THANDIE NEWTON. I was wondering what had happened to her for the longest time, I'm so glad she's back. I love this dress, the look the cut and especially the color. I've been obsessed with bright blue lately. It reminds me of a crayola crayon I use to love so much when I was younger.

THANDIE IN MATTHEW WILLIAMSON. This is a great mini dress, and I like the graphic style florals. A cute white clutch would have made this outfit stand out even more.

EVAN RACHEL WOOD VS KEIRA IN LANVIN. As much as I don't like Evan, she has the attitude to pull off this dress.

KATE HUDSON IN CHLOE. She was at the party for Rachel Zoe's new TV show. Are you going to watch it?

LALALA LOHAN ON THE SET OF UGLY BETTY. I can't wait till the new season starts along with DH! I've been so deprived!

I have to give her credit, she sure pulls off that trashy nautical top.

BILSON. I. want. those. shoes.
Her dress looks like an art palette.

PRINCESS EUGENE. God she looks like her mother! I think she took the Pocahontas look too far though. Maybe it would have been okay if she lost the necklace.


CHARLIZE THERON. She always seems to ware the same colors.

NAOMI WATTS. I love how she turned this Mexican dress into pregnancy chic.

NICOLE RICHIE. That's a fantastic belt, I think I'll look for one similar while I'm away.

AUDRINA PARTRIGE. Audrina takes her new boobs out to a party.

MARY-KATE OLSEN. This is a great coat, I would love to own it myself. She sure likes to hide her body doesn't she? Sounds like Mary-Kate has more issues then we know about.

BEYONCE. None of these pieces seem to go with each other.

JOJO. Hmm, I'm getting use to the darker hair on her. I think the whole look is too old for her, she's like 18 or 19?

LEONA LEWIS. Someone has been shopping at American Apparel.

VANESSA AND ANGELA SIMMONS. I love these girls, they have so much fun with fashion. And their sneaker line Pastry is doing amazingly well.

SIENNA MILLER. Love the cigarette white pants, she looks a lot like Kate Moss here and discombobulated as usual.


WendyB said...

I think that striped Lanvin dress doesn't hold a candle to the vintage striped dress I got from Cherie at Shrimpton Couture. I'll post a picture of that soon.

I love the blue dress on Thandie.

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

^ can't wait to see it!!

Anonymous said...

Do you know who makes Rachel's dress? I want it.

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

^ No idea, but if I figure it out I'll let you know.

this wheel's on fire said...

oh i hope you can find nicole's belt! it's very cute