When I saw this picture of SJP a few days ago I really thought she was wearing a designer dress. I commented on how I loved the modern tropical look of it. Well I'll be damned, when I was searching through eBay at work the other day like I always do I came across the dress. I had no idea it was part of SJP's Bitten line and probably only retailed for $20 (I think everything in her line is suppose to be under $20). I scooped it up right away for a cool $15 on eBay, can't wait till it arrives! I guess I'm bitten...





Love that she kept the bangs.


She was so strange! She does have a fierce look though. Very unique.



I've seen a lot of pictures of Bianca lately, seems like she's doing a lot of commercial print stuff. Glad she kept the short hair, it definitely made her look more regal and less trashy.

My least favorite winner, she was soooooo whiny.


I was really rooting for her in the beginning, but in the end she got annoying. I'm not impressed with this picture of her, not sure what it's suppose to be, but it takes away from her beauty.

Nik should have won cycle 5 and not Nicole. This was the only finale where I was really shocked, I thought she would win for sure.



"A woman watching "Top Model" went seriously "Springer" over her friend's refusal to stop yapping during Miss J's transtastic Tyrade. Fierce! According to police, the 42-year-old victim refused to pipe down, leading her crazy-ass friend to allegedly pull out a knife and stab her. Beauty really is pain! When police arrived, they found the bloody victim lying on a couch amidst clumps of hair. The psycho suspect fled and is still at large."


The Real World has started again, so it will probably take over The Hills as my guilty pleasure. I'm annoyed that they went to Hollywood, I was hoping they would go somewhere outside America. The last season in Sydney was the best!! Team Parisa!!!

I can't believe they were all in the same room together, progress...sort of.



This photoshoot is just not good. Ok magazine has the worst shoots, I think they do it on purpose.

OK: Is The Hills scripted?

WHITNEY: It's all real. There have been times we've had to shoot something again, when our microphones weren't working or because someone walked in front of the camera. I've never been told what to say.

There you have it. If you want to trust any of them, it's Whitney.



Doesn't she look amazingly young? They look so alike too and both dress well I can see where Dita "Heather Sweet" gets her looks and style from.

Love the second one on the left.


Work it! My best friend has been looking amazing lately, she's even taken out her Balenciaga.


I have to hand it to Kim, I think she has good style. Not great but good, she knows how to dress her body.




These two look amazing for their age. Martha was so gorgeous back in her day when she was modelling. Too bad she's crazy...


I was tagged by Fashion Deciple &
Cate a while ago, but you know I'm lazy like that. here goes...

The rules:

1. Link the person who tagged you.
2. Mention the rules in your blog.
3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.
4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking to them.
5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger's blogs to let them know they've been tagged!

This a little hard for me because I don't like writing about myself on a personal level all that much.

My Quirks:

1. I love music, it's my life I'm obsessed. I'd rather not live if it means living in a world without music. I'm pretty good with music trivia and I sing along to practically everything I hear.

(Like right now, Love song by Sarah Bareilles)

2. I think about fashion all the time. Coming up with an outfit can be a grueling process even if it means going to the gym or around the corner.

3. I think about travelling all the time, it's the thing that makes me the happiest in the whole world besides my boyfriend.

4. I live in three worlds, 'reality', the internet and in my head.

5. I use to be obsessed with Hanson. I had a pacticulary obsessive crush on Taylor Hanson. In my mind I was going to move to Tulsa, Oklahoma and have his babies! As we all know he got married to some other chick and has three kids and he's only 25! Still can't get over that, it breaks my 12 year old heart.

6. I smile all the time, constantly. Some people think I do it on purpose, but I've been like this my whole life I don't even realize I'm doing it. Even when I'm mad or upset I'm smiling as I'm explaining my plight. It's strange...

The first six people that comment here can consider themselves tagged.

You probably won't see me around as much in the blogosphere, work is getting intense & so is life therefore I need my sleep. I'll still be posting the same though, so no worries about that, but it's either that or kill the Mahalo which I don't want to do. *Strokes mahalo* Things might change, but for now this is the decision I'm taking for my health and sanity.


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Fashion Tidbits said...

post pregnancy nicole looks amazing!!!

Tam Pham said...

1. i thought the same thing about SJP's Bitten dress! I though it was Oscar de la Renta or vintage Miu Miu or something...can't believe it was from her own line! Let me know if it looks as cute in person!

2. Dani or Danielle was definitely my favorite ANTM winner ever. I also hated Nicole...

3. Lauren (LC) gets on my nerves. However, I do like the dress she wears to ShePratt's party.

4. I LOVE Whitney, but that OK spread is HIDEOUS. She looks fat and old. Boo to OK.

5. What the f*ck happened to Mandy Moore?? She looks like Kelly Clarkson and that is NOT a good thing.

GREAT POST! Have a great weekend.

JuliAM said...

that OK shoot is soooo tacky. and is it just me or does lc look like aubrey from making the band in those 80's hair windswept shots? also, i think doing antm is the quickest way to kill a modeling career. no one will hire those girls b/c they're too recognizeable from the show ESPECIALLY the winners, that's the kiss of death!

NewlyInspired said...

OMG! I'm going to stop by the steve and barry's and see what else her line has. Great ebay buy!

miss hautttefashion said...

noooo keep bloggingg!!!

dita von teese's mother looks amazingly young

babydiscoapple said...

Wow you're so lucky to be wearing that dress! (: let us know if it's as cute as it seems to be (:

Nico. said...

Nicole always looks great. Amd your dress is rockin, I'm going to have to check out her line.

capturedlife said...

1.the ok magazine shooting with whitney is awful
whitney is so bautiful and they could take such great pictures of her
2.i LOVE mandy moores shoes
4. i LOVE laurens dress she wore on S. pretts bday and i DONT like audrinas.. i look so cheap
5. i kinda like heidis shoes
sometimes she looks really trendy but i dont really get how she could make a fashion line like her newest one.. OH MY GOD.
6.i sort of believe whitney that the hills is not scripted, but i mean she would say the say if shes payed for not saying it.. i dont know
i heard something like Spencers the producer of the show.. i still believe its not scripted

Dollfaced Rebel said...

Jen I swear you have the greatest posts.
-I Love Dani and Chanel, I was kinda surprised to see them as buds.
- Had no Clue that Dress was Bitten. My mom was wearing it and had no clue what it was... Needless to say I took a lot of her clothes.
-I know you will do that dress justice. I think I have a new-found obsession with LC. She has been looking amazing!
- I glad to see any contestant of ANTM get work
-Real World I missed it, but I am a watcher, but not a fan of some of the people in the house.
- You are awesome

Lotem said...

I've looked through SJP's Bitten collection, everything is sooo cheap.
Dita and her mom look great,
and I loved Many Moore's shoes.

Daphné said...

I can't believe SJP's dress is from Bitten, you must be so thrilled to have managed to get it!

Mimi said...

Love your posts :)
Leighton looks awesome and Nicole too.
You're right about the OK! scans, even if I adore Whitney she doesn't look very good in those pics

Anonymous said...

mandy's shoes are amazing!

SJP's dress was bitten!? WOAH! that's awesome, considering the line wasn't too exciting

good luck with work. and i totally understand you taking health/sanity over blogging. no worries, we still love you and we'll still read you!

Lynn said...

Take it easy, babe. Whether you post as regularly or not, the archives provide good read and reference.


Kira Fashion said...

that SJP dress is really amazing and chip!
i really think that good looks, not necessarly needs to expensive...

a kiss and a hug,

Kira Fashion said...

that SJP dress is really amazing and chip!
i really think that good looks, not necessarly needs to expensive...

a kiss and a hug,

The Seeker said...

Great post as always.

You lucky girl.... I also thought that dress was from a "named" designer, well I think it doesn't have to be expensive to be great.
I'll look forward for your opinion about it live.


Carolina Lange said...

I love SJP's dress, so beautiful!
Dita's mother looks so youg! Wow!
And Nicole is looks great!

The Clothes Horse said...

Jael was so strange. She sounded like her brain was fried from drugs... And it's very cool that SJP represents by wearing her own clothes.

Seraphine said...

Adoring Hanson is a quirk?

jellofer said...

ahaha, I used to loooove Hanson back in the day too! I still have their CD stashed away somewhere

Belle said...

yet another reason to adore SJP.

i don't love chanel but this makes me like her a little bit more. :D

ohhh chantal is such a pretty little lady!

lolwut @ claire...seriously what the hell.

i LOVE real world. real world gauntlet not so much.

oh did you hear, LC got voted Number 1 Celebrity Designer or something by Us? Gag.

THATS DITA'S MOTHER? They look like sisters.

Stina´s world of everything said...


I saw the pictures of Nicole ... is she getting skinny again?

She was so cute with some more curves.

Ediot said...

Oh. i just dig LEIGHTON MEESTER dress and the dresses nicole richie is sporting

amazing shots of lc. really beautiful

when it comes to antm- i cant stand claire- i dont find her any beautiful nor interesting..
my favourite has always been megan morris from c.8 or something,..

F&F - Fresh And Fab said...

girl u squeeze a lot into 1 post..

i love the antm girl, nno impressed with Nichole..but love the rest

fantastic post

alis said...

-Too bad I never got to see past cycle 2 of antm(not aired here).
-Leighton Meester looks FAB.
-You mentioned on coco's blog you didn't know where to get moccasin boots, I got these minnetonkas in brown from here:


I did some research before I got them from there, they're the cheapest there.

Natty said...

SJP's dress is super cute - I am termpted to try and track one down.

As for Dita's mum - she is so cute and looks super young!

Jelenie said...

Whitney is such a sweetheart! And as for ANTM - that Covergirl Queens Collection ad was hilarious especially the one by Lauren. I hope Anya wins.

Fashion Ivy said...

Nicole Ritchie looks amazing as usual. Leighton looked great. Love her style.

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

Fashion Tidbits - I know she looks great with the extra weight!

Tam Pham - Dani is one of my favorites too she is such a beauty.

JuliAM - Agree, I can't believe they did that to whitney, she deserved better then that.

NewlyInspired - I hope you find it!

babydiscoapple - I will post about it for sure.

miss hautttefashion - I will don't worry.

capturedlife - I think ashley is a fashion journalist.

Dollfaced Rebel - Do catch up with the real world. Glad you love the posts so much!

Lotem - I think her collection is the best, I love how cheap it is!

jayne - Thank you I appreciate you as a reader.

Kira Fashion - Agree completly.

Jelenie - I hope she wins too even though she has a strange accent.

Stina´s world of everything - I sure hope not!

Secretista said...

Hope you're enjoying some sanity time :).

I hated Nicole. I didn't want her to win AT ALL. Ugh!

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

^ Nik was robbed!

Anonymous said...

Ugh I hated when Nicole won over Nik too. Can we say robbed.

Great post! I love your blog but I don't visit often 'cause sometimes the photo overload makes my computer lag. Maybe limit the number of posts per page?

- J @ Hollow-Star.net