BILSON visiting her main squeeze Canadian cutie Hayden Christensen on the set of a Lacoste commercial. I can't wait to see it!

SHENAE GRIMES. I've been trying to figure out her style, she's definitely had some major dont's, but I'm digging her look here. I hear the girls on Degrassi are jealous of her new found fame...as they should be haha.

SHARON CASE from Young and The Restless. My favorite soap (the only one I watch), and probably one of the first shows I ever religiously watched since I was 7 thanks to my mother. I've met Sharon before, she's quite beautiful and sweet in person. I'm loving her look here, I had no idea she had such good style.

LC. Those tops are still popular in LA? I would have liked to see this bag in a vibrant red or blue, it would have made the outfit so much more interesting. I'm like 5 episodes behind on The Hills, I really need to have a marathon.

NICOLE RICHIE. This look reminds me of the old days. I guess were all use to her skinniness now, hardly anyone comments on it anymore. Her style isn't as interesting anymore, it just always looks the same...maybe it says something about her life, being a mom and all!

EVE. I think she looks flawless and interesting, you can't help but stare at the picture for a minute.

NIK ANTM RUNNER UP. She was robbed and totally should have one over Nicole (she was annoying anyway).

WHITNEY PORT. I dislike this entire outfit, I think it's the cut of the jacket that's turning me off. Has Whitney fallen off the style wagon in NY? Maybe it's because were finally seeing more of her.

RIRI. I really need to get a pair of retro Nikes, it's on my shopping list for sure.

I love the "Fuck that shit" look that Riri has in the second picture. I wonder where she was going in that bird frock of hers.

DANII MINOGUE. Last time I posted about her people didn't really seem to know who she was. We'll she's Kylie Minogue's sister, singer, actor and a judge on X-factor (British version of AI).

MEGAN GALE. Speaking of Aussies, Megan is like a supermodel in Australia she's also the face of David Jones. Love this bright blue and her big jaw!

JESSICA BIEL. I can't help it...I just see a man. All these years I thought she was a Lesbian and now she's doing the nasty with JT.

HOLLY MADISON. Hot...Not! Hef's main bunny needs a raise because it looks like she bought this outfit at one of those trashy stores on Hollywood boulevard.

PARIS HILTON. She looks a bit like a young Bridget Bardot with her hair piled up like that. This is one of Paris' best looks, no doubt. I think she should have picked a different bag though...

LALOHAN. She's been doing the short top with leggings combo all week.

KATE MOSS. This haircut does wonders for her.

SALMA HAYEK. The best boobies in Hollywood.




WendyB said...

Holly Madison needs to do something about that straw on top of her head!


loving Nik from ANTM's look here.the shoes are hot! fab post.
Rih-rih is looking as banging as ever too.


loving Nik from ANTM's look here.the shoes are hot! fab post.
Rih-rih is looking as banging as ever too.

enc said...

Rachel Bilson continues to be cute, no matter what.

Michelle said...

Thank you for your comments about jessica biel. I've been saying it for years...SHE. IS. NOT. CUTE.

K.Line said...

I know you've kind of had it with Nicole's style, but I actually think she looks soooo much better since she had that baby. There's something indefinably different about the shape of her face. I think motherhood has taken that hardness (I found so unattractive) away. But I agree it's hard to get all fashion-y when a baby could vomit all over you.

Savvy Mode SG said...

Ms. Hilton looks really good. yes, she can pick a better bag.

Make Do and Mend said...

I agree a la ms moss - vast improvement!

keira antoia rose said...

Shenae Grime's is so pretty. I like her leggings and her red scarf! The picture of Eve is stunning. Her lip color is beautiful. Whitney isn't looking he rbest. Rhianna's hair is cool. I've never been a fan of Jessica Biel's look or acting. megan's dress is gorgeous.

I am in love with Paris Hilton's dress.
xoxo Isabella Clarisse xoxo

1234 said...

why is rachel bilson perfection? and paris totally does look like bardot!

NonchalantMod said...

I am loving Shenae's style in that picture.. and her name is dreamy!

Nicole Then said...

i don't really think whitney's style is good. or even ok. it's kind of odd sometimes. but well, i guess some pple style others better than themselves? haha

Dane said...

Bilson is so so lucky to be with Hayden, he is soooo handsome. But he's pretty lucky too. Ok we can hate them now.

Winnie said...

Haha, 'the best boobies in Hollywood'. I love Shenae's scarf in that photo!

kokostiletto said...

oooh i don't like Shanae... i hate how she is so anorexic!

copperoranges said...

salma's baby is SOOOO CUTE!

Diana Coronado said...

What a great entry.

Lc, always looks stunning.

& Salma woww, a hot latina !!

frankie-lou and tallulah said...

rachel looks very cute in this outfit.
is she wearing knee high socks or boots? i cant tell.

im so incredibly sad.
they axed 90210 off australian television :(