I love this post.
Everything is nice and those Burberry event looks are great.


Hailey @ stylesymmetry.com said...

Kate Hudson cute, Kelly Osbourne heroic! So glad you do these massive celebrity style posts, you are the only site I have to go to.

alis said...

-Jaime King: I wish people would ask themselves before leaving the house "does this dress look like a bleached garbage bag?". So many ppl end up looking like they're wearing a garbage bag.
-Kate Hudson I love you.
-Mischa: wear a trench to a burberry event. How innovative.Riley pulls it off though, thanks to her awesome cluthch and great color choices.
-Mena Suvari-crazy lady outfit.
-Zac Posen looks so primped, and like he's wrapped in cashmere. I luv that man.
Raquel: I wouldn't want to be photographed next to this etheral beauty.
-Mandy looks absolutely stunning, I wish she was my friend she seems so sweet.