KIM KARDASHIAN / VANESSA MINNILLO & CARMEN ELECTRA. Promoting their new movie "Disaster Movie". Carmen sure can pull off those sunglasses!

VANESSA MINNILLO. I'm amazed she and Nick Lachey have lasted this long! I wonder if they will get married? Jessica will surely cry a river. Normally I would not be into an all plaid dress because it reminds me of a picnic cloth, but Vanessa makes this one works.

CARMEN ELECTRA. I've always thought she was a great dresser. I swear this girl doesn't age!

KIM KARDASHIAN. I've noticed a shift in her style, she's really into the whole prim and proper almost 40s look lately.

Wow! Burgundy is her color for sure. I hate the hoop earrings in the second outfit, it just doesn't go.


NICOLE FISCELLA & LEIGHTON MEESTER. Nicole was for sure the star of the party in this Herve Leger dress.

LEIGHTON MEESTER. She reminds me of a tulip here, good choice on the turquoise earrings.

SOLANGE KNOWLES WTF? Are those puppy shitzus on your feet?

Poor girl, she's trying so hard to be unique, sometimes it's just too much.


Finally more Whitney. I wonder how she will do in her new position at People's Revolution? I feel bad that Jessica got fired, she seemed like she was really wanting to please Kelly Cutrone.


Whiney has finally found love, and a great new bag!

MARY-KATE OLSEN. I have to say, I'm getting tired of her not wearing bottoms. At first it was cute, but now it's bordering on ridiculous, predictable and boring.

PEACHES GELDOF. Can you believe she got married in Vegas? How long do you give this union?

BROKEN RIRI. Apparently the rumors are true that Rhianna is broke! Nearly flat broke! She's even fired her finance manager, but she blamed Riri's life style.
Well as her finance manager I think she should have warned her how quickly she was depleting her account, isn't that her job? The girl has worked so hard the last few years...shame. That picture of her walking by the trash kinda makes her look homeless huh? I'll take you in Riri!!

LAUREN CONRAD. Cute side braids.

LALALA LOHAN. She looks almost like her old self here. I'm not sure if she got my memo about wearing a bra though...

SELMA BLAIR. I love the dress, but it seems a little too long?


"To all of our family and friends we would like to announce that our little princess Anja Louise Ambrosio Mazur was born on Sunday Aug 24th at 732pm. She is 2.9 kilos and absolutely perfect. She hasn't cried once except for a second when they pulled her out. And we have now felt a new kind of love and joy that we never new existed. "

EVA MENDES IN AUSTRALIA. Love mustard yellow on her!




WendyB said...

Poor Rihanna -- literally!

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

^ I know!!

Carolina Lange said...

Yes! Carmen Electra doesn't age!!! How?!
Great post!

kokostiletto said...

sight. i am so in love with Whitney Port it's not even funny. thanks for her post!

1234 said...

i dont really like whitneys prada clutch, it seems too big..but she looks cute with her bf!

Blakk said...

Solange looks a hot mess, wats goin on, she need to jus tone it down othewise shes heading down worst dress list hell... dear god i will need help sleeping tonight

KIM KARDASHIAN- is lookin so hot right now, she working it with the style, love it

RIRI-I dont know if its me, but i dont like cutesy dresses on woman over the age of 20, it just smacks of holding onto a childhood thatS been and gone, thats why you will never see me with a bow on my had, urg! just not a good look

Anonymous said...

Carmen seemed a lot like Sienna in those glasses. And that Herve Leger dress at GG party is gorgeous, the dresses are usually gorgeous, but this one is even better than usual!
Solagne and "furry" things equal disaster.
And MK Olsen, to me she looks like she's on drugs :(.

juliet xxx

alex hannah said...

hmm i dont like those shots if whitney
they just seem not like her style.

hmmm 30 days of fashion. It will be
everything Eva in Australia for a

Dropsofglamour said...

I feel so bad for Rihanna - she really has worked her butt off for so long and hardly had any breaks between albums in fact.

Love Whitney! She's a cool chick and her boyfriend is hot...is he a model?

Sunniva said...

I just adore Whitney, and she looks amazing in Complex Magazine!

And I wouldn't mind having a Herve Leger dress like the one Nicole Fiscella is wearing. It's so gorgeous!


Guerreira said...

I want Carmen's haaaaaaaaaaaaair!

Kat said...

My goodness, the length of Whitney's legs!!! She looks really lovely in those shots and looks really cute with her boyfriend. Go her!

I have never been a big fan of prada bags but those clutches are quite fabulous.

Dear god, Mary Kate is getting just boring!

issa said...

wow vanessa looks really tall in that first photo.. and LOVE whitney!

Jennifer Stoddart said...

Aww...I just love Whitney Port. She's totally adorable and has amazing style. I hope that she does so well with her new position at PR. I also think that the bi-coastal thing will be good for the show- I heart NY.

Juliet said...

Oh, I commented with wrong account.

Belle = me.

juliet xxx

pinup_girl said...

Nicole looks stunning in that dress! I'm so crazy for Herve Leger dresses right now. I think I'd give anything to own one.

Vain and Vapid said...

Love Selma's dress and I agree with you, it should be a bit shorter.

Eve Mendes looks gorgeous in that yellow gown.

The Seeker said...

Great post as always!!!

I have a little gift for you in my blog. Please check it.

michelle said...


Mrs. C said...

i agree, carmen electra has style. sometimes i think whitney is a bit blah, but she dresses better than the others.

Anonymous said...

Oh the photo's just say it all - my eyes are wide open! Fantastic!