CLARK - 19, is a student from Pawleys Island, S.C.

MICKEY - 19, is a student from Lake Forest, Ill

MARJORIE - 19, is a student from Marseilles, France

SHARAUN - 18, is a student from Chicago, Ill.

NIKEYSHA - 19, is a student from the Bronx in NYC

SHEENA - 21, is a go-go dancer from Honolulu, Hawai

ANALEIGH - 19, is a student from Sacramento, Calif.

BRITTANY - 19, is a customer service representative from Henderson, Nevada

SAMANTHA - 18, is a student athlete from Woodland Hills, Calif

HANNAH - 19, is a student from Fairbanks, Alaska

LAUREN BRIE - 20, is a student from Charlottesville, Va

ISIS - 22, is a program assistant at a non-profit organization. She is from Prince George's County, Maryland.

UPDATE: Omigod I just heard a rumor that she's a tranny! wow! I don't know what to say...

JOSLYN - 23, is a student from Lucky, Louisiana

ELINA - 19, is from Berdichieve, Ukraine




"Because I travel a lot, I found that there weren’t any handbags available that were strong and sexy enough at the same time (and if they were, everybody else had one just like it). Everything was either too small (really cute but impractical) or too big (way too practical but not at all fashionable). So I wanted to create a handbag that fit my lifestyle… (and my laptop at the same time).. and that’s when my mom and I created the MUXO handbag. With my needs and my mothers fashion design background, we got to work."

MARQUEE: 450.00$


CAMILLA HOBO: 1056.00$

I like the bags, they seem like of those items you would cherish and become your favorite. Although the price is quite steep, it does look like a lot of work and care went into them.




KEIRA IN BALENCIAGA. I'm not sure about the hair, she kinda looks like Winona Ryder.



Hotness! First Naomie last month, now Joudan! Tyra is also on the cover of Harper's Bazaar. It does seem like the Italian Vogue all black issue is having an effect.


Samantha actually looking girly and is wearing makeup! She's cute a cute girl when she tries, there is no denying that. I also think Charlotte is gorgeous.



Who didn't show up to this premiere? Are you going to go see the movie? There are so many out lately, I can't even catch up.

MARIA MENOUNOS. Old Hollywood meets modern glamour? I think she looks amazing, I can appreciate the fact that she seems to have a likable personality on and off the air.

RASHIDA JONES: The Jones girls have been seen so much lately, they are so cute and stylish. Although they are in their 30s I hope they get more fame soon.

ROBOT KATIE. Finally she's looking glam again, I've missed this robotic side of her. Tom must have switched her functions.

JENNIFER MEYER & TOBY MAGUIRE. Didn't Mischa wear that dress a week ago? I really like the Balenciaga clutch that she paired with the dress.

JENNA MALONE. Omigod don't tell me this is the sweet girl from the movie SAVED! Her outfit reminds me of the outfit Daisy Lowe wore to the The Dark Knight premiere. I'm not sure about that hair though...is it for a role?

ANYA MONZIKOVA. This is quite daring, but I think the dress might have one too many pick ups and ruffles?

ALICIA SILVERSTONE. I'd like to see her in a bright color. Maybe purple?

AMY ADAMS. I watched Miss Pettigrew again the other day, I love that movie so much! I think it's one of my favorites. She looks like an English rose here, whatever they are suppose to look like.

JODIE FOSTER. I actually don't mind the slightly wedged shoes.



TYTY. I still haven't received July's vogue Italia even though I ordered it from eBay a while ago because I could not find it anywhere in town. Hmm I guess I should bug the seller or something.

Why does Tyra have all this money, but yet she always wears the most ill fitting gowns? I don't mind the crimped hair though, it looks so perfect it must have taken ages! Maybe she's just wearing a wavy weave?

CHANEL IMAN. If I'm jealous of anyone's beauty, it's Iman's and Gisele Bundchen comes a close second. I'm still going to the gym all the time, but I don't think I'll ever be toned like Gizzy.

BEVERLY JOHNSON & NAOMIE LENOIR. I don't like Bev's hair, I liked her better natural, but at least she's having fun and not being boring. Naomie is so pretty, I've been admiring her for a while.



ERIKA CHRISTENSEN. I don't get Scientology, it all just seems a little creepy and alienesque, but to each their own!

KELLY PRESTON & MARISOL NICHOLS. I love the short dress on Kelly, there is so much detail on the bodice! It it was longer it would be fit for a princess, all she would need is a tiara. I was about to suggest that Marisol wear some aqua jewelry with her gown until I noticed that she in fact had! Nice touch!

ELIZABETH MOSS & LEAH REMINI. Leah is apparently best friend's with Jennifer Lopez, well I believe it because she sure is trying to look like her! Damn, did she have to be so literal?



RIRI. Love that Louis Vuitton bag! I haven't been mesmerized by one in ages!

I love the mix of both prints, she has such a nice body.

POOR SIENNA? Sienna cries as the paps get on her case calling her a "homewrecker".

HALLE BERRY & MOM. She still looks pretty miserable though, I wish she was just happy again.

MISCHA BARTON. I wish those shoes were green or blue, the outfit would have popped more.

LAUREN CONRAD. I really love this top. I was tired of polka dots after the whole trend frenzy a couple of years ago, but Lauren warms my stone heart with this look.

NICKY HILTON. Is it me or does she look healthier? Did she eat those burgers I suggested? Maybe it's just the dress. My cousin met her at a club in Montreal a while back, said she was really nice. I have no doubts.

SCARLETT IS ANNOYING. I saw her on Letterman the other day, and she would just not shut up and was so loud. I guess I'm not use to hearing her talk because I expected her to be a lot more subdude like that movie she made "Lost in translation" (Another one of my favs). Oh well at least she's not stuck up;)


RACHEL BILSON. The leash sort of goes with her dress.

ROBOT KATIE. Rolled jeans, wide leg jeans and now skinny jeans!


Today's song (Woven Bags / Random post - Genevieve Jones): Fashion Addict, In Yr Fshn, WendyB, jayne, Nay'Chelle, miss vintage love, this wheel's on fire, aizat.cinta.goddess, Aliena, emsie, Kat, Overwhelmed Naija Babe, Seraphine, Make Do and Mend, Carolina Lange, Daphné, keira antoia rose, Miss Woo, stilettostetico, Mrs. C, (R)evolver74, The Seeker, Penny , rosie., i think thats hauttte, we wear things, ibuysss.com Magazine blog, 1234, alis, STYLE AND THE CITY . COM - PARIS, Juliet, layersofmeaning,V, keira antoia rose, Savvy Mode SG



1234 said...

i dont like chanel imans boots, but the dress is cute.

WendyB said...

I love following Sienna's stories. It's such a classic "starlet living the wild life" kind of thing. By the way, I've seen her close up several times and she's stunning.

Wendy said...

I wish I was Chanel also, she's so stunning.

Barb. said...

great post!


this wheel's on fire said...

let's see what i remember---keira looks awful on that cover!
tyra ALWAYS manages to look awful...i wonder why she annoys me?
anyway, i really just want to slap sienna! i used to looove her! where's our style icon from like 5 yrs ago? i miss her...

Aliena said...

Oh, I don't know where to start!!! All ANTM contestants are so beautiful. In Spain, we have a similar thing, but must say that most of the girls are NOT pretty at all.

The bags are beautiful and, as for Sienna, what did she think would happen???

Juliet said...

Clearly Katie's brain damage has been fixed.

juliet xxx

alis said...

-My vote is for contestant Hannah. So angelic.
-There is something off about the Muxo bags, maybe it's the "Muxo" writing across it, or maybe it's the fact that Mischa Barton put me off from anything slightly Pocahontas.
- Maria Menounos looks like she's ready to present the news! I don't like her hair, I can't even look at it.
-Jenna Malone still has an innocent face despite the hair.
-I LOVE LOVE LOVED Miss Pettigrew. The warmest sweetest movie I have seen for a looong time. I want the soundtrack too!
-Chanel Iman omg totally stunning.
-Ditto on scientology. Total BS.
-Bilson looks great. I can't say the same thing for her sister though. Those monstrosities must be banned.

(¯`·._.·[***Fresh&Fab***]·._.·´¯) said...

tyras middle name should be fabulous, the woman is just a genius i hpe she gets to Oprah standards very soon.

Anonymous said...

amy adams is such a sweetheart, she looks amazing here!

i nearly died when i saw jena's new "hairstyle", i mean whenever this girl speaks she sounds like a harmless doe, not a shaved-head punk, seriously what is this!!?

Candace said...

Can I just be Rihanna for a day? haha

LOVE your blog by the way! :)

we wear things said...

wow ANTM is on cycle 11 already..

Kira Fashion said...

I like Tyra´s hair, that´s for sure original!

a kiss!!


welcome to Paris !

your smile will be your best outfit !
believe me.

thank you for your kind words
i ma glad to meet you in september
we'll have fun

keep on doing so great in your blog

cheers from Paris


keira antoia rose said...

I love Marjorie's look. I don't like the cover of Vogue at all, but I lvoe Keira Knightley. I think she is a timeless beauty. I don't think Rashida got her look right. Katie Holmes dress is sooo sexy. Chanel's look is one of my favorites I've seen from a model in a while. Rhianna has looked so good lately! Her style is coming into place. I envy her bikini.
xoxo Isabella Clarisse xoxo

NewlyInspired said...

LOVE CAMILLA ALVES line! Very vintage mocassin-ish feel! yum.

copperoranges said...

i like chanel iman better than giselle personally. there's something about giselle's face that isnt quite appealing to me.

i really love the muxo bags. i wish i could justify spending that much money on one!

Aliena said...

Hi! You said you liked Chanel Iman, so just to let you know that she is this season's image for Blanco, a Spanish brand. I leave you the link, just in case you'd like to chek!


Seraphine said...

yes! america's next top model. i'm so glad, because i'm tired of living lohan and watching seinfeld reruns.

Seraphine said...

although, project runway is on again. i love that show.

Hailey @ stylesymmetry.com said...

Why are so many ANTM contestants students!?
And love those Camila bags, wow. They are each unique and beautiful. Too bad out of my price range!

KATLIN said...

An Asian model from Hawaii on ANTM??? WOW! That's awesome, too bad we don't have CW on regular cable. So sad, I can't watch Gossip Girls!!! :(