THANDIE NEWTON. She could walk around in a paper brown bag and I would still say she looks amazing.

BRITNEY SPEARS. That Louis Vuitton bag is Filled with Britney's emergency friends, Cheetos, frappes and McDonald's. I'm kidding, I know she has her head on straight now and I just noticed she's wearing a bra, yay for Britney! I really want that bag.

MISCHA BARTON. Gosh where has she been lately? Buying Bud Light? It's not like her to stay out of the spotlight for so long, you know how she needs attention in order to survive. Without it she'll wilter like the little flower that she is.

LALOHAN. That's a pretty cool top.

KATIE HOLMES & SURI CRUISE. Holiday dress already? These robots must be on a different calendar then us humans.

GISELE BUNDCHEN. Love the boots!


EVA MENDES. This is a great dress for her, I like the splash of color at the top. Hmm too bad I didn't see anybody interesting when I was at Harrods.

What's with the coat over the shoulders look? She's looking very Jackie O.

ANGELA AND VANESSA SIMMONS. I love both their outfits, but that is an ugly weave Angela has on her head? Reminds me of a Cavalier dog.

SIENNA MILLER. As must as she annoys me, she probably has the best celebrity casual style I have ever seen. Normally I would pick Kate Moss, but she doesn't take as many risks as Sienna.

SPEIDI. OMG, please don't let her be knocked up, the world doesn't deserve this! Haven't we been through enough? We already know 2008 has been a sucky year (Everybody seems to be dying!).

She looks like an ice skater.

LAUREN CONRAD. I just realized this picture is not that clear, but she's wearing studded boots. Not sure if they are Louboutins or not.

LILY ALLEN. Does anyone know where that dress is from? My closet doesn't seem complete without it.

LEIGHTON MEESTER IN JASON WU. I saw an interview with her on Tyra the other day, she seems to have a good head on her shoulders.

CHRISTINA AGUILERA IN PUCCI. Turn down the lights! Whomever did her bangs should be fired.

MILA KUNIS. Wow I've never seen her in a dress like this. I'd love to see her walk the red carpet with her boyfriend Macaulay Culkin (They've supposedly been together 7 years!)

RIRI's 5 head is in full swing. I hear she and Chris Brown broke up, and now she's hooking up with Kanye.

CHARLOTTE RONSON & SHOSHANNA LOENSTEIN. I love love love love both their outfits, Charlotte can work an animal print.


KIM KARDASHIAN. I'm not sure how I feel about that Jumpsuit...

VICTORIA BECKHAM. I hate neckties on girls, especially without a shirt underneath. Yuk. I was pretty unimpressed with her DVB jeans section at Harrods, it's very very small just a table with a few multi colored jeans on it.

BEYONCE IN ETRO. I think she looks great, I like that she kept her makeup and hair relatively simple.

GWYNETH PALTROW. Has she gone blonder? It suits her.

GOLDEN BROOKS. Is it orange or red? Orange red!

HAYDEN PANETTIERE. She's wearing her hair down for once, when she should really be wearing it up with that lace top. It doesn't need any distractions...

PARIS HILTON. This outfit almost made me laugh, she's taken the whole black and white combo too far. Well that's our girl Paris.




WendyB said...

I think Posh looks great. She's totally working that hair.

Isa Han said...

thandie newton is to beautiful...

and emma watson with a boyfriend? can't picture that !

Lynn said...

Xtina got her boobs done again? :D

Juliet said...

Suri must be the sweetest girl on the planet, So cute!
Gisele is such a style icon, but somehow it has remain as a secret. Leighton Meester is so beautiful in that dress, it's amaizing how one girl can handle all tha plaids that blair wears and then something that simple.

juliet xxx

Aliena said...

I just love Gwyneth.

Daphné said...

OMG Heidi seems so pregnant on those pictures! God, can you imagine them having a kid?!
Thandie Newton is absolutely gorgeous in her black dress!

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

Lynn - I doubt it, she says she's still breast feeding.

stilettostetico said...

C'est vrai que Thandie Newton a vraiment une classe folle, vertigineuse !!! Tout comme la "potentiellement BOMBshell-esque" Leighton Meester . . .

A Bientôt, Antoine

fashion herald said...

love Lohan's top! and also love posh's hair super short.

Envisage said...

hi i'm back and my blog is back up . Please visit daily as i will be back to blogging daily.


Envisage said...

hi i'm back and my blog is back up . Please visit daily as i will be back to blogging daily.


Savvy Mode SG said...

gwynth always look fab... i don't like Britney's lv tote. suri looks really cute but her dress is nothing to write home about....

Candace said...

ur comments about Katie Holmes are hilar...and someone needs to cut Suri's bangs (but not like Christina's lol)

this wheel's on fire said...

i just realized that i forgot about paris...wow i never thought the day would come!

Anonymous said...

lindsay is wearing mathew williamson btw!

alis said...

Happy 500th!
I love Lily Allen's and Emma Watson's dresses.
Rihanna's hair is so awful, she looks like Woody Woodpecker.
Hayden Panettiere's hair is very shapeless as well, her main attraction was her gorgeous blonde locks!

Dana (MODAna) said...

I think Mischa needs to change her hair color don't you think?
also I think Hayden's hair was better long
and I actually really love Paris' top and skirt...