"Today's world premiere was hailed as the hottest ticket in town, but many people at the Berlin Film Festival were expecting Madonna's directorial debut to fail spectacularly. Yet her new career got off to a surprisingly auspicious start without exactly convincing anyone that she should give up her old job.

Filth and Wisdom, a sprawling comedy, is a celebration of London’s ethnic stew, and stars Eugene Hutz as a Ukrainian gypsy with an intensely annoying habit of looking the camera in the eye and spouting gobbets of wisdom that have as much relevance to real life as Chinese fortune cookies. Hutz’s hero, Andriy, shares a dilapidated house with a collection of similarly unlikely characters. Vicky McClure's Juliette works in a chemist shop and steals medicine for African orphans. Holly Weston is a ballerina (also named Holly) and a pole dancer at Beechman’s Exotic Gentleman’s Club. Richard E. Grant is Flynn, a blind professor with a shock of grey hair and rooms crammed with unread books. "


MADONNA came out in a bag wearing the Chanel gun shoes.

"Anti-gun campaigners have denounced Madonna as 'irresponsible' and 'utterly senseless' for choosing such a design at a time when violent crime involving guns is soaring. " - Thoughts?


The Chanel gun shoes featured actual gun casings, painted silver, black, and gold. But those for the label's boutiques will be made of a perspex acrylic material.

LEIGH LEZARK were her Chanel gun shoes during Paris fashion week.


LAKE BELL. I'm convinced this girl can work any outfit, but sometimes I wonder if she actually smiles. Maybe she's been hanging out with VB too much.

PADMA LAKSHMI. This look reminds me of Prada two years ago with the silk mini dresses and turbans. I think she looks great, but maybe I would have picked different shoes and a nicer belt.

JULIETTE LEWIS. She's got a little bit of crazy inside her doesn't she? I love a sleek fringe dress, reminds me of something Sienna miller wore three or four years ago to a film premiere...was it Alfie?

RACHEL ROY / ???. I think Rachel's outfit is way too old for her. I would have liked to see the dress without the jacket.

TAYLOR MOSMAN. She's so young, but yet she radiates intensity. Probably my favorite of the night because I love her choppy haircut and her makeup is amazing.

JESSICA ALBA. Everytime I see pictures of her lately, she's looking very plain. I realize she's a mom now...but that's what stylist are there for right?

AMERICA FERRERA. She could be Halle Berry's sister in the second picture.

BECKIE NEWTON. I love that she always looks like she's having fun, she and Marc are my favorite characters on Ugly Betty.

VANESSA WILLIAMS. Easy on the botox Willamena.

BROOKE SHIELDS. I don't like her hair, it looks almost like some sort of mullet. That should be illegal!

LALOHAN. Something went horribly wrong with the self tanner!

BETH OSTROSKY. Nice velvet clutch! She's probably wearing the best black dress of them all.

MARC JACOBS AND LORENZO MARTONE. MJ is trying to bring the skort back...

NAOMI WATTS. Apparently she didn't get the all in black memo haha!





WendyB said...

Love Lake Bell's dress. Taylor needs to stay the hell home at night. She's a rehab case in six months at this rate. 15 years old!

Hailey @ stylesymmetry.com said...

I love how Juliette Lewis is kinda crazy! and Taylors makeup I love too, I want to recreate that!

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

^ yeah I want to do a bronzy eye as well, maybe I will try it tomorrow for work.

Juliet said...

America looks always so adorable!

juliet xxx

alis said...

I like the gun shoes better on leigh lezark. I understand the anti-gun campaigners concerns as there are probably enough dumb ppl out there to be influenced by this.

Juliette Lewis-I don't like her. She has crazy eyes and smiles like she has no teeth and has a scary voice. Her dress is nice though!

That's not Helena Christensen, it's the girl in "6 degrees" and "homeroom", but I dunno her name.

Maybe those are the "fake tan leggings" from Lilo's new line?

Why is Brooke Shields smiling like she is in horrenduous amount of pain?

My fave of the bunch: Beth Ostrosky. Nice dress, great clutch.

copperoranges said...

taylor seems so much older than 15! i cannot get over it.

i looove juliette lewis. she's so crazy! why is she so below the radar these days...