NICOLE RICHIE. Hmm I think she wants the paps to leave her alone. I love how Nicole has like 3-4 pairs of signature sunglasses.

DIANA RAMIREZ. That's the cutest white dress I've seen in a long time. It's too bad Diana always seems full of herself in pictures.

SJP. Love a chunky heel. What's up with the print on those cropped 'pants' though?

JAKE GYLLENHAAL & REESE WITHERSPOON. I always thought these two were perfect for each other.



Katie is trying to be rebellious with her ripped jeans. That's how robots do it.

RACHEL BILSON. I love this dress. I saw a really cute shift dress at H & M yesterday, but why do they insist on making everything in that itchy fuzzy fabric?!

ASHLEY TISDALE.Can't afford to get your jeans hemmed?

HSM3 - ROME. I'm crazy for the dark hair on her. This is the best she's ever looked and the white shoes are a stellar choice. Somebody has been taking style notes.

BEYONCE KNOWLES CARTER (?). Glad it's not another long fishtail dress.

LAUREN CONRAD. Loves her Sex And The City studded belt. it makes her whole look.

Wow what a risk taker, she's mixing textures and prints. That's so not like our usual boring Lauren.

KATE BECKINSALE. looks like she's just had a chemical peel. Her skin is looking too 'fresh'.


EVA MENDES. What ugly boots.

I love the boho Miami chic looks she has here.

MARCIA CROSS. Hello! She's pulling out all the stops. This color green happens to be one of my favorite colors.

VB. Where can I get that T-shirt?

RACHEL ROY. There's so much going on. She needs to get rid of the tights, cardigan and turtleneck and she will be left with a great dress! I love layering, but I don't think I would have taken it this far.
SAMANTHA RONSON. Love those studded boots.


JESSICA BIEL...TRIES. I don't like her, it's no secret. She's still a man in a dress.

I find it interesting that she looks more feminine in a suit than in the dress above;)

She doesn't have the attitude to pull that dress off.


LAKE BELL. It takes a tall woman with her coloring and hair to pull this dress off.

KATE BOSWORTH. I didn't like Kate for a long time because I thought she was a designer suck up, but she's in my good books for now.

MISCHA BARTON. She's working that Herve Leger.

Studded belts everywhere!

SOLANGE KNOWLES. She's been dressing so 'plain' lately. What happened to her Christmas tree style? At least it was entertaining...

KIM KARDASHIAN - BIRTHDAY LAX. Love the dress, but I'm not sure if it's right for a club. I guess she can do what she wants, it's her birthday.

KOURTNEY & KIM KARDASHIAN. I'm convinced Kourtney can't dress, her style is always bordering California trashy.

I've always wanted to be able to pull off a cape coat. Kim does a good job considering she's not very tall. (I think)


TONY BRAXTON. Did you rob the backroom leftovers of a store in China town? That crotch is all over the place! If your going to wear something that ugly in public at least make sure it fits.


STYLISH SMITH FAMILY. Willow has so much style already.

DESIGNER CYNTHIA ROWLEY. I can't say much about a designer, but I think the dress could be shorter.

JORDIN SPARKS. Great look for her, probably her best yet.

LAUREN CONRAD. Perfect dress for a charity event.




WendyB said...

Boo to Tisdale and Biel. I hate too-long pants. SJP's shoes are awesome.

Hot Bot said...

Those boots are horrible on Eva, but I love her so much that I'm willing to pretend they never happened.

(R)evolver74 said...

Hahah I'm not so sure it was a good idea for Christina Aguilear to be wearing what she did in Dubai.

Carleen said...

I want some studded boots sooo bad!

Blakk said...

Beyonce look fab, I loke that dress, and those shoes are absolute 'love'

Im loving mishca in that dresss, infact im starting to love mischa again, i think she's getting a hold of that whole styling herself thing

the bilson super looks hot in that dress, not to mention super tiny next to her nam, how cute

ive never been into the hills people, but lauren is growing on me

I never though i would say thins but solange should bring back the crazy, I think i actaully loved her risks, bring it back please!!!

Cate said...

About Nicole: Yeah, I always love to see when celebrities wear their pieces of clothing/accessories more than once.
Ehm. SJP's pants... Looks like there might be a tiger printed on them. Tehee.
And I agree, Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon are a cute couple.
And I love Lourdes. She's 237462785 times more stylish than her mother.
About the H&M dress: Yeah, it's a pity about the fabric. it hurts, but sometimes you CAN'T buy something if you couldn't wear it for more than five minutes because it's such a disgusting fabric.
I'm not used to brunette Ashley Tisdale. Hel-lo? Since when is Barbie brunette? And those jeans - I agree with you. She should get 'em hemmed.
Beyoncé... Carter? That's some news to me, thanks Jen ^^
I luv Eva Mendes' boho look too. Especially the sandals.
I don't like Posh Spice, but I like her t-shirt. She looks COOL.
Dresses and print tees are the things I fall for every time.
I agree, Rachel Roy has taken it too far.
And Samantha Ronson's style is also the maximum of cool.
Kate Bosworth looks awesome.
LOL - remembering Solange Knowles's Christmas tree style.
Kim Kardashian's dress is indeed a bit long for a club.
And Tony Braxton's pants - no, no, no.

Barret said...

I love Lake Bell...I wish she were photographed more, she has amazing, unique personal style.

FYI - It's Cynthia Rowley, not Rachel.

Juliet said...

i need glitter, glitter!!

juliet xxx

copperoranges said...

i love SJP's shoes!
never realized how tall lake bell is. is she an actress? what has she been in?

mischa looks so good in that HV dress! i could hardly believe it!

issa said...

aw i love marcia cross!! she looks divine in green!

Nikki said...

lake bell is one to watch on the red carpet! love that dress!

Wana said...

wo! ur sucha critic!! heheh
i'm not even hard edged at all...*chuckles*

alis said...

Casual looks are rather bleh this week. Katie is the best among the rest.
-I am schocked that Posh and Sam Ronson are almost wearing the same thing, same hair. But posh looks much much better for some reason.
-Jessica Biel; I think she looks more womanly than usual in her silver dress. Her hair looks nice. The suit "does make her feminine. Her 3rd look is like a prom from the 80s though, awful.
-I don't think I can stand Mischa Barton anymore. Her Leger dress is nice but she looks stupid anyway.
-I like Solange here! Are those feathers on her hem?
-The madagascar premiere looks like everyone was attacked by an army of lemurs. Wtf, they all look like they're wearing piles of junk.
-LC looks consistently nice all throughout the post. Safe, but nice.

Lynn said...

Can I have Xtina's thighs? She's definitely a sexier lady now.