CHARLIZE THERON. I've never seen a modern day actress have as much poise as she does.

CHARLIZE IN VERSACE. Besides the fact that I think this dress is amazing, I also like the way she wore her jewelry on different areas of her arm.

CHARLIZE IN YSL. I know she's promoting a movie, but I think her outfit would make perfect stylish work attire.

CHARLIZE IN GUCCI. I'm not a huge fan of this color purple, but she works it out. Those heels are amazing!

CHARLIZE IN VERSACE. This dress looks so different on the model. I really don't like it on Charlize it seems a little trashy barbie ish.

CHRISTINA RICCI. Great hip little summer dress. I would definitely wear it.

Love the cute little star necklace, and the dress is a great fit for her.

EVA IN VIKTOR AND ROLFE. I don't like it, the dress seems to overwhelmed her top half. The whole thing just isn't right, it looks made out of a trash bag. I guess this runway dress doesn't translate well in real life. I still love Viktor and Rolfe though, I recently read an interview with them in a magazine and they seem so nice and down to earth.

KATIE HOLMES. Our favorite robot alien sure has the casual chic look down pat.

Love the shoes and the bag, it makes the outfit. I'm really starting to learn how important accessories are. I always knew they were, but I don't think I really got it until this last year. I remember when I was younger my mom would always make me put on earrings for special events even though I didn't want to. Now I get it...

KATIE IN MISSONI. Wow I missed a lot of her outfits, does she change twice a day?

LAUREN CONRAD. These almost look like stripper heels, how does she walk in them? Say hello to back problems, because it's your future!

I'm not sure if this is a dress or two separate pieces, I do like it a lot.

SEINNA MILLER AND HER MOM. She reminds me a bit of that crazy cat woman that had too many surgeries, just not as bad of course.

Love the loose but fitting outfit, she managed to find a good medium.

I really want a curved blazer like this.

Whatever Sienna! Remember the paps have made you who you are!

RHIANNA. I don't like the whole matching the shoes to your dress thing. Those highlights are awful too.

YSL pumps again? I'm so sick of seeing them! Love the necklace though, I want it...

Cute flats would have gone a long way, however, I like the rest of the look here.

Three words: Trying too hard.

KATE BOSWORTH. I'm still not sure about the 90s denim jacket revival...I find it works best on blondes.

Great look, she also seems a lot healthier. Let's face it homegirl was looking crazy skinny not so long ago.

ASHLEY TISDALE has a new look! She finally fixed that shitty blonde hair that looked awful on her. She seems like a different person, this is a huge improvement.

Her style seems to have gone up several notches as well, what's up with the possible lip injections though? Do you think she did it?

Love the fringe sandals.


She wore this dress also to the Sex And The City premiere with her butt boy, Vogue editor at large, Leon Talley. She must really like it...


BLAKE LIVELY. Celebrating her birthday on set.

Hate the dress and the lipstick color on her. The dress isn't bad or anything, it just doesn't suit her. Who styled this? It just doesn't seem very Blake...
SPEIDI. They can't even go grocery shopping without turning it into a photoshoot. Pathetic! I'm obsessed with their stupidity.

HEIDI MONTAG IN STELLA MCCARTNEY. I've already seen her wear this in white a couple months back. I'm tried of seeing this jumpsuit anyway, it's so over!

In case you were curious, this is what people form The Hills make per episode.

"How much does MTV pay the stars of its smash unscripted series The Hills? Lauren Conrad earns $75,000 per episode-and that’s a fact that has left some of her series co-stars seething, a new In Touch Weekly scoop claims. “The only reason LC gets paid more than anyone else is because she demanded in her original contract that no one could ever get paid more than her.”
“The salaries are based on who people care about watching more,” says a mole. “If you bring drama, you’ll get more money.

Fashion forward LC is expected to earn $1.4 million for the complete fourth season of The Hills. Let’s see how much her castmates earn.

Heidi Montag: $65,000 per episode ($1.25 million per year)
Spencer Pratt: $65,000 per episode ($1.25 million per year)
Audrina: $35,000 per episode ($665,000 annually)
Whitney: $20,000 per episode ($380,000 per season)
Brody: $10,000 per episode ($190,000 a year)
Lauren “Lo”: $10,000 per episode ($190,00 for The Hills Season 4)
Stephanie: $8,000 per episode ($152,00 for Season 4)
Frankie: $0


DELTA GOODREM. My favorite Aussie singer and cancer survivor! I love everything about this look, it's 100% me and my style. The pendant, the print, the colors, the hair just perfect!

FOREST AND KEISHA WHITAKER. Keisha is gorgeous, but how does she stay so bloody skinny, even after kids?

NIA LONG. Love the shoes, hair and makeup but that dress is a little ill fitting.

SHENAE GRIMES. What a tragic outfit! Tragic! I can't we can't expect anything from the ex Degrassi star and current 90210 wannabe. I was hoping she would represent us Canadians style wise...

JESSICA BIEL. She looks better then normal here, but still a man in a dress.

BEYONCE IN CHANEL. EKK! I don't like the color for this jacket and I'm not sure if she pulls it off.

MICHAEL JACKSON. HAPPY 50TH BIRTHDAY!! I still miss the old you...

JESSICA SIMPSON. I know she's going country, but this is just taking it too far. I want my picnic table back!

STELLA MCCARTNEY. The bikini is cute, but she couldn't get a proper fitting one?

VANESSA WILLIAMS. Love her look, love this top. I want to be like this when I get to her age.

MANDY MOORE. Does she have a new guy? I wish she and Andy Roddick would work things out!

LALALA LOHAN. Hmm to buy or not to buy? I really like this simple look on her, wish she would stick to it.

NICOLE RICHIE. The Chanel sunnies are back! I love her tank top, I really need a few good silky ones it's going on my shopping list for sure.

AUSSIE ACTRESS PHOEBE TONKIN. I've seen her show on TV a few times recently H20: Just add water, where she plays a mermaid. I know I know, there was nothing else on!! Love the little Balenciagas!

NINA GARCIA PROMOTING HER NEW BOOK. That's an adorable shade of pink.

JENNIFER LOPEZ. This is a great dress on her, but she had a bit of a sweat problem in her arm pits (Not pictured here).

WHITNEY PORT. Not sure about this mix of prints.

LIS HURLEY HUSBAND INDIA/GERMAN BUSINESS MAN ARUN NAYAR AND EX BOYFRIEND OF 13 YEARS HUGH GRANT. I can't believe they all go on vacations together, this isn't the first time too...it's so...odd? I guess it's good that Liz's husband is that comfortable and that Hugh doesn't feel like a third wheel.

AUDRINA PARTRIDGE. This dress reminds me of something from Etro.

MIELY CYRUS. I still love my beret hat, I wear it quite often. I need to get on in a bright color though.

PEACHES GELDOF. The print of her dress is really cute.

ASHANTI. her weave isn't on right.

MARY-KATE OLSEN. More plaid? Love the shorts though.

MICHELLE WILLIAMS. Such a cute dress, I love the way she dresses like a small child, but manages to pull it off.

KATY PERRY AND BOYFRIEND TRAVIS. I really like her style right now, I wonder where she gets all her clothes?

BILLIE PIPER. Wow she's going to pop soon! I use to love Billie's music back in the day, I have her last cd. It's quite good in my opinion, I could still listen to it now.

HALLE BERRY. We want to see the baby! Will we all be blinded by her beauty or something?





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what a great xxl post!!! I love cristina ricci, I think she is so beautiful and different!

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The purple dress on Charlize Theron is not Versace it´s Gucci!
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yay! it's great to see Delta ooking so healthy and happy!

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I don't like shoes... I want necklace....this dress is so not her... who styled it...
It? Maybe her you dumb retarded crank head. Those celebs are rich and don't give a fuck at all about some nasty fatty looking no style broke ass blog slut like you. They have a life while you just sit here and pretend to be "someone" and you even dare to think you got a style and opinion on your own. Look at yourself? I mean short fat ugly looking little rat that got nothing else to do in her poor life than comment on celebrities. Get yourself a life, plan on a diet and go to walmart, because shit you "want"... you will never have enough cash for all that.