VB. I actually wasn't really liking the short haircut at first, but she's really working it here with the cute headband.

How many colors does she have those shoes in? There weapons!

Loving the faux hawk, it's tomboy meets girly girl.

These shoes are so extreme! I guess she's found a new obsession....

This is how Victoria goes to the airport, I hope her flight wasn't too long in those pants!

SJP. She looks amazing, I would have never thought of combining those fabrics, colors and shimmers.

Fit for cinderella!

KERRY WASHINGTON. If you are not already, keep your eye out for this girl she's fierce on the red carpet in a delicate way. Fellow blogger Alis described her as the new Diane Kruger and I agree.

LALOHAN AND SAMRO running away from the paps.

LAUREN CONRAD AND HER BOYFRIEND. I still can't figure out how old this guy is, she sure loves those scruffy looking guys. Anyway, I don't like this poo brown color on her.

IVANKA TRUMP. I love this girl and I've always admired her. She screams classy and sophisticated.

CYNTHIA ROWLY. I love this little dress, it's so me!

KATIE HOLMES. She's been dressing very boyish lately, I guess she's going through a phase. I think this jumpsuit is gorgeous, I've never seen one like it.

Scientology & Cruise protest by 'Anonymous' were there to 'Save Katie'. As funny as it is, it's still there religion isn't there something illegal about that?

HEIDI AND KIDS. Leni and Jonah are so cute!

ASHLEE SIMPSON. She looks ready to pop!


I'm sure the booze was flowiiinnnn! Glad drinking age is only 18 & 19 (depends on the province) in Canada hhahaa

MONIQUE COLEMAN / ASHLEY TISDALE. That's a sexy little white dress Monique is wearing.

AMANDA BYNES. I really don't like her style, it's not terrible, but it's just very K-mart to me. Don't even get me started on her clothing line 'Dear'...


I love what monique and Ashley are wearing, Vanessa is very bla. Someone once described her in the comments as having "Mall rat" style and I agree.

MARY-KATE OLSEN. I'm regretting my similar American Apparel leggings that I bought while in LA in blue, I should have gotten them in black instead. I just might pick them up tomorrow after work. Don't miss the Olsens on Oprah on Thursday.

GISELE BUNDCHEN. Apparently she and Tom Brady are getting married. I never thought those two would last so long! Can you imagine if those two had a baby? It's beauty would be blinding.

MANDY MOORE. I'm a huge fan of hers, but that dress is a little mumsy to me.

Ooo Mandy and her ex of one minute DJ AM. I'd love to see these two get back together. First Ryan and Rachel then Jennifer and John maybe Mandy and Adam?

MICHELLE WILLIAMS. I didn't realize until a couple of days ago how many fall coats I had collected, but I would love nothing then to have one just like the one Michelle is wearing. Somebody make me stop!

I love how they are always together, so sweet. She looks so much like Heath!


SELITA EBANKS. This hair cut does her wonders!

DEGRASSI GIRLS DO TRL. Can you believe it's been 8 seasons already? Everytime I see 'Liberty' (Far right) I just get sad because I think of the episode when JT died...

CHRISTINA AGUILERA. I can't help how pretty she would look if she toned it down.

KELLY OSBOURNE. She's been looking so cute this year, I'm actually starting to like her.

GABRIELLE CLIMI. Will she be a one hit wonder? I still love that "Sweet about me" song.


LIZ HURLEY. Why would she put her titties through such torture?

KATE HUDSON. I love this look here, I want all of it in my closet now! haha

QUEEN RANIA OF JORDAN. She reminds me so much of Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, just gorgeous!


KATE BOSWORTH. She dusted her red Chloe boots from the closet again!

RENEE ZELLWEGER. God what is going on with her hair still? Stop this butchery!

KERI HILSON. She works this look.
DAKOTA FANNING. Hip at cheerleading practice with her Balenciaga bag and wayfarers.

NICOLE RICHIE. Her jewelry is from her House of Harlow line.

HEIDI & AUDRINA. So I guess now that they've both 'left' Lauren they have found each other again? Heidi is wearing some sort of summer Christmas outfit.

AUBREY O'DAY. Hot mess.



This was the best part, they ran from the stage into the crowd and they sang "The Scientist". The concert was AMAZING!




WendyB said...

Victoria is looking SO hot with that hairdo!

kokostiletto said...

oh god i agree i can't stand vanessa hudgens! she bothers me so much!!

alis said...

-I'd love to wear Victoria's second look. Awesome! On her third look she makes burgundy look cool with the adorable hat, I love that outfit as well.
-Kerry Washington; YAY I'm quoted:))) She looks stunning as always.I love that she's wearing glossy black accessories with the light gray dress. A+++ for hair and makeup too.
-Protesters with Fawkes masks:hilarious.
-Mandy Moore deserves better than DJ AM. I think she might have low self-esteem despite her beauty and talent.
-Rania: gorgeous. I have been a fan of hers for years since I saw her Elle(or Bazaar?) spread back then, she has much more class than Carla Bruni(who I don't like).
-Glad you had fun at Coldplay, I wish they'd come here!

Juliet said...

VB actually wears those shoes again? She must have lost it. Though it looks stunningly cool!

juliet xxx

(R)evolver74 said...

VB's shoes do look like lethal weapons!

Savvy Mode SG said...

hahaa about VB's tight pants for the airport. I usually just wear track suits. I'd wear my pajama if I could.
Miss. Trump has great classic style.
Congrat to Gisele and Tom then...

Imelda said...

I think VB looks great with her hair so short!

Make Do and Mend said...

Vb is stealing the show - good on her! Great post as ever x STOP with the coats!!

miss vintage love said...

I LOVE VBs hat in that airport photo, great look!

copperoranges said...

what do you think ashlee will name her baby??

dakota fanning really has grown up into a nice young lady!

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

^ some crazy hollywood name, seems to be all the range these days.