I went to the flea market today, I didn't find a lot of clothes (none), but they had loads of cheap stylish accessories. I feel in love with this clutch/bag I think I'm going to use it for my makeup at work.

Cheap thrills.




The Oscar winner's model wife of 11 years sure knows how to dress!







In my opinion she looks like she should eat a few chicken wings. I use to really like her the first three seasons of the hills, but she seems different in recent episodes. I get the vibe she's just doing this all for the fame, I hope she's thanking Lauren & Heidi and not just taking advantage.


She's actually dressed in Chloe or just knock offs?
I could not believe my eyes! She has to ruin it with that God awful jacket in the first picture. Bad taste never goes away! I know I can't stop writing about her, I'm facinated...it's an evil pull!



Yeah I never watched her show "Rich Girls" because MTV Canada had closed for business at the time it aired (Now it's back). I feel bad for this girl, she looks too much like her dad and not in a good way.


She's been working some amazing outfits lately! I'm still in love with her first album it was amazing I can't say much for the others though.


I don't know the way she matched her shoes exactly to her bag. It must be from the Jessica Simpson line...where else?

I hope they can recover from the STD outbreak she's about the launch on them.

I heard a rumor that Rumer Willis got the worst hair extensions known to man. Speaking of man, she looks like one here in drag, except a drag queen would do it better.

Scull scarves are still in? Anyway, I still think my best friend in the whole world was looking uber stylish the other day.



She's got two new songs out, click here to listen.



I need a belt like this, does anybody know where I can get one?

She's looking ultra glamorous here. Diva!

I love this color yellow especially paired with white.


What's wrong with Fergie's outfit part 2

She's showing Evan how it's done.



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Mickie said...

Ok, so imagine my surprise when a) finding such a rad blog and b) finding out the person who writes it is from the same CITY as me. Maybe I'm getting too excited, but I mean you probably know, people in ottat that care at ALL about fashion are really hard to come by. Anyways, I thought it was cool, and your blog is awesome, and definately going in my links. Where do you usually shop in Ottawa?? Oh, and check out my blog!;)

Tlell said...

i swear its the cuffs on Fergie's shirt and that ugly bag that are throwing off her outfit again. however, it might also be that horrendous jacket.

WendyB said...

Keisha is very stylish.

coco said...

Yey I love your really long posts!
Keisha Whitaker has great style, I remember seeing their daughter in Teen Vogue and thinking she dresses well too
A little like Zoe Kravitz but younger!
And I am really not into Audrina any more, I think she is worse than Heidi!
When it comes to the Hills it is Whitney all the way!!!!

Fashiographer said...

I actually like Paris' outfit this time, it's very russian.

Rumer Willis is a poor unfortunate girl: she's got beautiful parents but got the worst genes from them. I hope Shiloh turns out better!

Barb. said...

lily allen looks great!

The Seeker said...

Another great post, but what I'm really in love is for your necklace with that pendant in the first picture.
I want one like it!!! And now, buá buá.
(the child in me it's making scenes, don't worry) (crazy me)

I love Keisha style.


Romany said...

My god - Keisha Whitaker is so tiny!

Audrina reminds me so much of this skank from my school - I don't know if Audrina is asctually skanky, but you're right her 'tude has definitely changed recently. Maybe she's just sick of having the cameras there all the time..? Oh well...it's her choice and she should live with it.

Big fat LOL at your comment on Rumer Willis! She annoys me so much! Lol!

Evan and Dita look so much a like these days. Although you're right, no one can do 'Dita' like 'Dita'. ;)

Great post! :)

Cate said...

-the clutch is great, super for going out (as IF i ever went out ^^)
-the small yellow bag is cute too, i couldn't tell if it was the MJ or the D&G one...
-gosh the audrina shots are so wannabe. she should a) eat a few chicken wings and b) she looks strangely smudgy to me, as if she didn't apply her autobronzant well...
-hm heidi really looks dressed in chloe to me! love her shoes ^^
-gosh ally hilfiger has such a horse face. sorry.
-i liked ashlee's first album too, but i don't care much for the girl.
-haha jessica's clothes must be from the jessica simpson line, i LOLed when you said "where else?"
-and rumer willis doesn't look much.
-heidi klum's face looked strangely crooked. ^^
-lily's new songs are AWESOMEEEEEE!
-who is the girl mary-kate is with in the second pic???
-i adore ashley's outfit too!
-michelle trachtenberg looks very young.
-j.lo's dress has an amazing colour.
-and what's wrong with fergie's outfit? I think it's the shoes in the first picture, the one more in teh front looks as if it has a horn or something on it and as if its too big for her.
-hm i don't like the see-thru cleavage of dita's dress and the hair.


Shaz said...

are u serious...your going to use that gorgeous clutch as a make up bag??? it is far too beautiful!!

Keisha is really pretty, and im loving ashley simpsons outfit..i want to be her so bad dammit!

Juliet said...

No one does such long posts.

juliet xxx

Adele said...

I love the necklace you bort with locket on the end. Autumn Whitaker looks great! i love how she added the converse with that dress! lol i really dont like those shoes Heidi wore :S i love laurens orange dress and also love Ashley Olsen outfit... she looks so great.x

!*!*!*!*!Fresh and Fab!*!*!*!*! said...

fantastic post.

rumer miills looks like a fucking man, wtf

the stuff u gt is really nice

fergie looks great this time

dita is flawless, can she ever get it wrong?

lilly looks disgusting head to toe, the only nice thing is the hair

Fashion-DiscipleXXX said...

Great finds, love the bag

I know your in love with Lily’s hair but me no likely and that outfit she’s wearing it scares me. Bring back old Lilly Allen, not the trainer wearing one, that Lily was chavy, the one before this version was beginning to turn my attention.

Lol your comment on Paris killed me…

Fergie needs to get rid of the jacket and bag.

SET said...


jayne said...

wow fab flee mrkt finds! the jewelry is fantastic :)

keisha is quite stylish and totally gorgeous

lily allen does look good there, i may be warming up to the blonde

love michelle's coat

and need the marc by marc jacobs bag!

Lotem said...

I love Lauren Conrad. Out of all the little The Hills idiots, she's the cutest, best-dressed one. Heidi always looks retarded, and it's like she's always trying too hard.
Rumer willis is such a loser. So as Paris.

yeah well, have a great week hun :)

Anika said...

Eeeeh, Heidi sure knows how to ruin my favourite brands for me - first Balenciaga, now Chloé. What's next? Givenchy?

jellofer said...

That first necklace you got is really cute, does it open up??

And keep posting about Heidi...lol, she's like the girl we all love to hate.

Make Do & Mend said...

As ever a great post! Like the trinkets you little magpie!
The well dressed were good and the rest were awful as you rightly pointed out - but poor poor Rumer Willis what a shame to have all the worst bits of your parents on display. How did she get the bad genes!

The Stylish Wanderer said...

Love the clutch

thesil said...

Great post Jen!
The spanish´s flea market are not the same as the canadian!Love your clutch!
I´m impressed with the look of Rumer Willis. She looks a drag!and she is very skinny.
I adore the olsen´s look this week.
Dita is the authentic queen of the burlesque. Adore her pin-up style.
Of course you are in my links!

atelier said...

Keisha looks too thin, she is beautiful, but too thin. I love that Ashley Olsen look, simple but stylish. I think Nicole Richie got wrong with that skulls scarf, it's so over!

Mickie said...

Haha, I didn't know any other way to message you except to leave a post! But anyways, consider yourself lucky that you don't do most of your shopping in Ottawa. American Apparel is the love of my life, but everything is really simple there and so I always feel like something's missing. I've gone to Montreal about 6 times this year already lol, but mostly I just try buying things online. I actually found this amazing seller on Ebay that sells returns from Bloomingdales and Macys. Their name is esavings or something along those lines. You should try the new Forever 21 Canadian website for cheap convenient buys. H & M in Ottawa would definately fulfill my shopping needs I think. My favourite thift shop here is Ragtime. If you haven't been, it's a do not miss.

Ediot said...

OHHHHHHHH! finally new lily songs! you made my day friend! love love the new songs! thanks so much for the tip!
love lily's dress as well! got a nice vintage vibe to it

lauren is looking great as usual- not tacky like ehrm. some other girl..

really like keishas white dress aswell

Im so envious of your necklacewatch

sara said...

Oh how I love flea markets, and you defiantly picked up some awesome stuff. For Fergie's outfit, I think everything's wrong!

x sara o

JuliAM said...

at least heidi had the good sense not to wear her own line, right? ha! and i don't know what audrina's deal is, it's like she's creating this whole friends-with-heidi controversy so that she can have a bigger part in the show

alis said...

-great finds! I got a similar ring (but bigger) on the street for very cheap and it looks great on.

-Keisha, so gorgeous, never noticed until this post.

-Audrina: cheap.

-Rumer Willis: I feel bad for her because of the same reason you feel bad for Alli Hilfiger.

-Ashley Olsen looks great, her sunnies and belt look amazing on her.

-Fergie; whats wrong? everything!

-Dita, so gorgeous. Whenever I see her picture I stop and stare for a while.

-Lohan, yuck what is she wearing, denim leggings? She has a great body and yet she always manages to find pants that give her knee fat.

Savvy Gal said...

I love the yellow clutch you found.

Savvy Gal said...

I love the yellow clutch you found.

deexdeexdreamer said...

wow laurens friends really all do wear her ish! As for the friend ho usually doesn't wear anything, it doesn't offend me too mcuh- i'm sure she'd be doing nudie shots even if she was'nt in the hills

...and i mean that in the nicest possible way! Hey if you got it...

SICK. said...

i agree with coco on autumn.
lindsay lohan's style is really going down the drain.
dita is 10x better than evan could ever be, i mean, it's just such a blatant copy ! even was so pretty before she attempted dita's inimitable style.
i don't think anything is wrong with fergie's outfit, other than maaaaybe the jacket. i think the shoes save her, because i am not a fan of that leopard print bag and her silk shirt.
olsens, beautiful as usual.
lily is pretty as a blonde.
if your best friend spent as much as she did on a scarf, she'd better keep wearing it .
rumer's hair looks greasy. cute dress though ? albeit a bit boring.
ally hilfiger is such a cute little chipmunk !! i like her :]
oh, uhm, what !? why is heidi wearign chloe. whyyyy.
psst, audrina, i don't want to see your boobs. put 'em away.


Jill said...

Hate the leopard print bag, I could have possibly let the rest slide for Fergie this time.

aizat.cinta.goddess said...

love heidi!!she is an icon

enc said...

Nice flea-market finds, and thanks for that nice bunch of photos of Keisha and FW. I love him.

Secret Agent said...

Nice "cheap thrills" from the flea market.
Audrina is smoking hot in those photos. But stupid for doing nudes. Well, stupid for her career. Us, guys are thankful. These photos look much better than the first set.
Every time I see pictures of Ashlee and Pete, I get shivers. It's pretty weird. Pete Wentz always seems wet and greasy.
Paris Hilton looks stupid.
I feel bad for Rumer Willis. Everybody makes fun of her looks. She must be hidden in her mother's shadows.

Jelenie said...

Nooo why Audrina?! That just looks so tacky.

And Rumer = a man.

Vain and Vapid said...

Love the clutch, the beading and color are both lovely.

Forrest & Keisha make a really cute couple.

Surprisingly into the Dolce bag.

Audrina, putting the whoring into fame whoring.

Heidi, thank the lord even she can't be bothered to wear her own collection to the opening of her own collection? I don't blame her.

Kira Fashion said...

hello dear!

nice adds!
and i don´t about the olsen´s belt, but you can improvise...i think...

a kiss and a hug,
thanks a lot for all!
you are the best!


Seraphine said...

lol don't you love 420 weekends?

Natty said...

I love your thrift shop finds! Dita certainly is showing Evan how it is done - Im not keen on Evan myself!

Natty said...

I love your thrift shop finds! Dita certainly is showing Evan how it is done - Im not keen on Evan myself!

Lynn said...

Lohan forgot to tan her arms, probably other body parts apart from the visage..

S.C. said...

You just gave me inspiration for my outfit today. :) thanks for the comment! :D