NICOLE KIDMAN. The botox queen in the flesh, her forehead is looking impeccably smooth and tight! I hope someday she will reveal the doctor that has done this. The media has been ragging on her ash blonde / grey roots (depending on how you look at it) showing. Apparently Nicole was never a natural red head she just dyed it that way. This is a great outfit for her, the proportions are perfect and I like the way she paired it with the pink satin shoes.

ANGIE HARMON. Probably one of the best of the night, this dress fits her to perfection in all the right places. I would have preferred a clutch that stood out more though...

NIKKI REID. Wow I love this black dress, the cuts, ruffles and sheerness are a great combination.

Amber is wearing a great version of a cape dress and it's nice to see Nicollette looking classy.

JENNIFER LOPEZ AND LEAH REMINI. Leah looks like Barbie's friend Midge.

JENNIFER LOPEZ. She's working the babydoll look to the extreme. I love it, babydoll is been my style all year.

KERRY WASHINGTON is on fire lately. I love the two tone look, my second favorite of the night.

EVA MENDES. Her makeup is flawless, she sure loves the pale pink lipstick. I'm assuming her dress is Chloe, if I'm wrong I'm sure a million people will correct me...

JANE FONDA. She looks like a bit of a bobble head in this outfit, maybe she could have gone without the turtleneck style collar.

ANNA HATHAWAY. Nice to see her wearing something with a bit of a print and some more color, Anne she normally tends to stick to solids.

KRYSTEN RITTER. You've got to be pretty slender and tall to properly pull off this look, she does it well.

ISLA FISHER. She looks sophisticated. I haven't seen her dressed up for a while.

AMBER TAMBLYN / JENNA DEWAN. I'm sorry Jenna I really don't like your look here and the hair, you remind me of an ice skater. Maybe she should have switched outfits and hairstyles with Amber.

HALLE BERRY & GABRIEL AUBREY. Fuck. These two are so hot they are burning right through my computer screen.

Esquire has named Halle Berry the sexiest woman alive. Not bad for being 42 and recently giving birth.



DAKOTA FANNING. I can't believe how grown up she looks here. That mini dress totally reminds me of something LaLohan would wear. I'm feeling uncomfortable with the fact that she's grown up...

JENNIFER HUDSON. I needed a minute when I saw these pictures, I could not decide if I liked the rushing on the dress or not. In the end it grew on me and I love this color on this type of material.

QUEEN LATIFAH. Nice dress,but baaaddd lipstick.

EVA MARCILLE (NEE PIGFORD). Clearly the most successful winner of America's next top model and probably one of the better looking despite her shorter stature.

SANAA LATHAN. For a black dress, it's very vibrant.

NIA LONG & SANAA LATHAN. Ahh my dream come true, these two in a picture together. They look alike I always have a hard time telling who's who in pictures.

JADA PINKETT SMITH & WILL SMITH. Will produced the movie, they are really getting their hands deep into the industry. Good on them! On another note, I think this is probably the best Jada has ever looked. She should wear dresses like that more often since she is short and petite.


this wheel's on fire said...

midge? MIDGE? seriously the funniest thing you've said in a long time :)

Imelda Matt said...

Honey, no one dyes their red on purpose! Take it from someone who grew up watching BMX Bandits, Nicole has always been carrot top!

alis said...

I'm laughing at the wiki picture of "Midge", lol.
I couldn't agree more with your picks, Kerry Washington and Angie Harmon both look gorgeous.

Nicole Kidman looks beautiful despite the gray hair. Seriously, she should reveal her secret and do humankind some good.

JLo should take notes from Nicole, because she's been looking too old and overdone lately. Maybe her time of reign is over.

Halle Berry freaking hot as usual but the lower half of the dress looks like she's been shot from her leg.

Wow I would have never guessed when she was little and had no teeth but Dakota Fanning has grown into quite a strikingly beautiful girl. Hooray for talented beauties!