It seems like the ankle boot trend is here to say just a little while longer. Paired with black tights, these shoes can make any outfit look instantly chick. Definitely should be on your list for fall!

The Nicholas Kirkwood ones are pretty hard core, I don't know how anyone could walk in them. I have a problem with any shoe with a heel since I'm flat footed, it normally takes me an age to find anything comfortable. So I'm on a mission while I'm in Europe in September!

I can totally picture Gwyneth Paltrow in the Alexander McQueen ones.



The Calvin Klein ones are only 120$ UDS at Zappos! Bargain!

The Chloe style triangle heel is getting very popular for the fall season, I wonder how easy they are to walk in?



I have to admit she wears this suit really well, but I can't stand the way she styles her hair. I think she should cut it short.






Poor Gap, they are losing money like there is no tomorrow. I remember back in their glory days when I was in 9 and 10 grade and you couldn't go passed somebody without them wearing those logo over sized hoodies. Times have changed. I remember the main Gap store here use to be always packed and now every time I walk in it's empty. The prices have dropped which is nice, and I still they they sell good quality basics.



Diet coke or Coca Cola light has gotten a makeover from Roberto Cavalli for Milan Fashion Week. If you live in Italy, these are worth collection for sure! I'm even tempted to check eBay.





I was a little freaked out the first time I saw these on robot Katie,
now they have grown on me. I kinda like them, but you really have to think about how to style them.

Wow it looks like she has these in all sorts of washes. I don't like the way she styled it in the third picture, the gold jacket and the too tight rolled jeans.



When I first saw Lila's Mexican print top I really thought it was identical to the one I got in LA, but it's clearly not.





SCARLETT JOHANSSON. Wow she has seriously never looked more amazing, especially after the whole Metropolitan Gala debacle. This dress is stunning, I was starting at these pictures for quite sometime, but not long enough for it to be creepy.

SELMA HAYEK. Even that dress can't hold her tits down, they look like they are trying to escape!

PENE CRUZ. Does she ever not look amazing?

PENE IN HERVE LEGER BY BCBG. I see Herve Leger is still the king of the red carpet.



I saw Coco do this with Britney a while back, and I thought it was worth a shot;)

(In Leighton Meester's dress / Sophia Bush, Miley Cyrus / Scarlett Johansson)

(Hayden Panettiere / Blake Lively / Rachel Bilson / Oliva Wilde)


FERGIE IN ERTRO / LEIGHTON IN LANVIN. As I said before I think that Ertro dress should be burned.

SOPHIA BUSH IN JENNI KLEIN. It's nice to see her wearing something so different and long.



NICOLE RICHIE. LOVE THAT QUILTED BAG. Nicole has some of the best travel outfits, I'm going to use her as inspiration for my trip in September.

RIRI LOVES ELIZABETH AND JAMES. This is about the third time I've seen Riri wearing something from the Olsen's collection. Fierce.

RIRI & CHRIS BROWN. Admit it already. Not another Beyonce & Jay Z?

LOU DILLON. Her style is all over the place I can't even pin point it, but I love it.

SOLANGE KNOWLES. I use to think she was a try hard, and well I still do. I don't mind her as much now, I think she dresses flashy to separate herself from Beyonce. I appreciate it more now, I don't know why...I just do.

SOPHIA BUSH. Well you know I love color block.

MARY-KATE OLSEN. Love the shoes, but I wonder if she will successfully bring the 90s back.

PARIS HILTON. I'm giving her credit because she's making shoes for girls with bigger feet like her. Paris is a size 11 and I'm a size 10 so I feel her pain! Everytime I go into a shoe store it's so rare that I find my size.

NICOLE RICHIE. I think she wore that scarf a few years back, I loved it then and I love it now.

EMMA STONE. Yeah nobody really knows who she and I don't really care to know. She does look great on the red carpet though.

VIVICA A FOX. Stop with the pastic surgery! She must have gotten something corrected though because she looks a lot better lately. Leave it at that please...

JENNIFER LOPEZ. She seems more humble since she had the twins.

PETRA NEMCOVA. Why did she butcher her hair for? Those bangs do not suit her face. Oh Petra, you are a sweet girl and you try so hard but you almost always get it wrong.


AUDRINA AND HEIDI, FRIENDS AGAIN? Lauren would be mad! I can just picture her typical silent wide eyed expression. I have to give Heidi credit though, she and Audrina were friends first and I guess since Audrina is "on the outs" with Lauren it's only natural. These two deserve each other, all they've done is milk the fame that Lauren has given to them.

SELENA GOMEZ. Goodbye Miley hello Selena. Hopefully you keep your clothes on!

RUSSEL SIMMONS AND NEW GIRLFRIEND? I still think he and Kimora should work it out, but I like his girlfriend's outfit.

RUMER WILLIS. I guess Rumer is over her rock phase and now she's trying to be all girly. Her pale face still scares me, but she can't help that.

BAR RAFAELI. The word is she and Leonardo are dunzo! I kinda hope it's true, I'd be curious to see who Leo dates next, hopefully not another person that looks like his ex Gisele Bundchen.

KIM AND KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN. She looks like beetlejuice in that picture and she had to make it worse with the orange clutch.

PHOEBE PRICE IN SEE BY CHLOE. Wow she actually has a script? A speaking part?



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K.Line said...

I want to like that return-to-the-nineties, boyfriend jeans look (and lord knows I may live to regret having said this) but I just think it looks tired and slummy. Like they gave their outfits no thought. Mind you, the eighties revival horrified me at first and now I've been vaguely desensitized.

enc said...

I would love to try this rolled-up jeans look. It's just about what I can handle right now. Booties? I wish my life had a place for them. you have all my favorite ones there.

Secretista said...

I can't wait to get that BAZAAR issue!

keira antoia rose said...

I really like the Nicholas Kirkwood ankle booties and the triangle heel Forever 21. When I first saw them I thought they were the uglies things alive. Now I think they would look pretty cool on. Rollled up jeans, not really my thing. Scarlett's dress is beautiful. I'm not a fan of the bright dress and lipstick. I've seen better Selma though. Penelope looks beautiful. That Jenni Klein dress is so gorgeous. I want that so badly. Elizabeth and James always has the best clothes. Emma Stone, Rumer willis, and Bar all stood out too.

xoxo Isabella Clarisse xoxo

copperoranges said...

the last rolled jeans look is the best i think.

i also wish chris and riri would just quit denying theyre together. it's so dumb!

selma must still be breast feeding .. good lord those things look heavy.

WendyB said...

I just saw Petra tonight at a movie screening tonight and she looked very pretty. The hair seemed under control. She was cute -- she couldn't get the microphone up to her height while she was saying a few words, so she took off her shoes to bring herself lower.

Dana (pron. like Donna) said...

As usual, I agree with 99%
Esp. the bootie craze.
I thought Tyra as Michelle was ridiculous btw...
Also, following your comment - I am in no site called something vintage.. you must have me confused with someone else :s

Anonymous said...

Meh.I'm not a fan of Tyra so her editorial isn't good news for me.I look forward to the other contents of the issue though, the september issues usually go all out.

I love the marc Jacobs shoes ,and yes I can't figure out either how someone can walk in the triangle heels.I love how Forever 21 blatantly rips off designer items.

good post.

alice said...

no, I'm not from California =/

PAM said...

i shudve gotten myself booties even if i live in 90degrees! hiks. theyre so nice..

and i love the rolled up jeans look! :) i wannt try them!

the coke! ilove! :)

great post as always!

Aliena said...

Oh those shoes!!!!

I don't like rolled up jeans, they remind me when i was 15, not a good fashion moment for me, heheheh

That Tibi dress is really nice! Just yesterday I posted some photos of sth similar, but in green.

Great post as usual!

this wheel's on fire said...

haha you always make me laugh! and often out loud. hmmm selma hayek's boob comment was today's favorite :)

Sharon Rose said...

I'm loving the Chloe shoe boots!!

Mine said...

Hello my dear, I noticed you're coming to Europe in september? where??
And ooh - I finally updated my blog :)

Anonymous said...

I have to say im a sucker for catwalk pieces, the designer ankle boots are amazing. No competition there! great post :)

Seraphine said...

haha i love the mariah carey heads. once again, jen, your humor is great.
poor rumrr, she looks like she only goes out at night. but my skin is pale too, so i know how it is. even when i "tan" my skin is pale.

fashion herald said...

love the shoe boots, not really feeling tyra as michelle.

. said...

Hiya hun, the boots at the top on the right are Balenciaga.. we have them in at work and I've been lusting over them for the past month!!!

Becca said...

i could see mimi in blake lively's dress, it would still show a lot of skin, but I wish she would try covering up a little. great body, just try classing it up a little!

Daphné said...

I adore those GAP ads!

Make Do and Mend said...

Love the new jeans thing RB's look best - so want the MJ booties and lovin' you're going channel NR for travels - what fun!

Ok so Tyty - so crazy the shoot? why?
PenC is as gorg as ever...

Savvy Mode SG said...

i still don't understand what HB is trying to saying having Tyra pretending to be the future first lady. and, i am loving the cavalli coke bottle.

pinup_girl said...

I'm not a fan of 90s style, actually I don't know anyone who is, but Mary Kate makes it look hot. Hopefully people will just leave the trend to her & it won't catch on.

And I have to admit, Paris made a great choice with that dress. It's beautiful.

And as for Tyra posing as Michelle Obama...oh my...

The Seeker said...

I'm in love with ankle boots!!!!
I've been looking for some like Chloe, I found some similar at Zara but were too high, even for me.
Crapp :(


(the "problem" with hubby is that it's in mainland they want him....)

kokostiletto said...

why are your posts so amazing!!!!!!!

i was thinking the most same thing about MIMI! WHY???/ WHy does she dress like a 13 year old??

Fashion Tidbits said...

those GAP ads are amazing!!! i lurve them

Wendy said...

Once again, fantastically informative post!

Carolina Lange said...

The new Gap ads are great!
Your top is just like Lila's, so beautiful!
I love nicole Richie's scarf!