LILY ALLEN. That's such a cool cardigan. Love it.

Normally velvet makes me cringe and this dress is bordering early 90s, but it manages to save itself.

CASSIE. I'm a little in between about the rushing on this dress.

NICOLETTE SHERIDAN shopping at Oscar De La Renta.

I love that blue gown, that size is clearly too small for her.

MANDY MOORE. Looks like she and DJ AM are back on, maybe that plane crash made him put his life into perspective.

HEIDI KLUM at Victoria's Secret promoting her makeup line. They could have given her better wings.

KATIE HOLMES. Hold the press, Suri got a new haircut! I hate to say this about a robot child, but I really don't like it. Almost creepy, like a doll coming to life that would kill you in the night. Whomever did this needs to be fired!

DELTA GOODREM, Cancer survivor and one of my favorite singers visits children at St Vincent Cancer center.

NICKY HILTON. I never noticed how long her neck was.

PEACHES GELDOF. That's a short little romper, I like it, but maybe it's the wrong time of the year? I still can't believe she got married!

ALEXIS BLEDEL. I"m loving this print and the cut of the dress. Glad she polished the look off with little booties.

PARIS HILTON, lose the union jack clutch the whole world already knows how much you 'loooveee' London. I think if America gets Madonna back then it's a fair exchange.

NICOLE RICHIE. Ohh the Sex And The City heels. Are Nicole and Paris actually friends? Somehow I doubt it.

I really want that green top, it's so meeeee!

SPEIDI. I should make a compilation of all their staged photoshoots. I wonder how much they get paid for this stuff. It's clearly not worth selling out your dignity.

LAUREN CONRAD. I guess she wants the paps to back off? Don't forget who made you famous!

TATIANA ALI. I wish she had gone for more bronzy makeup, her current makeup look would have been better if her dress was in white.

REESE WITHERSPOON. I love her sling bag, whenever I find a good one you better believe I'll buy it.

RIHANNA & T.I. on the set of "Live Your Life". That top looks like it could have been made by Leanne from Project Runway.

RIHANNA & JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE on the set of their video for "Rehab". Another song called Rehab?


GARÇONS PREVIEW OLIVIA PALMERO. My favorite look from this party, I love the clutch.

MAGGIE GYLLENHAAL. Cute boots. She's in hair hell though.

BECKIE NEWTON. This look is so simple yet it stands out so much. I love it when people (or stylists) manage to acheive that combination.

SELENA GOMEZ. This is a much older look for her, but sitll conservative.

JESSICA SZHOR. Change your top.

TATIANA ALI. This yellow is perfect for her, but I'm not sure about the print of the dress with the print on the tights together. Besides this doesn't look like a dress it just looks like a top over tights.



THANDIE NEWTON. She's the queen of mini dresses! I love Thandie in Run Fat Boy Run, if you haven't seen it yet, buy it, rent it or download it it's so cute.

ELIZABETH BANKS. I'm looking more at the girl fixing her dress. I wonder what her actual job title is.

REBECCA LOOS. Isn't she famous for supposedly having an affair with David Beckham? Is she actually i the movie? Sometimes I wonder how certain people get invited to this stuff.

ANNE HATHAWAY. So her ex boyfriend got 4 years in the slammer plus 3 years probation. I wonder if Anne new what he was doing, ex.pretending to be the CFO of the vatican to scam people out of money. I mean they were together for like 4 or 5 years.




CHARLIZE THERON she's one of those people that could wear and anything and still take your breath away.

SAMANTHA HARRIS she should have gone for more simple earrings and black shoes.

NATALIE IMBRUGLIA I don't like the blonde hair on her,it makes her look old when she's not. What a dress!

NEVE CAMPBELL, I haven't seen this Canadian actress in a long time.

SALMA HAYEK. This look screams Salma.




Make Do Style said...

Great little sneak preview for Comme de Garcons looks as expected!
Love any pics of Penelope Cruz - how does she do it!

Aliena said...

wow, amazing post!!! i really like that look on nicole ritchie!

WendyB said...

Rebecca Loos is still around?! That's a blast from the past. Natalie's hair is incredibly aging.

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

^ I agree, she had me in shock for a minute.

this wheel's on fire said...

ugh speidi!! how do they come up with that shit?

Anonymous said...

wow so many great pics to look at, Suri's and Thandie Newton's are my favs...

deexdeexdreamer said...

Ohmygosh...Thandie's one of those special people who make clothes look more gorgeous because it's her rather than the other way around. That yellow dress looks so amazing, and yet on someone else...!

Maxie said...

hi! thank you for your comment on my blog!
log to read your blog!
I've added your link ;)

Jennifer Stoddart said...

I just LOVE Mandy Moore. I want that coat she has on.

copperoranges said...

i love the color of holmes' jacket. i love thandie's red carpet looks. i wonder how she dresses in her down time.

kokostiletto said...

mandy moore is so awesome! love her - i wish more people did!
tat looks great in that yellow dress!

kokostiletto said...

and yes that shirt totally look like leanne made it!

Petra said...

Wonderful wonderful collection of inspiring images! Especially love the Nicole Riche images, they never cease to awe me.

Thank you for your beautiful comments! And thank you for your work you put into your blog to provide such wonderful inpiration for all us fashion-obsessives. x

geri said...

ohhh i love katie holmes jacket and that white piece rhianna is wearing!!

Dane said...

I really love Lily Allen! I'll do a style post on her soon.. Speidi is so annoying. Why would anyone buy their photos.

Songy said...

These are great. I'm just hanging out to see fashion bloggers showing off their H&M CDG stuff, soon.

Seraphine said...

deep breath: WOW!
i love how you can pack so much into such a little space. i bet your closets are perfectly organized.
i don't like suri's hair either. oh but please don't tell her, because she's so cute.

Jenny H. said...

you always have SO many amazing pictures.
i cant digest them all hahaha.

but love your blog :)

Ediot said...

jessica szhor looks great!WOW

and nicole richie's casual style is also great

katie holmes biker jacket suits her so well

and lily. the lily looking great love her short hair

Penny said...

the models were dissapointing because they didn't seem to know what they were doing, i actually had to physically move their arms and legs into the positions i wanted them!!

i hope you are having fun in boston! xx

yiqin; said...

I love Thandie Newton, Richie Rich & SURI! She has the best cutest dresses.

Juliet said...

I just finished watching the Gilmore girls seasons, like 10 minutes ago. I already miss Rory. Alexis has great shoetaste.

juliet xxx

Dana (MODAna) said...

I was so taken aback by Reese's look!! it's not like her to be so casual and young looking.
I also really really loved Paris' clutch and loved the joke about the "fair trade'...hah

Secretista said...

Rihanna looks great!

El Notable said...

Great post! Nicole looks great, Nicolette has an AMAZING BODY! Tatiana and Heidi look awful. Thandie, Salma and Anne look regal and Olivia has the best hair ever hahahah. Love your blog! this is mine btw

Siljesfashion said...

You always do such enjoyable posts! I had a sneak peak at the collection myself, and there are some pieces that I really liked and some that I would never wear. Should be something for every taste!

iñaki said...

Nicole looks amazing!
And there is something about Mandy in the leopard coat that simply astonishes me!


issa said...

oooh totally not loving the bangs on suri... hopefully it grows out quickly!

molly said...

aww tatyana ali! little ashley all grown up!
i agree with most of your comments

Jill said...

Wow Rihanna is just cranking out the songs!

I'm excited to see the Comme des Garcons line in real life.

That Fender dress is amazing!

P.S. - Have fun in Boston

Winnie said...

I love too many bits from this post! Adore that cropped leather jacket on Katie Holmes and Olivia Palmero added a fun touch with her bright clutch!


Thandie is wonderfully gamine! love her aura.she is queen of the dress.like her quirky choices.

fashion herald said...

great call on egregious speidi promoting - ridiculous! love Nicole's look these days.

Savvy Mode SG said...

u r right about nikki hilton.

Nina (femme rationale) said...

i love alexis bledel...wish she was in more films. and i haven't seen neve campbelll in AGES. she has not aged one bit. but i still kinda hter (a little bit) cuz she dated john cusack (don't judge...i'm a child of the 80's...and 90's. haha).

Mel said...

Oooh I love Delta! she's stunning! and i wow mandy moore looks kinda different now, lost weight? she looks sweet. loving the updates! ps: hope you'll still post when you're in Boston. Have fun! xx

Skyla said...

Love the cobalt blue dress Nicolette is trying on. And delta goodrem=beautiful. i remember her neighbours days ;)

penelope said...

Thandie Newton looks absolutely gorgeous and I hate to say it but Pair Hilton looks fab! (Minus the tacky clutch!)

Nicole Ritchie looks so so pretty but I kind of missed her outfits when she was having Harlow;

Hate Suri's hair though; Owell; It will grow in no time! She;s still as cute!

And I'm IN LOVE with this SONG!