One of New Zealand biggest fashion exports Karen Walker has been making clothes since she left school back in 1988. She started with NZ$100, which she used for material for a shirt. By 1995, she had opened two stores. In 1998, she began selling to Barney's New York. Her clients include Kelly Osbourne and Madonna.


These last two looks are my favorite.



These two sisters are one of my favorite Aussie designers. The way they mix prints and colors is impeccable and their items are always an object of lust for me. The stuff you dream of...

That first swim suit looks suspiciously like something from Alice McCall 2 years ago. Still love it though.



Can't Nylon find anybody interesting to put on their cover? She's so lukewarm, but the pose is hot.

I remember seeing pictures of her in that shredded outfit a couple of months back, I was like what kinda shoot is this? Now I can see where they are going with it, the cover is awesome, there's actually a third one too I just didn't post it.

I love her in this Viktor and Rolf coat, I wish I could have a picture of myself in it.


They gave Heidi a second line! Apparently her stuff sold well can you believe it? Who the hell is buying this stuff? I would say it's little girls, but the clothes are so skimpy. Whomever you are just stop!! It's not worth your dignity or mine...wait...I don't have any anyway hahha



It must be really hard for them to do this, but at the same time they are celebrating his life and his talent. Kudos.


Oh wow I have to say, this is the most perfect jumpsuit ever! It's so flattering!

Lauren looks insanely good here, how great for her to get to attend this premiere it's quite a monumental event.


Christian exudes hottness!



Diane wore that same hat to the Chanel Cruise show in Miami, it's so adorable on her. This look reminds me of Lou Dillon and Chloe Sevigny. Maybe she's trying to be more edgy?

I love the black and white shoes, they really sand out with this simple black dress.


Dear Sienna, I understand you are excited about dating a married man with four children but do you really have to expose yourself in public for the 100th time where you know the paparazzi can see you? So tasteless.



I'm not sure if I'm ever completely into what she wears, but at least she's edgy and fun and not afraid of color. Just because Beyonce stole your thunder doesn't mean you should let it get you down!


Okay I don't get it, it doesn't look like she was on a photoshoot so why does she have safety pins in her dress? She's so rich she can't afford to get it altered? Hmm...

I really love her makeup and the gold earrings it completes the look.

The gladiators are out! I really want a tall pair like this they are so edgy...I need to go shoe shopping I'm lacking so hard in that department.

The Lennon glasses are back, but at least these don't look like they came from the gas station.

Wow she's looking all sophisticated and grown up, she still has go be grotty though with the big Chanel CC label shoes and necklace. I don't understand this girl and flaunting labels I find it tacky, I've never seen anyone with so many Louis Vuitton bags. Can't she carry one that doesn't have the monogram splashed all over it?

What are these two doing together? Miley is like 15 Ashley is 23! I'm 23 and I don't really hang with 15 year olds unless I'm related to them. To each their own, it's no problem if that's what your into. (I love all my young readers!) Ashley does act a lot younger then she is anyway.

Remember when she played Michelle's best friend Denise on Full House? She's all grown up and looking sooo sooo cute!

I would chop my baby finger for that coat, ok I'm kidding...but I have given it a bit of though. Naw! Anyway I love it.

You'll never be her.

I don't like the dress in the second outfit, I've never been all that into that print and look. Reminds me of something Forever 21 would mass produce.

Getting ready for Project Runway are we? I get the feeling we'll be seeing a lot of Heidi.

"It looks a little home sewn"

I don't like her hair like that, it looks so falt! On the plus side the outfit is great, I'm always a sucker for a tropical print especially when it's in one of my favorite colors.

That is the cutest thing I've ever seen in my life! Where is Rhianna's Teddy Bear dog these days? I haven't seen it in ages. Puppies are only a good accessory for so long..



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Glamouricious said...

i definitely like lauren in that outfit vs. Khloe Kardashian... i don't know why exactly. maybe because it looks a bit too tight on Khloe.. :/ Lauren just looks more sophisticated. besides.. don't the Kardashian sisters have like a million other tight fitting dresses like this already? time to change it up a bit.. maybe something less curve hugging all the time.. we know you have booty's!! lol.

Glamouricious said...

p.s.: i agree! mischa looks HOT on that cover..

i couldn't resist making this lame pun either: those Heidi jeans are overdyed.. much like her hair..

this wheel's on fire said...

you make me laugh so much! def. my favorite blog =)

Pamcasso said...

I love the karen walker coats, and lindsay's dress totally reminds of F21 too! great post!

i think thats hauttte said...

why why why why WHYY does heidi get another clothing line

i think thats hauttte said...

why why why why WHYY does heidi get another clothing line

Anonymous said...

karen walker's clothes are beyond amazing, so colorful, thanks for sharing!

wtf left does mischa have to expose!? seriously, NYLON be more original for once. i know you love to think you're being edgy by putting media whores on your cover and trying to prove they're real people yadda yadda but mischa's interview is likely the same old BS from her "i'm a talent really, who takes my job so seriously that after by dui bust i staged papp photos of me looking somber in pocohantas's wardrobe walking my scrawny rat dog" ugg. i was looking forward to nylon, but now i plan on laughing at it. some months they're so good, the kills for example, but this is disgusting.

diane is quite daring, idk how i feel about it, but at least its risky and she's smiling!

omg sienna, you must be totally killing rhys right now. i hate when celebs dump the bf, whose probably devastated and move on like that so quickly, kate hudson anyone? i mean seriously, you must've been faking out your fiance for a few months if you're able to break up and hook up in record speed

1234 said...

i love blake livelys jumpsuit! it looks super. i also love lauren conrads dress.

enc said...

I like the coats in the Karen Walker line. Those patterned pants are cool, too.

That Heidi line baffles me.

Wow about Sienna. Who is that guy she's dating? How tawdry!

Aliena said...

I love that bathing suit (the one with butterflies) and Rhianna's dress is fantastic! XXX

Sharon Rose said...

The Karen Walker collection is really lovely!

alis said...

Wow the Karen Walker runway looks are awesome! Favorites: top row middle, 3rd row first, and the last two like u said.

You are torturing yourself (and us) with Heidi. I'm getting a twitch when I see that horse smile!

Blake Lively, Jurnee Smollett and Riri all look drop-dead gorgeous, I agree with you on Rihanna's hair though.

MK's cut-offs are hideous, the most unflattering pair of shorts I have ever seen. I would like to see Ashley's take on the gladiator boots.

I would have mistaken Blake's puppy with a teddy bear! What kind of dog is that?? Adorable!

Am I sick, or does Lohan really get camel toes in dresses ALL THE TIME. I am waaay to familiar with her structure that I would like :/

alis said...

Almost forgot, WTF Sienna??
I like her outfit on the pic she's dressed, but the others are so gross. The bed can be seen clearly, if the paps hang around long enough she might get a new "movie" out before she knows it!

Imelda Matt said...

on a person of normal height MK's gladiators are ankle length!!!!

Red Hott Martini said...
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glamour girly said...

I love all the colors in the Karen Walker Collection! I am really attracted to bright orange right now, and I want that plaid jacket with red and orange.

LOVE Blake Lively's jumpsuit and LC's dress at the Batman premiere. I think LC wore it better than the Kardashian.

Leigton Meester's black & white shoes are super cute with a LBD.

J Lo's dress was worn much better by Cameron Diaz in my opinion!

Some Notes on Napkins said...

great post... my friend saw blake and penn on the subway last night and i am glad to say she reported that look very reg when they dont have a team of people making them look awesome! still prettyy but not nearly as flawless as they seem nice to know they are human

Giselle Dozier said...

Heidi Montag = blech! Blake Lively = <3<3<3

Juliet said...


and I'm here again.

juliet xxx


Gosh, your blog is like my news channel! :) So glad I found my way back. Thanks for your comments on my blog as well! I'm just glad to hear that you are doing well. ♥

Jennifer Stoddart said...

I want that butterfly one piece.
Gisele looks incredible in those photos.
Blake Lively is so damn cute. I always love her style. You're right about the onesie- perfect.

Seraphine said...

MARRIED??? with four kids?
this has to be the bottom.
it can't get any worse.

Miss White said...

I love the checked Karen Walker coat and Alexa has a lovely checked coat too. I think I might have to start looking...

Anonymous said...

I love the red coat by Karen Walker and as for Slutty Miller with the way she is I am sure she is bringing crabs to the party. I don't know why people are obsessed with her, she has no talent except spreading her legs but I must give her credit at least she is demure about it.

G & W said...

ahhh, i love jaren walkers up coming line! all the pieces are so versatile, wish i was the slightest bit afluent so i could buy it all. and as for heidi and her new line...disgusting. during an interview she said her line is more for people clubbing and going out in LA. when in reality NO BODY WEARS THAT. gah

Nicole Then said...

love olsen's look!

Nicole Then said...

love olsen's look!

Anonymous said...

Sienna is so tacky. And at this point, how can she deny being slutty? I mean, come on!

Lily Van Der Cleu said...

I love your blog, I check it daily, and it's extremely captivating and has all of the best, juicy gossip and pictures... and, VERY well put together and organized!


Elana said...

-i am in LOVE with the photo of naomi in victor and rolf! wow!
-seriously, i would love to know who in the world is buying heidi's collection! i have a theory that she is buying it herself to make it look like its selling ahaha
-diane can do no wrong
-olsens can do no wrong
-im impressed by tisdale..besides the obvious label flashing
-alexa can do no wrong
great post!

Emily said...

my favorite look is that of blake lively...absolutely adore her (posted about her today) and think that top is so cute! i love lauren's dress and hair, but you're so right about her shrinking size. though she clearly looks better than khloe, she could afford to gain a few pounds to get her hips back!

we wear things said...

love blake's jumpsuit! i've been looking for a romper for awhile now..

your blog is always a fantastic read!

pinup_girl said...

I hate to admit that Lauren Conrad looks good, but she really did. But Rihanna's hair, sorry, it's TOO short!

Secretista said...

Sienna's boob. EXPOSED. WTF. I thought Ashely was 25? I would never hang out with youngins. The only time I ever hang out with them if I'm giving advice, ha.

Mrs. C said...

i cant believe heidi's line was sold out while victoria's and lauren's have been dropped? what's happening to the world?

p.s. i love blake! she's so cute with her bear.


Kaye said...

I love blake's shirt! Me thinks the style is slightly Blair Waldorf! =D

penelope said...

Heath Ledger was awesome in the Dark Knight and Blake Lively looks so fun in her jumpsuit! And i've NEVER seen any that i like before!

Vain and Vapid said...

Ha, I was just about to post about Karen Walker myself, her resort collection is soooo amazing. I love her work...

LBIC said...

Oh, Heidi. When will she just go away.

CoutureCarrie said...

This is such a love/hate post, full of people that I am passionate about, one way or the other. Loving Gisele, Sienna, Mischa, Leighton, Blake, Heidi & Mary-Kate. Can't stand Tisdale, Kardashian & Conrad. And what was J Lo thinking butchering Oscar's dress like that?? Mr. de la Renta would NOT approve!
Awesome post, per usual!!

Kira Fashion said...

cool look of Diane and sienna´s breasts...hehehe

The Seeker said...

As usual such a great post.

I really like some stuff of Karen Walker.


...love Maegan said...

why is heidi montag designing? better yet, why is she alive? LLohan looks horrible, Blake L's jumpsuit is fab, MGyllenhaal maybe looks better than she has ever looked!

Glamouricious said...

hey i nominated this blog for an award on my blog. =)

Sam said...

I love alexa chung's outfit! so chic.

copperoranges said...

lauren's hair bugs the crap out of me! she still has the same look from the laguna beach days!

i cant believe little denise is all grown up!

blake lively might possibly be one of the most beautiful blondes EVER.

brilliant post as always girl.

Fashion's Darling said...

I love Kelly Rowland!!! And definitely L.C. over Khloe Kardashion..sorry.

Love rihanna's cute. Tisdale is a disney princess so its kinda like a job thing (in my opinion) for her to play nice with Cyrus...but wat do i know

Blake Lively is just sheer perfection in my eyes...And I saw that third Gisele cover...as at a lost for words..her body is crazy

Heidi needs to go somewhere farrr

Fashion Tidbits said...

sweet!! that Karen Walker collection!!!!

bestie said...

i love alexa chung! and her coat really is cute.

lauren conrad definitely looks better in that dress. hot!

(R)evolver74 said...

I liked Sienna Miller in Keen Eddie (they cancelled the show, pah) but she's just soooo trampy now.

And yes Christian Bale is hotttt....I was watching batman Begins again in anticipation of The drak Knight..mannnnn....(swoon) and who can forget him in American Psycho????

SICK. said...

a. i love fuck me pumps, it's so good.
b. i haaaad knee high gladiators, but i think i've already told this story many times over ...
c. ahhahahaaa i read the heidiwood descriptions in this low lounge lady's voice. god i'm weird.


Anonymous said...

hey, do you want to exchange links? :)