LALOHAN. Is that a navy blue velvet skirt? I love it. She looks great here, but I can imagine the pounds of makeup it must have taken to cover up the layers of crust that has taken up permanent residence on her skin.

SHENAE GRIMES. Liking her look here, but she seems uncomfortable. There is such a thing as too many layers.

THE OLSENS IN LONDON. That bustier on Ashley is amazing, and somehow she manages not to look like a dominatrix. Those CFM boots don't seem to suit Mary-Kate though.

HILARY DUFF. I'm glad she wore the large gold necklace, it helps break up the pink and black, which can be an overwhelming combination.

BILSON. Great shoes and sunglasses can make a simple outfit stand out.

HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN on the set of his Lactose commercial.


MARC JACOBS AND BOYFRIEND. So I guess Jason Preston is out of the picture? What is he going to do with the large Marc Jacobs tattoo he has on his arm?


God, what is with the early 90s Gap sweater combined with those sunglasses? Katie's robot wires must be crossed.

SOPHIA BUSH. I'm tired of those leather (or leather style) mini dresses.

KRISTIN BELL. I automatically thought, a modern take on vintage. I really love the mint green clutch.


JESSICA SZHOR . That hoodie is definitely from American Apparel. I have this thing about wearing poo brown, yuk.

EMMA WATSON. Just lovely, reminds me of a casual version of Burberry. So is she going to do anything besides dressing well and Harry Potter movies?

RAVEN. There is so much wrong in this picture, but I'm going to zone in on the eyebrows.

ZOE KRAVITZ. I wish Lenny was my dad too, then maybe I would be cool like Zoe.

MANDIE MOORE. Is that a balloon skirt? That trend should be over by now. Black shoes would have been a better choice.

VANESSA HUDGENS. I don't know what it is about Vanessa, to me she always seems like she could use a good shower. I wish they were not playing HSM3 at the movies this time, because I don't have the guts to go up to the Teller pay for a ticket and sit in the theater!

JENNIFER LOPEZ. I think Jennifer should save the match the headscarf to the dress look for when she's older.

SPEIDI. She doesn't look too bad here. These two losers deserve each other, don't you think? That's why they've managed to stay together so long.

EVE. She's been looking so good all week, she really is a gorgeous girl. I'm glad she grew her hair out because the short blond hair she started with in the late 90s did nothing for her. Actually it scared the shit out of me. I'm easily scared...


ALEXA CHUNG. Must get polka dot tights just like Alexa Chung.


PARIS HILTON. Barbie has too much makeup on. YSL tribute pumps again? *Yawn*

TILA TEQUILA. I think this color combination washes her out, the pink stripes should have been in a brighter color. I hope she does another season of her show!

LOURDES. She's unique just like her mom. I hope that's not really her purse though, because it looks like it belongs to a 5 year old and if it is hers then she should burn it.



WendyB said...

Eve is looking good.

LC said...

"I wish they were not playing HSM3 at the movies this time, because I don't have the guts to go up to the Teller pay for a ticket and sit in the theater!"

Just grab a kid and say they'll get a free HSM3 ticket if they go to the movies with you...i'm sure they won't mind & you have a good 'reason' hahaha ;)

kokostiletto said...

hahaha i TOTALLLY agree with your comment re: Hudgens! something about her just bothers me! she doesn't look fresh to me!

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

^ yeah poor girl could use a good scrub down.

LC - hahha very funny, I might wait and download it.

Tlcrules426 said...
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M said...


PLEASE tell me you know who makes em/where I can buy em?!

very nice song for the day btw =]

A Black Tie Event said...

American Apparel ads are always so creepy. Yet I still buy their clothes.


Eve is looking terrific and healthy! The olsens know how to work nearly all they wear! thanks for sharing.good shots as usual ;-). have a good wk sugar!

Aliena said...

Lilo doesn't even seem like her!!! And I love men in kilts...

aizat.cinta.goddess said...

lilo!she is fierce!

alis said...

Kristin Bell looks so fresh faced and put together. I love her dress but you are right the mint clutch is making this outfit.

lol, "poo colored"? I think I am put off from wearing brown permanently!

ps: Don't get polka dot tights. I had them and thought they were sweet and classy, until my boyfriend said "what happened to your feet?" When I said I'm wearing tights he said "I thought you had got warts all over your feet".

Tala said...

i was actually there on friday night when mandy moore wore the brown dress - ugh - she is so tall and beautiful, it was not flattering at all.

i love your description of jessica's aa sweater - poo brown! haha. seriously !!

fashion herald said...

lohan has some great legs.