KIM KARDASHIAN / PEREZ HILTON. Wow, D listed celebrities all rounded up in one place! I like Kim's high waisted look, but I feel like I've seen it on her 100 times.

BAI LING. My favorite hot mess. I actually like her top...shocking!

HOLLY MONTAG AND LC'S EX DOUG. Wow I can't believe it, Holly's been on the show for what a minute and she's already going to events? Those Montags are scheming little girls!

HEIDI MONTAG / CHERYL BURKE. Heidi's got a big face. Hard to explain. This is probably her best look, and that's not saying much.



I love all the detail on the top half of this dress, and the earrings are gorgeous!! I've got a top from FCUK, that has a similar embellishment, though I can't seem to get around to wearing it.

VIVICA A FOX & MARY J BLIGE. This would have been okay if it wasn't for the hot pink hat and shoes. Vivica always does something to ruin her outfits.

ANTM WINNER JASLENE GONZALEZ. She still reminds me of a cat, but this is one of her better looks.


ANNE HATHAWAY. Very risky with this big asymmetrical dress, but Anne has the grace to pull it off. So what ever happened to that crook boyfriend of hers? Is he still in jail?


ANNE IN VERSACE. Simple and chic.

ANNE IN LELA ROSE. Red again? It is her color though. I like the material of this dress and the way it fits, flattering on many figures.


She works that YSL hair cut like no other! She's adorable!

CHRISTINA AGUILERA IN ROBERTO CAVALLI. That hair is too blonde, it's like barbie gone wrong. I do like the color, look and print of the dress, but it looks better on the runway then on her.

She looks better here, maybe because she's more covered up? So how many more years do you think they will keep playing "Let's get dirty" in the clubs?

KEIRA KNIGHTLEY AND RUPERT FRIEND. Premiere or not, when feet hurt they hurt!

KEIRA IN ALEXIS MABILLE. This dress is such a stunning color, Keira can do no wrong. I can't even think of a fashion flop for her.

RIRI. The flat hair like that is not working for me. I liked it better when she had the short bob.

For someone who is supposedly broke, Riri manages to look fierce!


Gorgeous girl, but her style for me is always on the side of yawn.

DIANE KRUGER. The hat is back! This dress is a great color, but I think the look is ruined a bit by those sunglasses, to me they don't work.

TYRA BANKS. I'm always amazed on how she manages to look terrible in evening dresses. With all that money you would think she could afford something more flattering and edgy. Her face looks a little overpowdered too.

KATIE HOLMES. In a sheer top she manages to look classy.

KYLIE MINOGUE. Love her new hair, she's looking so happy lately. Go Kylie! Everytime I put on her Fever CD, it instantly puts me in a good mood.

LIV TYLER. She reminds me of a watermelon colored lipstick.

LIYA KEDEBE. Beautiful, stunning! The color of the dress, the shoes, the hair back, it all works!

HAYDEN PANETTIERE. I like the half, but I'm not sure about the bottom. There's something off about it.

Hmm, I wish she would just enjoy her youth this is her time to dress fun, but she seems to take it all so seriously.


ASHLEE SIMPSON. All shades of purple seem to be everywhere lately!

CAMERON DIAZ. She looks like she walked out of a Gap ad.




WendyB said...

I like Bai Ling's top too!

enc said...

It looks just like the Gucci bootie!^^

Jennifer Stoddart said...

Ew. Heidi's hanging out with Doug now? Lame! I feel sorry for Heidi's sister too...Spencer is such a douchebag to her!

I am loving Kiki's short little dresses...especially the green one!

tam pham said...

i agree! kylie looks A-MAZING.

(R)evolver74 said...

Hahah Bai Ling is covered up for once (!) And I LOOOOVE that red dress on Anne Hathaway...you're right, it would look so flattering on so many figures! I kinda like that black leather look on Hayden but you're right, she should totally lighten up and dress her age. Dammit!!! Sooo many good dresses on so many people!!!!

PS...enjoy your backpacking trip, don't take too many clothes as you will regret it!!

Anonymous said...

wow anne looks amazing!

love diane's hat :)

Aliena said...

Cristina Aguilera has managed to ruin a gorgeous autfit! Why o why did she have to alter it??? (also, I have copied keira's pic for my blog, I'll obviously credit you, hope you don't mind, but I've taken my shoes off so many times!)

penelope said...

Love Anne's dress! It's awesome! And red IS her color! Dont know of anyone else who look as fab in crimson!

Rihanna's hair makes her look like a clone and especially so when her face is expressionless! *sorry*

And as for Kirsten Dunst! She manages to look so fun all the time! I wna steal all of her dresses! And when I do; I'll definitely leave like, 10 of those on her walkway! She has to lighten up!

Dropsofglamour said...

I love Rihanna's jacket and skirt combo. I wonder where the jacket is from...its cool! I also like Liv's outfit, i think that clutch is perfect.

coco said...

1. Cameron in a GAP ad? That would be magic
2. Why does Hayden dress so fugly? She is a pretty girl.
3. Perez Hilton is so annoying and ugly
4. Liv looks STUNNING!
5. I will email you on Sunday as much as I can put together. I hope Britney looks good!
Have a great trip!!!!

Juliet said...

All of the did well, My eyes don't hurt :D.

juliet xxx

Ediot said...

oh- liv looks amazing- really love her dress.
and i love camerons casual cute look

The Seeker said...

I think Anne looks gorgeous and that dress is very very risky...


LML said...

anne has been spot on all the time lately, but i think she has gotten too thin - she used to have a more normal weight!

you're soooo right, keria can do no wrong! that dress is spectacular!

Love, Raven said...

Tyra just never looks good anymore to me on the red carpet. I'm not liking the hair, the makeup, or how that gown fits her. She's stepping into drag queen territory...
As usual, Chanel looks fabulous and I really want that dress she is wearing!
Lily Cole is too cute and she ALWAYS looks good. She's so elfin and adorable!

I absolutely love your blog, its amazing!


EMS said...

I can't say like like rhiannas hair eaither, but her clothes in your pictures are fabuolus. also i'm dead jelous of lily cole and all them books.

Seraphine said...

kim kardashian is going to be on dancing with the stars, i think?
perez hilton D-rated? he should be X-rated.
anne hathaway looks beautiful in versace. and vesace looks beautiful on anne.
i love rinko's hair too. perfect and chic.
kylie's hair is nice too. she gets better and better looking every time i see her.

alis said...

OMG I missed your blog so much. I hate my work so much because they took my blogs away from me, them bitches. Anyway, here it goes:
-I don't understand why celebs are cozying up with Perez.
-Poor Heidi, she got all that work done but she doesn't look as good as her sister. It might have something to do with her horse smile(God I'm mean)
-Christina Aguilera always has an uncomfortable face expression, like she ate too much or something. The hair is obviously wrong but her eyebrows don't suit her either. She's insisting on Marilyn Monroe arched brows.
-Keira looks STUNNING, with and without the shoes. I love this girl!
-I completely agree with you on Riri's hair. Dressed as nice as always though.
-Tyra Banks looks wayyyy too voluptious. Too much curves+shiny black fabric+too much make up=not a good look. She might be wearing lucite stripper heels under that dress.
-Katie Holmes=basic and gorgeous.
-Liv, Liya=gorgeous
-Hayden Panettiere: I think both halves are wrong.
-Kiki has been looking so adorable and smiley lately. Good for her!
-I agree on your GAP ad comment, don't wear stripes with cropped jeans! Too typical.

pinup_girl said...

I agree on Heidi. I've never thought she was pretty & it's because she has a very oddly large face. Haha. That's a horrible thing to say, but it's not like she's even remotely hot or actually contributing to society...

pinup_girl said...

Oops I meant to say "nice" instead of hot. I was distracted!

this wheel's on fire said...

whoah i thought that pic of cameron diaz on the right was pam anderson...crazy

Winnie said...

Haha I love some of your comments, Heidi DOES have a big face! Loving the choice of music too!

Kat said...

oh dear, heidi is still looking quite scary and now her sister is famous too, what the???! haha big face!

How fantastic does Chanel Iman look here?! She looks so youthful despite the glam clothes and smiley, which is rare for a model!

Keira and rupert both look fantastic. Love her dress and its cool she went for a label not as a big as say Chanel.

Daphné said...

I love Katie's blouse!So classy!
And Anne Hathaway looks gorgeous in the three dresses,I love that girl!