I met a Frenchmen on the bus the other day.
He sat horizontal from me and had a huge suitcase it was clear that he maybe just arrived from the airport. I caught him glancing at me several times in the span of a few minutes. As the bus was filling up I noticed he was having difficulties, I offered for him to put his bag next to me. I don't think he quite understood because the next thing I know he got up and sat next to me and brought along his huge suitcase. We started talking, and he asked if I spoke French, and I replied "oui". I don't know what it is, but everytime I speak to people from France my Quebecquer accent goes out the window and is replaced with a sleek Parisian one that I can't control. We talked about Paris (He likes Ottawa better), the weather and rising gas prices when my impromptu stop came soooner then expected. I abruptly said goodbye, got off the bus and realized I was slightly smitten with this stranger. He wasn't young, pushing late 30s early 40s, he wasn't ruggedly handsome, but good looking in his own right. What is it about European men that can make you forget your boyfriend ever existed?


I might, might be doing some styling or 'dressing' backstage for Ottawa fashion week in May. I'm not sure if I'll get to style, but I'm pretty confident there going to let me help out in some way. I was asked to submit a styling portfolio, but of course I don't have one so I was suggested to take some pictures or to try and style somebody. No one is around at the moment since I'm home 'sick' from work and my boyf certainly would not fit into these clothes so my only option was to spread them out on the bed. I've sent it off, and I'm sharing it here, but I included the brand names of the items in case you were interested. I sort of threw this together, I'm pretty happy with it as of right now.



Priced at around 250-1500ish (For a coat), but I guess you can call this his cheaper line. I'm getting an Olsen vibe here, coming out with a line full of basics...The Row anyone? The Olsens are really rubbing off on Papa Lagerfeld.





I may be asking for too much here, but I think these two would make such a cute couple. They look like they are rocking the casbah already.



Lick it!




You sick sick people! Your obsessed! Leave this poor girl alone! :)

Alexa does have amazing style.



Ugh she's got the worst on stage outfits, and this is no exception. I remember when I saw her on stage before she was 'so popular' and all she wore was red booty shorts and a tank top. Ahh the simple days.


Love the pink shoes.



I love her music, but I'm not sure what's going on with these outfits.

Aww, I don't know why her album bombed in the US after all that promotion. Her music is so good and so is this album. I guess British/Australian/Euro music just isn't understood there. Shame.




Why is her top so sheer?




I love the clash between 40s Dita and this modern background.

What else is new? Talk about matchy matchy poo poo.


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Ps. Fashion Disiple tagged me, will try to remember to do it soon.


Heather said...

I infinitely prefer your styling shots to Polyvore! Best of luck! You've certainly got the talent.

The Seeker said...

wow, love the looks you made.
Hope you get luck.
Another great post, like I said in my blog you don't save efforts to keep us updated.


jayne said...

haha cute french man story. i have one myself actually, when i was in cambridge, UK last summer i was eating in a cafe with a friend when 3 wayward french boys (probably 17) wandered up and asked if we knew any other french people in the city b/c they felt lonely haha. it was quite cute :)

what is up with natasha bedingfield!?

good styling shots!

alis said...

I like your styling shots, in fact I'll be getting outfit ideas from them. You have a cool way of mixing in vintage w/out showing anything is actually old.
Sarah Larson- what IS her deal??

Zoë said...

those outfits you made are awesome! You are great at styling!

aschlee said...

That story about the guy on the bus is awesome. Isn't it crazy the kinds of people you can randomly meet on what would otherwise be a 'normal' day. Random encounters make for great stories...just like this one. :)

Oh 'n your outfits are great... I love them, it makes me want to go shopping lol. Oh 'n George Clooney I hear a LOT that he's gay... he denies it, but it's an awful rumor. I do have a question though why hasn't ever been married?!?! Unfortunately it makes me wonder.
Oh hey does rihanna's outfit remind you of one that britney spears sported on stage a few years back cos it does me...anywho Love Rachel bilson...she can't go wrong with fashion (usually). Phewf long post.. lol :P

LML said...

love sjp's shoes. im starting now to get into square toed shoes!

WendyB said...

Hmm! Renee and George do make a cute couple.

The Stylish Wanderer said...

Europeans are very alluring. I really dont like Rihanna. And that outfit of hers is terrible, and am I the only one that thinks it looks like she is flipping off the crowd?

Cris Lazoru said...

Lovely post! The Bilson Rocks


Fashion-DiscipleXXX said...

I'm so over Riri right now, she's just too fashion wanabe for me, she puts stuff on that to me screams look at me I know fashion, urgh, please go away and never come back.

SJP is rocking those shoe's

Good lubk on your styling, its looks super cool anyway, it will be shoes in trust me.
Wish I had a gorgeous French man story, sighs

why does Tyra have to be all, Tyra, I’m so sick of her unfashioness, God! She worked in the industry you’d think she'd have a clue, her, Beyonce and Riri need to go to teach a diva how to dress school, it just to upsetting.

At least the picture of the Bilson made me forget all that wackness. ^_^

Juaи + said...

Love your blog, every post just by looking it makes clear you worked really hard on it !

congrats** :P

Shaz said...

europeans are hard to resist, and your story is too cute.

Aggghhhh i hate tyra banks but i'm loving lauren conrads wide jeans.

Belle said...

i want alexa chungs babies...and boyfriends, ahahah xD


as always i am always impressed with your post! so much stuff to comment on... hahahaa-- first off i loved all of the outfits you put together... i love SJP and her cute pumps and i dont even know what to say about natasha bedingfield or rihanna... but i mean if i had rihannas body i would wear that thing too haha

enc said...

I hope you get the opportunity to do some styling. You'll be great. :D

Old.soul.in.the.city said...

You should def do styling! I saw the Daisy Lowe Cover.. .very risque but in an artsy way :)

copperoranges said...

i hope you get the styling job! your outfits are great!

ps. i love the flea market jewelry in the post below!

Secretista said...

Yes, European men will do that too ya! I want my own European boy!

I like Kylie's new album!

Neekoh said...

How exciting of an opportunity! Good luck! Hope you get to style :)

And I think George and Renee are exuding chemistry. I wish they'd just hook up already.

Adge said...

Tyra Banks, in her own words, looks "straight up mall " in that outfit!But Renee and George do look undeniably cute together. You can't deny the chemistry.

Fashion Tidbits said...

good luck with the styling project~!

thesil said...

Adore your posts!They are so long with so information!
I´ve liked your story with the French man, you are right, we must be careful with this charming men!

Good luck with your possible work at Ottawa Fashion Week!

About the collection of Laggerfeld I like the shitr with the face of the "kaiser" but the other are simply the same as usual.

I don´t like Renee and love George but I think they would be a good couple. I don´t like Sarah Larson at all.

Love Alexa Chung´s style. She is becoming famous for that in Europe.

And finally I always love Rachel Bilson. Her style is perfect.

On Track said...

I love your looks, they are perfectly styled my love, and very inspiring. I love the belt to pull it all together :)

Cate said...

oh yes if you don't know the songs i always write about, you can click on the links i make of most of the songs - if you haven't already done that! ^^ and it doesn't matter if you don't know the singers, they aren't exactly very popular, and also i write about them to introduce them to my readers!

okay, about your post:
-oooh, bus "romance" story... i don't think you should worry about forgetting about your boyfriend for that time that you talked to the frenchman.
-wow, you're going to be at ottawa fashion week! that's soooooo cool! if i lived in canada, i would definitely let you style me!! i love the 8th outfit you put together and i love all the bags! and i also love the tops from the two last outfits.
- i like the k by karl lagerfeld things, except the tee with karl lagerfeld on it. ^^
- no, seriously. RENÉE ZELLWEGER and GEORGE CLOONEY?!?!?!?! i can't stand renée. (couldn't even before i knew this ^^) but sarah larson looks pretty much a slut in the "lick it" picture. and also in the one where the guy is kissing her foot.
- i liked girly not-so-famous-rihanna better too. her stage outfits, it's PURE HELL, and - i don't like many of her red-carpet- or everyday-outfits either.
- ooooh SJP's pink shoes are wonderfuL!!!
- yeah, i don't know why natsha bedingfield is wearing this captain's hat all the time ^^
- ya hilary, too short. and i'm not digging the weird cardigan either, especially not with the hot pants.
- and EMMA WATSON!!!! I love her so much, and this outfit is awesome! simple yet chic.
- i like dita's outfit too, although she always seems a bit uniformed to me - well, it's her style, and she rocks it.


atelier said...

I love that bird skirt you have in the first pics, and also the last one (I don't know if it is from H&M or Old Navy). I think Clooney and Renee look great together. Isn't Lauren Conrad copying Nicole Richie look?

coco said...

Renee and George are perfect together
I'm not so keen o n Renne but when she is with George I like her a lot!

Mimi said...

Love Rachel Bilsons jacket.Alexa Chung looks great like alway. Rihanna looks aweful (sorry :I)
Your outfits are great.The bag in the 4th pic is definately my favorite

-annabanana- said...

why don't you try modeling your own clothes?

glamour girly said...

Oh, I love George Clooney and Renee in those pics when he has the newsboy hat on...

Great clothes picks!

Ana Jordán Davia said...

Hola Jen: he llegado a tu blog através de un comentario que me han hecho en el mio desde Teclado e Mouse.
eres crítica con lo que te rodea,eso está bien .
Ya ves ni en ingles ni en frances el comentario en Español.
Un abrazo desde España.Ana.

Mi blog se llama: http://badulakedeana.blogspot.com/

Romeika said...

Good luck with the outfit's choices! Too bad you didn't have a "model", but you were creative enough to go through it.

Renee and Clooney look good together.

Ediot said...

OH oh oh! you just brighten up my day like few others can! i'm so flattered by your comments and your visits to my blog :)
Wish you a great week!

emma watson is such a cute girl- so is zoe- didn't think about the boob thing before i saw the text..i find it normal though..

really love rachel bilsons outfit. and the hair- it's so lovely!

Imelda said...

I love SJP her shoes!

And OMG Dita Von Teese looks gorgeous! that dress and the shoes and the her! Amazing!

Stina´s world of everything said...

Ok. Now I have a HUGHE crush. In the clothes you shoe you have one black skirt with bbirds that I just have to get and then u have a blue cardigan with stars.

You don´t happen to sell those to - do you?

Else - where can I get them?

As usual I just love your blog. It´s so well done.

Take care

lara said...

I love the outfits you put together evry single outfit is great!!

Kira Fashion said...

amazing personal adds!

love it all!!!

a kiss and a hug!

thanks, always, for the links!


iñaki said...

I think you did a remarkable job with the styling! I love the outfit with the star cardigan!
I am so into Karl Lagerfeld lately! so glad u showed it here. I actually got a white tee from the fall collection and it has that same face form the black tank.


Kira Fashion said...

hello Jen!

your work requires a lot of responsability, it´s something very amazing as flight attendant is too!
i hope you get what you want!
thanks a lot for answer me, i know we are always in a rush for uploading and answer everyone here in the blog...

a kiss and a hug,
have a nice day,

Seraphine said...

Your styling ideas are great! I love that you pair things from so many sources- that's hard to do. Your creativity is amazing.

Raining Hats and Clogs said...

eee i'm so excited for K by Karl Lagerfeld!!! granted i won't be able to afford much but perhaps one piece will find its way into my wardrobe

and i couldn't agree more about Sarah Larson. George can do so much better! It's time for him to class it up!

care to trade links?

SKYLA said...

love, love, love Dita. precisement, i totally agree with you about meditaraenean/european guys. J'aime parler francais, i'm always slipping in random french words to conversations and although it probably sounds either pretentious or twattish, i enjoy it in my weird ways,

Juliet said...

HOw can Bilson look so great all the time?
I wish you luck to get the styling job. It would be great!

juliet xxx

Debbie Shiamay said...

Jen i love ur portfolio. I think they'd be silly not to let you style!!!

Imelda Matt said...

How can you not want to listen to Kylie she's soo happy, happy :(

Belinda said...

I TOTALLY understand what you're saying about the French guy - the accent....OMG!!! Imagine if he was ALSO in a rock band, brandishing a hot guitar...I too would have forgotten about my boyfriend....errr....I mean husband - hahahahaha :oP

That pic of Sarah Larson licking the magazine - I bet that's EXACTLY why George Clooney is with her! He and Rene do look pretty awesome together - well matched Jen!

Hope all goes well with the styling gig too - keep us posted! :oP xx

Lynn said...

I admire the way you put those clothes together. Can you be my stylist? :) That blue skinny belt by VTG, i like!!!

Agree with you, George Clooney and Renee Zellweger are delish. Larson, err *shudder shudder*

Natasha's got a bucket full of sunshine alright..!

Vain and Vapid said...

I think you did a great job with the styling and I like a lot of the individual pieces as well like that Target bird print skirt so good luck with the styling gig.

Zoe K looks cute, love the Jeremy Scott skirt on her.

Don't love Dita in this one, way too matronly for my taste.

Natty said...

Yuk Yuk Yuk to Rhianna - her stage outfits are horrid!! Also Zoe Kravitz's boobs are wonky - I wouldnt want to wear a sheer top with those puppies!

Rollergirl said...

Love your comments, so spot on...and funny! Yes, we Brits adore Alexa, she is a lovely girl too, I used to work with her yeeeears ago! As for Rhianna, I never understand when bands/artists have those awful stage outfits, it's like, were they too scared to tell the costume designer?

Secret Agent said...

It's so awesome that you can speak French. Here I am, another Canadian and I barely made it past grade 12 French. On second thought, after final exams and finals marks, I did fail grade 12 French. On the final, they talked about Celine Dion. So, I would write things like, "Celine Dion c'est le true beauty. Elle c'est a chanteuse with a beautiful voice". Haha... I totally gave up on that final. It was ridiculous.
I think you did a great job with the styling portfolio. The best part of it all is that you can wear your great outfits together and no thinking will be required now that you've layed it all out.
George and Sarah are a bit mismatched, but damn, she's hot.

Nico. said...

Love the outfits you put togeather from your styling portfilio. I do the same, but I don't always have someone around to model the clothes for the camera, so I do my rough ideas on Polyvore. (www.polyvore.com)

I love your blog, and check it every morning when I wake up. I hope you don't mind that I put a link to your blog in mine.