Instead of taking my lazy ass home today after work, I went to Aldo and picked up these babies.
I promised myself that once the temperature turned 20 degrees I would get the famous gladiator shoes, well today it was 23 degrees! I actually wanted the tan pair, but they were all out of stock. I don't mind this color though.

I bought a couple of skirts and a cardigan at American Apparel. The Cardigan is from the men's section, it's long and covers my butt, which is important.




I find the length can be a huge problem for me because I'm only 5'2.











Remember when Marc never did interviews and stayed out of the spotlight? Now you can't keep him away! DIVA!

Elodie: Oh Marc if only you were not gay, we'd be so good together

Marc: Sorry, what was that?

Elodie: Err nothing.



I don't know if she is or not, but she looks really cute here. I hope she keeps the red hair, it suits her. She looks less ordinary.

I really like her ring, the square cut is becoming pretty popular lately.



RACHEL BILSON The outfit is cute, but the lighter hair has got to go. ASAP!

I think she's wearing Matthew Williamson here, I love his tribal inspired collection.


I'd go with the multi colored dress, I love it! She needs black shoes to go with it though.


I'm not sure about the giant rose. What do we think of it?

I don't care what anybody says, I love her hair I think it suits her. She seems more confident this way, strange but true.



Becky Brandon nee Bloomwood would never dress this way. They had the chance to turn this into a Sex And The City type thing and they ruined it. Shame on them!

I'm crazy for her fringe bag.


What's that big velvet thing around her head? At least she looks relaxed and relatively effortless in this crazy look.


That red jacket reminds me of something the Olsen's wore a couple of years back.



HEIDI MONTAG SHOWS OFF HER LINE I actually don't mind this dress, but there is nothing amazing about it.


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Anonymous said...

oo first comment this is rare haha anyway...

love the sandals, i got an awesome pair of gladiator heels, i nearly fall over in them, but they rock!

maxi dresses- uh no, i don't do long, i'm 5'2" as well :(

rachel and charlize look great

love the vogue shoots, cannot wait for it!

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

^ You caught me right on time,
you got gladiator sandals with heels? that's daring!

and yes for us, maxi dresses are a nono!

Tam Pham said...

i'm 5'2" on my driver's license put 5'0" in reality...so just like you ladies, i'm probably going to have to pass on the maxi dresses this season even though they look so relaxed chic. damn my Asian genes!

Chic Closet said...

Sadly, I think maxi dresses only look good on modelesque girls.
At 5'6 I'm not considered short nor tall and they don't suit me :(

I'm loving the lois and clark shoot, it looks really great!

If I could be one hot mama like Heidi Klum 20 years later....I'd be satisfied.

enc said...

Unsure if I'll be wearing a maxi dress. I'm starting to think maybe this is a look I could do. I'd have to try it on.

I love the shoes you got! Your AA stuff looks cool, too.

WendyB said...

Yay to gladiator sandals!

Secretista said...

You know how I feel about Heidi so I won't even say it. Oh, what the heck... GO AWAY HEIDI!!

Thier trying to hard to make it like Sex and The City! The outfit looks forced and not effortless. Carrie Bradshaw had an effortless edgy chicness to her.

AHHH Rachel Bilson, why bangs? WHY?!?!?! I'm torn with this look. I like it but I don't. I'm over it, but I'm not.

Aww you're only 5'2... that's cute! ;) You must be so sweet looking! i'm 5'6 more on the 5'7 side and I'll be wearing maxi dresses!

thesil said...

Great post!
Love the gladiator sandals!
Love the Lanvin maxi dress!
Love the edito of superheroines, specially the silver surfer´s look!
Love the photo of the kiss from the edito Louis &Clark!
Love the Louis Vuitton dress with the blue flower on the back!

And finally love your blog!

Colleen said...

Rachel's new look makes her look like an exact replica of Jenny Lewis (female vocalist of Rilo Kiley), oui oui?

Imelda Matt said...

MORE M-KERR!!!! She's Imelda's beloved!

Shopaholic said...

I hate too what they´re doing with the shopaholic movie, it´s also one of my favorite books (as you can see for my nickname...)

alis said...

Being 5'3", I'll also be staying away from maxi dresses, and like jayne I had to go with the high gladiators and got the gladiator wedges from nine west.

Bilson's hair has to change back! Not only the color doesn'T suit her but also her hair looks too thick.

Charlize's dress is a bit last year but I like it anyway!

LBIC said...

The Coco Roscha shoot is divine. And Tom Welling looks gorgeous in his.

Anonymous said...

I am in COMPLETE love with maxidresses... adore them... have so many in my closet.. and on the constant prowl for more... id actually love if youcould tell me where i could find some in Canada... lol... cos ive only been doing marciano so far.. aww about being 5 ft 2... you're so cute... lol.. remind me of my best friend... i'm 5ft11.. we always look funny when we walk together(cos im always in heels.. and shes not.. lol).marc jacobs and his best friend(whoever she is) look fab... LOVEs it... absolutely

Miss Woo said...

Marc, the "sleazy Euro businessman on holiday" medallion has GOT TO GO.

The Seeker said...

first loved your post.

Nice gladiator shoes and AA stuff great.

Love maxi dresses!!
I think despite my 1,70m I think it's about 5'6 (I had to convert it)they look good. I haven't them as I wanted.. :(

Lois and Clark pictures are so nice.


Dollfaced Rebel said...

LOVE the sandals Jen. That Maxi dress is wonderful.

Ediot said...

your gladiators are really nice!. the maxi dress in the middle of the first row is so beautiful!

really love bilsons style- this dress is brilliant!

i think charlize dress is cute but not perfect.... i dont like the striped/lined thing..

lily looks great in the first of the two pics. i totally agree with you!

mk. looks ok. not great but ok. the dress is ok- but im not either a fan of the furry round her head..

La Belette Rouge said...

Wow!! You are a hard working blogger! I am amazed by all the content you get in a single post. Love it! And, no to the maxi dress for me. Love the Lois Lane and Clark Kent Photos and I am with you on Ashley's hair. Have a great weekend and enjoy your new shoes! :-)

Anonymous said...

Gladiator sandals!!!! so kate moss.


glamour girly said...

I love A. Simpson's ring and red hair!

I am saying no to that big rose of Charlize Theron's, but she still looks darling.

Love the gladiators!

Cate said...

- i LOVE your sandals!!! and you're so lucky that it was 23 degrees! here it was SIX degrees :(
-i'm short too, like you (i don't know how many centimetres a foot is, but i'm 159 centimetres), but if i find a nice maxi dress, i'll wear it.
-gosh the "little mermaid's breasts" are lethal ^^
- and i totally adore the third shot of the maryna linchuk/tom welling shoot!
- haha and the elodie/marc dialogue is so hilarious ^^ that's what i'd be thinking if i was elodie ^^
- hm but i'm not so sure about ashlee's hair.
- the giant rose on charlize's dress doesn't bother me THAT much but the dress sure would be better without it.
- and i agree with you, i LOVE LOVE LOVE Lily allen's hair too. that girl has such a great style.
-gosh and you're SO RIGHT, becky bloomwood would NEVER EVER, EVER dress like that! I'd like to see the film just for the sake of complaining afterwards ^^
- yeah, wtf mary-kate.
-and the second miller outfit is really olsen.
-heidi montag's dress is something you'd rather wear on a beach i think.

hey jen, visit me sometime again ;-)
i really enjoy your blog.

Barret said...

i LOVE the drama of the rose dress and think Lily is beginning to channel more of a Blondie character...gives her more of an edge oddly enough since she went lighter...and i think MK can do no wrong, if only in the sense that she follows her own rules and has fun doing it.


lara said...

The gladiators are great !! I love them! And I will definately wear maxidresses this summer can't wait til the weather here is good enough :) And I really like Lily Allens new hair it suits her so well and looks perfect with the pink sunnies , I want them :)

Molly :] said...

Gladiators = Supreme respect from me.

I didnt manage to get any this season, and now i have my eye on an ASOS pair ;)

And i love your jumper. I often buy my cardies from Topman [Boy's Topshop] as they are longer, although i get some funny looks whilst trying them on!

Ashlee & Pete are so sweet together. Its not that im usually all gushy like this, but i do love them :) I heard she is pregnant.. how lovely it would be to have another fashionista [like Nicole] to show pregnancy in style.

And I agree about Lily's hair. It does suit her and almost makes her look more stylish? :) xx

Seraphine said...

Lots of juicy things in today's blog! But that's not unusual for you.
My first reaction is don't be afraid to wear a long dress or skirt because you are so-called short. But then, I think you know how you look best, so I'll "bite my tongue." OUCH!
Hold your shoulders back. I love your blog.

Daphné said...

Your gladiator shoes are gorgeous!I am looking for a pair just like this one, I am so jealous,they are amazing!
I love the Lois and Clark photoshoot too,Tom Welling is so hot!
And you're right Rachel Bilson's lighter hair has got to go!

JuliAM said...

i wonder who the stylist for shopaholic is...looks like they should've held out for p.field...yuck. and...oh, i fell asleep for a second b/c heidi's look is so tired and duullll...

Carolina Lange said...

Love the sandals! Really beautiful ones!
I like maxi dresses and the those are all beautiful, but I don't think they look good on everyone.
Love the picture of Heidi Klum and Sienna Miller!

copperoranges said...

i love those gladiator sandals! also .. i am definitely not rocking the maxi dress! i'm in the 5'2'' club as well!

SICK. said...

cute shoes !
& i have that pocket skirt, it's comfy :]

i love that lanvin dress, but have the same problem as you with height.

yuck, heidi.


jellofer said...

AHHHH!! What happened to Rachel Bilson's hair!? :(

Cute buys! Loving the sandals!!

Lynn said...

Maxi dress would be great on me - if I were 5'9"!! But at the same height as you, I have issues with them, hehe.

Giant dress on Charlize, non, non, non...

Lynn said...

OOppss, I meant giant rose dress..

frankie-lou&tallulah said...

love the superhero shoot.
thats really cool.
thank you for putting us in your today's links.

Dollfaced Rebel said...

Marc Jacobs is soooo attractive to me, even though he's in his

Anika said...

I have a huuuuge crush on Tom Welling! He's delicious.

Secret Agent said...

Nice buys and nice shoes.
"Maxi" dresses are wow...huge. Even though some of the models are 5'9+, it still looks like a potato sack on them too.
Miranda Kerr is hot and so is Leighton Meester.

SKYLA said...

leona looks lovely, i miss lily's old hair, is leighton the new mischa?? well mischa's definitely not mischa right now a mon avis!
oh AND i love that superhero shoot! =O