I survived my 'Wisdom teeth extraction' on Friday. It was a lot more 'violent' then I expected. I thought they would just cut them out or something, I didn't know there was so much pulling and force involved! My teeth were really stuck in there they came out in pieces. I kept biting my lower lip after because I could not feel it. I would say the worst part was the injections, 4 on each side! I was bleeding everywhere even my shirt had blood on it it looked like I got into a fight! Surprisingly I didn't really swell, I still can only eat soft foods, but because I wasn't put to sleep or given laughing gas I felt pretty okay after. My stitches are bothering me and that advil is taking care of the pain but I'm ok!

Back to fashion: When I was younger I use to loathe pink, in the last couple of years though I've developed a fondness for it, but of course still in small doses.

The first picture is of course Miss Woo from Cheapskate Chic! I love her style, I think it's one of the best on the web. I really want the grey American Apparel crop top the girl is wearing in the second picture, I've been debating wheather or not I should buy it for a while.

The first picture is Fleur and Esmee from Mystylediary. These two best friends have the most amazing style, I don't know where they get the money to shop so much!

The girl in the fist picture is wearing the velvet Christopher Kane from a couple seasons back.

Source, Source



I don't like it on Kiki because she's too pale for that dress, on Eva though it's just right.





I was so excited when I found this floral dress and for only 5$ at the Salvation Army. It looks like something from Luella. I've already worn it to work.

I wasn't sure if this was a dress or a top, but I've already worn it as a dress to the Chris Rock No Apologies tour I went to earlier this week. I really like the rayon mateiral it's made out of, so comfy.

Extra long belts and a really nice floral scarf. I really love the scarf, but it's a little to hot to be wearing it outside right now, maybe when the weather gets cooler.



I love every single piece, I don't know how they are able to sell clothes for so cheap! I wish the fashion Gods would open a Steven Barry's near me so I could raid them. So unfair *pouts*



"It's rock glam: fun, colorful, young and edgy"

"Everything is fit to be sexy and flattering,"

Ok Avril I would not got as far as calling it sexy and flattering! I'm shocked to be saying this but I think the invididual pieces are quite okay, it's all together that they would look like crap and knowing Avril she expects you to wear this stuff all together.



The pieces are quite impressive, and I'm sure you'll have to pay a nice price to have the look. The collection looks like all her previous outfits. I can't give her points for creativity because of that, but it's nice to be able to buy her style.



Wow she must have went on that crazy maple syrup, lemon sugar diet because she got thin again so fast. I miss her curves hahah


I'm excited for my baby to be brown. I just have to believe the dark gene is going to survive. Cash and I are like, please!"

Poor Honor, she will be sent to the orphanage if she doesn't turn as brown as Jessica wants her to be. So much responsibility! This picture is so typical of Jessica, she's really trying to smile and this is the best she can do. She needs to remove that broom stick from her ass and stop being such a grouchy bitch.



Posh actually looks normal and not like a freakish alien! What's going on?



Keisha is awesome, she's so fierce when it comes to fashion! I also liked that she paired this dress with purple heels.

There's no doubt that Riri wore it better, Lala's breast look saggy in this picture. If you can afford the blazer then you can afford a decent bra.



Michelle Kwan was one of the first sports women (is that a word?) that I ever admired. I use to sit in front of the TV and watch all the skating competitions just to see if she was on. She was just so mesmerizing! I was so upset when Tara Lipinski won at the Olympics instead of her because Michelle so deserved it after all her years of hard work!




I really really really love this black dress, I'm not sure about the head piece Maggie is wearing though. Does she ever straighten her hair? A sleek do would look so fresh with this outfit!

Drink up, but don't forget about your DUI! I really like the Sex and the City SJP belt Mischa is wearing. I need to go to Claire's or Ardene and get a studded belt! I use to have so many when I was younger, I have no idea what happened to them all.


Besides the dress, I've always admired Ashanti's eye makeup, it's always so bold.

I'm not sure if I like this particular balenciaga on her, especially with the yellow shoes! What was sge thinking? I liked it when Cate Blanchette wore the origional blue one a few years back.

Where has Ashley been hiding lately? Ever since Spencer Pratt declared her the "Prettier twin" she hasn't been seen! I hope she's not ill...I heard rumors that the girls are not getting along, especially since Heath's death. I'm not sure if there any truth to it, I tend not to trust 70% of the stuff in tabloids.

Those are the craziest shoes I've ever seen, they look like monsters! They'll haunt me in the night! I guess she thought she needed something new to shock us. How the hell does she walk in those?

Slutty is back from her Italian vacation with her married father of four sucking on her cancer stick. I think this girl is evil inside, don't be fooled by the fashion!

The most beautiful natural woman in all of Britain! I'll be looking for her everywhere when I come to England in mid-September. I know I said I was going to Australia, but certain things have happened so it's been put on the back burner till early 2009.


What's with Lohan and ultra short dresses? I think it should burn, but that's just me.

Here's another thing, or person that haunts my dreams! She's so orange and her hair is so yellow. Her face actually reminds me of an orange!

In the odd time that I like what Paris Hilton is wearing, I blog about it...which isn't often. I'm a sucker for a vibrant blue, and the sunglasses are actually pretty neat.


Where did she get that skirt? I think I'm in love...

173 minutes in the clink! (30 day sentence) Khloe was in and out due to 'over crowding'...yeah sure. Way to teach her a lesson! I have to admit though, her mug shot is pretty fierce.

(The night before going to jail)

Her mole is gone! Better with or without?

Whitney works the high waisted baggy shorts so well, I really need to get a pair. I'm not sure how to pack for my trip to Europe. Last time I was there I went in the month of May and it was scorching hot! September I'd imagine won't be shorts weather...

What's going on with Katie's outfit? It's like she's trying to be cool, but it's not quite working out for her. How come Tom looks taller then Katie here and she's wearing heels? Those must be the super sneakers her was rumored to be ordering...

Wow I acutally like Miley's whole outfit here and I'm normally not all that into her look. The plaid shirt and denim shorts look like something out of American Eagle.

BEYONCE AND GABBY UNION They both look so shiny and polished! I really like Beyonce's shoes, the way the heel is decorated in black and white.

Where is that dress from? I know I've seen it somewhere on shopbop.com...I think it's MJ...maybe?

Anyway when is she and Macaulay Culkin going to get married? They've been dating for like 8 years or something. I guess his previous divorce has left him a little phobic? hahaha

Heidi is hanging out with Presidental candidate John McCain's daughter now? Is their anything these two won't do for a photo-op?

I wached Cheetah girls 2 last night I was laying on the couch nursing my wounds. Disney makes the best day movies haha


She reminds me of a hot dog, you know a sausage!

Now that's a hot bikini body, and this woman is 62 years old! I wish I had her abs, I hope I look half this good at 62!


This just seem so wrong! They play such innocent love birds in high school musical haha. At least they are credible, they've been together for like 3-4 years.

I really need to hit the beach, it's so rare for me that I haven't really gone yet.



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LML said...

yes! i love your superlong posts :D
so much to comment about! haha katie holmes is the best, she really is trying to hard to look cool and its just not working out for her :/

discothequechic said...

those pink outfits are fantastic.
I have the AA crop top, and she wears it so well here, think I'll have to recreate the look!

ouch, the wisdom teeth experience sounds pretty bad! I have heard lots of stories about the rigorous shaking and pulling involved; sounds a little like a horror film hah.

Aliena said...

I used to hate pink, but I'm warming to it too. I even bought a pink dress this winter!

I'm glad it didnt go too bad at the dentist's and that you are feeling (almost) ok!

jellofer said...

glad to hear you survived the wisdom teeth removal! I had all 4 of mine removed when I was 16, although, I was gassed (thank god!) so I don't recall who the operation went, only the aftermath of it. lol

enc said...

I'm so glad to hear you did well with having your wisdom teeth out.

You picked a lot of good examples of pink. Some girls really know how to wear it!

I love that ditsy-print dress!

Mrs. C said...

i think i might have read your mind because today, i am wearing grey and soft pink! shall make a post about it later =) i rarely wear pink but its just so flattering, makes you look so much healthier in the cheeks.

i can't believe those clothes are bitten and they are so cheap! we don't have them here in the philippines, you are lucky ones.


The Seeker said...

I'm glad to know that you've passed the bad part of having your wisdom teeth out.
Hope you'll get better soon.

Great post dear, love your stuff.

And also love that Balenciaga dress on your bar.


Carleen said...

I have to get mine out on the 29th without gas or getting knocked out! I am SOOOO afraid. this post made me feel a little better i think, but not really because the experience sounds so scary!!!!

NewlyInspired said...

OMG love SJP new line! Thanks for sharing! I'm going to go tomorrow to see if the store near me has that yellow dress!!! Glad you're better!

Imelda Matt said...

NOOOOO! I'm so disappointed (yet pea green with envy) about you news. Weirdly I was thinking about your on Saturday and I thought I must email you and check on your plans...:( Yes you must move back and not feel conflicted.

I can't help but feel that KK's body shape is better suited to the Dolce dress, thus she rocks it the hardest and gets my vote.

Happy to read your wisdom teeth weren't too bad.xxx

Anonymous said...

wow massive post for someone who just got her wisdom teeth out! you sound very brave, most people get anesthesia for it (my mom will never let me have it during oral surgery b/c she doesn't think its well monitored there) and take something stronger than advil. so congrats to you! and yea, i find novacaine is awful, sometimes when i have cavaties I just ask for no novacaine, its too intense, and very trippy to not be able to feel anything there

love your floral scarf, very 1940s england!

sjp without mole, finally! yay!

wow posh isn't psycho for once, lovely yellow

the balenciaga is totally unflattering on ashanti

love your pink summation, i used to loathe it too, but now I'm a fan every so often, still despite all of the dresses I own, I don't have a pink one

Tia said...

Well done on getting your teeth out! I don't think I'd want laughing gas or anaesthetic either. I'd probably be knocked out from seeing all the blood. =P

I love that floral dress you got from the SA. I could just picture that in an outfit.
You could wear the black long...it as a dress or a long tee with jeans e.t.c.

Thanks for your comment & for putting my profile on your links. =D


Seraphine said...

Your posts amaze me. I think because of having your wisdom teeth pulled, you had extra time this weekend, because this is one of your best posts ever. Who needs to read unrealizable tabloids, when we have you to tell us how it really is!
I like pink with black. Pink by itself is usually too pink. It's one of those colors, like yellow, you either look fantastic or you look awful. There is no middle ground.
Lindsay wears short dresses because she can. She has her mother's legs. Now that you mention it, Dina *does* look like an orange. lol. I never thought of that.
Mary-Kate's shoes are.. um.. interesting. Actually, they are ugly. She's strange. But entertaining.
I love Lily Allen's yellow sunglasses.
Rachel Bilson looks amazing. I love her style, even the pink belt. Especially the pink belt. Worn with black, of course.
Maggie Gyllenhaal has an interview in Marie Claire this month. I love her cheeks, the fact she doesn't have a face like everyone else. She has a face you remember. She's sweet.
Get better, Jen. Hugs.

kokostiletto said...

did you know you have the most amazing posts!!!!!!!!!!

Love love love everything about your blog!!!!!

i too hated pink when I was a child - I just posted about it too!

Sharon Rose said...

I'm starting to love pink too-my faves are baby pastel pink and hot fuschia!! Your charity shop finds are great! Hope you have a great trip to London-I've answered your comment about London shops on my page! If you like vintage too, check out my favourite websites, as there is a great website that shows all the best vintage shops around London!!

Fashion Tidbits said...

i'm impressed by the Bitten line, believe it or not

alis said...

Glad to hear you survived. Although your description of the blood bath was a bit too detailed, as I have my wisdom teeth-buds blossoming day by day.

-I love your pink picks, surprisingly I'm in love wit the pink leggings.
-Avril Lavigne line, no thanks. I'd rather wear Jessica Simpson.
-R.Bilson, pretty cool.
-Jessica Alba; Jen, you're not the only one annoyed by her failing attempts to smile. She gets on my nerves.
-Keisha looks so good.
-Riri looks like an ostrich.
-I'M going to London too! But in August. so sharon rose, thanks!
-Paris, lose the hat, get more exciting shoes, the dress is cool.
-"Robot malfunction" hilarious I'm still laughing. Her hair actually looks like the maid's hair in Jetsons.
-Claire Danes, what an ugly bikini pic of a girl so pretty.
-Helen Mirren; Me and my mom have been wowing at her amazing body for 2 days now, I'm still not over it.

Thanks for this juicy post!

nv said...

i love all the new bitten stuff!

Guerreira said...

darling, about packing for europe, at least where england is concerned, don't trust the summer!!! it can get quite cold at night and rainy too, so besides the summer things, i would bring a good middle warm jacket and rain-friendly shoes!!! when are you coming??

Rich Hippie said...

Love your blog, its so...HUGE. Good this is like my daily addiction.

Loves it...would you like to link up?

lara said...

I really like pink, dark and soft, etc :)
I really like these long posts, like if i would read a magazine ;)

Some Notes on Napkins said...

Love the pink post! And I can't believe the difference in Mischa Barton! Photoshop diet?

Lust for Fashion said...

omg, love this post.
i loved pink when i was younger but now it depends on the shade!
And i love your finds at Salvation Army. I need to go soon, but I am so broke. Sad, right?
mary-kate always has some crazy shoes, but I guess it's because she can afford it right??
sienna miller has lovely style, but I suppose she lives true to her nickname

Dapper Kid said...

Yikes I hope you're feeling ok, the dentistry sounds painful!! And I love the pink outfits, I used to think pink looked awfully tacky, but nowadays it looks fabulous! Oh and I love your floral scarf, the print is super.

Belle said...

I was so happy when Tara Lipinski won and I was even happier when Sarah Hughes won. I have never really liked Michelle Kwan, I know she worked really hard, but she was never one of my favourites. lol. I think that Lauren wore the D&G dress the best.

Blonde hair, Blue jeans said...

i love the pink gloves and leggins on the first photos! =)

Penny said...

At my dentist you have to sign a contract to say that if they paralise half of your face when they pull out your wisdom teeth, it's not their fault and you can't sue them! So my wisdom teeth are staying right where they are!!
Love the cute floral dress you got from The Salvation Army!

FashionSqueah! said...

Hey! Thanks so much for the comment on our blog, that cardigan was actually from Primark (£10 or something, score!). I hope your mouth feels better now, never had teeth out but I've heard it can be pretty awful...I know what you mean about the AA crop top though, everytime I see it I kind of go "ooohh!" then I think "How would I actually wear that...". Loving that Luella-esque dress too, perfect! Swap links?

♥ fashion chalet said...

Your blog is seriously awesome to read!! (: I love the pink part, it's always a fun color to work in. Thanks for your wonderful comment in my blog. :)

Thu said...

i wish there was a steve and barry's near me, too! as for forever 21, there's always online shopping! :] and it's free shipping if you spend $75 or more. great blog, by the way. you seem to have covered everyone!

we wear things said...

hmm.. i like light pink best...
and katie holmes hair and makeup is a total WTF!

oh and i'm scheduled to get my wisdom teeth extracted in 3 weeks... i'm so scared!!! were you awake during yours??

Miss Woo said...

Thank you so much, I'm very honored to be in your blog! :) and hope the wisdom tooth recovery is coming along nicely, at least you won't bother you ever again!

oh and I think I need some pink leggings in my wardrobe..

Miss White said...

The wisdom tooth extraction sounds horrific! I'm glad you're feeling better now.

Rich Hippie said...

okay just linked you

Siljesfashion said...

Love your posts, they are so entertaining! Great stuff you got, love the dress and scarf. I of course, love everything pink, its my color.

Savvy Gal said...

adore pink except for pepto bismal pink of course. I love Michelle Kwan, she is just so savvy and cool.

WendyB said...

Steve and Barry's CAN'T sell clothes so cheap -- they just filed for bankruptcy. That business plan did not work out. Hope you feel better soon!

G & W said...

wonderful :) thanks for linking, and i rly love the luella inspired top you sniped from salvation. sometimes treasures are hard to big thru over there but when you do its a total gold mine!

Jill Sherman said...

hot pink is definitely my fave :)

this wheel's on fire said...

HAHA wtf is up with katie holmes!! that was my favorite. i have to get my wisdom teeth pulled soon as well. you are making me worried! hope you feel better soon! btw thanks for the link <3

Secret Agent said...

The soft pink is quite nice. But like you said, it doesn't look good on pale Kirsten.
Rachel Bilson for DKNY...too funny. She looks like she's 10 years old.
Rachel for DKNY -- kinda random.

KATLIN said...

I'm starting to like pink too! I am not a girly girl and would avoid it before, but I like touches of it here and there because I think it adds an ironic touch to my casual style.
I wonder what will happen to Steve and Barry's since they went bankrupt...
Rachel BIlson's line looks like stuff she already has worn
I think the ELizabeth & James jacket looks better on Lala in terms of proportion
Ashanti, please don't wear Balenciaga, especially the robot/futureish ones
Katie Holmes should not work the grunge, baggy look, especially with that awful mommy hair and makeup
I hope I look that good at 62!

Jenny H. said...

i lovee mks shoes.
so original.

zac and vanessa are soo cute together :)

SICK. said...

i think that skirt is either acne or .. larok ? i'm pretty sure.
i'm leaning towards larok though.