LILY ALLEN. I really like this outfit, the mix of prints, solids and two tone Chanel shoes. The earrings also add a touch of the old Lily to this look.

I'm finding this rather ordinary, but I don't mind it either. The shoes save the dress, but I think she should have went with a different purse...and it's so rare that I say that about a chain purse.

Blush pink is the new black? It seems to be everywhere lately.

LALALA LOHAN AND SAMRO. I'm not a fan of skulls on anything, it reminds me too much of death, however, I like the look of the loose T over the jeans.

BEFORE SAMRO THERE WAS COURTNAY SEMEL. I mentioned her a few posts back. She's Lindsay's ex, totally fug and her dad is the CEO of Yahoo!

Courtnay and Tila Tequila. Girls in lust or love?

MEGAN GOOD CELEBRATES HER BIRTHDAY. She looks like a fairy, so cute!

RUMER WILLIS AND BOYFRIEND? She is looking a lot better lately, apparently enough to attract a new man.

AUDRINA. I like it when she does the whole 40s ish look, it suits her and she should stick to it.


ISLA FISHER CAN DO CARTWHEELS. I've never been able to do them, even when I was young. I was scared of loosing my balance and breaking my neck. I'm too old now I guess...there's still hope.

I love the color of this swimsuit. Some people left comments on The Daily Mail saying that a two piece would have been more flattering. I don't think that's the case, I love this swim suit I don't see why it has to be bikini or nothing. You can have so much more fun fashion wise with a one piece.

ASHLEE SIMPSON. Quite the stylish mommy to be. I really wonder what her and Pete's baby boy is going to look like. I guess a lot of babies look the same anyway...

HEIDI AND SEAL IN LONDON. Heidi is looking a little old for me here and less fresh then her usual self.

GWEN STEFANI AND GAVIN ROSSDALE. I can't believe she hasn't popped yet! It's been ages!

MICHELLE WILLIAMS. She has such cute sort of childish style. I often dress that way too, I've always been sort of the small cutesy one all my life and I guess I can't let it go quite yet.

Michelle has a new boyfriend...I know some people are a little peculiar about this because of Heath. We can't forget that she and Heath had broken up over a year before his death.

LAUREN CONRAD. This is very edgy for her. I guess spandex leggings are still in? Who wears theirs still?

LEIGHTON MEESTER ON THE SET OF GOSSIP GIRL. This is an extreme mix of prints and it works!

BLAKE LIVELY. Wow I really love these sort of semi sheer white tights. Very cool.

HILARY DUFF. I'm not a fan of turtle neck dresses, but the yellow belt is awesome!

ZOE KRAVITZ HER BABY BROTHER AND HER MOM LISA BONET. Zoe is so much like both of her parents and Lisa is working it out for her 40 years.

BRANDY. On the set of her new music video. I can't wait to see it, love the long sleek hair.

NICKY HILTON. She's been dressing soo good lately and it seems like she's eating a bit more. Good for her!

JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT. She's still wearing her 'fat' jeans?

KIM KARDASHIAN. I don't like the top half of the dress at all, but the color is nice.

MISCHA BARTON. That dress does nothing for her.

KATE HUDSON. I love this whole outfit, it looks comfortable and the teal green pulls it together.

She went from looking amazing in the first picture, to a hot mess in the next one. The pears, tank, jeans, boots...yuk!

KATIE HOLMES. Another day another pair of rolled jeans.





this wheel's on fire said...

hhhmmm...suri's pretty cute

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

^ I know!! :)

WendyB said...

People are never satisfied. If Isla had worn a bikini, people probably would have said she should wear a one-piece!

Anonymous said...

wow lily looks amazing right now, very chic! and you're totally right, mischa's dress makes her look fat and pale ugg, btw love franz ferdinand! :)

fashion herald said...

Isla's one piece is great, and lately I've been wanting a good one-piece! I can't help it, I love katie and her rolled up jeans, I want to see her wear them on the red carpet.

1234 said...

i LOVE blakes white tights, i want them. i also love the red swim suit.

Savvy Mode SG said...

i can't do cartwheels to save my life. i like nikki hilton's style more than paris. seens like everyone is either pregnant or has a kid already.

Aliena said...

great post... I also like one piece swmming suits. I was just reflecting on that yesterday, while I watched Mamma Mia, whch I loved, by the way..

lacey said...

WOMAN i adore your blog i read it everyday... but you need to stop being so nice to kimbo kardashian please! hello her trying to wannabe brooke shields? yeeeaah right.

sydneydoll said...

no. i cant believe you havent seen season 1 of gossip girl yet.
even if you watch it mute, only viewing the clothes its great.

VERY good post.
lily allen is dressing much better recently.
perhaps the greater confidence with her weight loss.

Dropsofglamour said...

Suri is sooooo cute. I like brandy's long hair too...let's hope the new music is good too.

Juliet said...

Lily Allen looks cute, not quite as colorful as she used to be, but nice. Starting from when did LiLo had girls, I guess I have missed the point when that happened. Isn't Rumer Willis a strange name?)
Heidi and Seal looked really cool to me, though Heidi should have has some make-up, she looks like a tired mom.
When gossip girl will start to air?
And mioscha looks like she did on her hevier days.

juliet xxx


Every day I see your blog. I love it!ª!!

Elisabeth said...

How adorable is Suri Cruise!?


Imelda said...

I love that dress Megan is wearing!

keira antoia rose said...

My favorite outfit of Lilly's posted is the black dress...I just think it's so gothic chic. I want Megan Good's dress. I don't really like Audrina's dress...well I like the shape, but not the sheen...I just think that material never really flatters anyone on the red carpet. Michelle's boyfriend could be helping her cope with any stress Heath's death may have brought. Lauren's outfit I would def be seen wearing. And I've seen that tye dye scarf on Rhianna before.

xoxo Isabella Clarisse xoxo

michelle said...

I like Lindsay Lohan's style lately x)

Penny said...

Isla Fisher is so lucky to look that good in a swimsuit, and shes just had a baby - HOW did she do it?!!

Seraphine said...

aww suri is soo cute. i love also the fun fashion tidbits in todays post. it's fun to see what others are wearing, and what kind of relationships they are developing.

A Black Tie Event said...

Lily Allen has been looking really good lately, and I love Franz Ferdinand! That album is so great, I listen to it all the time.

we wear things said...

lots of great looks this post.. and of course a few bad ones.. i still don't like the baggy jeans look.. oh we've linked to you!


Danz said...

I love Lily Allen's black dress and Leighton's GG outfit.

Lisa and Zoe look sooo alike in that pic!

Also, I'm running a Labor Day promotion on my blog that will begin in a few days. You can get a 15% discount at a great, affordable online store - check it out!

Clutch22 said...

hey you! Great pics...what a pleasant break from the day job. :)

Agree with you on the Lily Allen pics...don't like blush pink on her though...it kinda washes her out (but maybe thats why she likes it).

How are you by the way?!

Wendy said...

Suri is so adorable!

Mrs. C said...

i miss blair's curls, the straight hair is just so weird!

suri is beautiful, tomkat's mix is good, they should have another baby!

Jennifer Stoddart said...

I don't know how Kate Hudson does it. Dressed up or dressed down, I always love her look.

Carolina Lange said...

Great post!
I agree with you about Nicky Hilton, she is looking great!
Suri is so cute!

Diabolina 3.1 said...

eeks. i was gonna wear my dolphin trainer leggings tonight. but maybe not...