I've wanted to do a celeb style on these two for close to a year now. I don't know why I never got around to it, but here it is in all it's glory. Aren't these two just fabulous! Carine has to be the most glamorous 54 year old ever, and I love how she seems to have a laid back attitude. Carine started out modelling at the age of 18, then moved on to writing and then a stylist for French Elle. In 2001 she was approached to become the editor and chief of French Vogue.

Julia graduated from New York's Parson's school of design in 2006.

Her mother worked as a consultant and muse for Tom Ford during his Gucci days and Yves Saint Laurent for six years.

How gorgeous was she?

I hope I can still be this stylish when I'm in my 50s.

Carine's eyebrows are a little scary, but it goes with her whole 'look'


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You've got to have some confidence to wear these patterns! It looks a lot better then I expected.


Oh how I wish we had a store here in Canada! I feel like I'm missing out so much!

I think it's gorgeous and wearable, would be perfect for me to wear to work. I'll have to check eBay after this comes out.

Here is the question, would she actually wear these herself in public outside of a promotion circuit? Probably not. I think a couple of them are ok, but I'm not impressed.



My best friend is rocking some serious Balenciaga shoes. Oh somebody please make a copy cat pair!

Nicole spending time with her biological mom. She's really getting her life in order, if not for herself then for baby Harlow!

I think Fergie looks good here, but there's still something off about this outfit. I can't put my finger on.

I'm surprised Riri has kept this hair style for this long. I want to see something new!

I love her summery style here.


I guess she's still dating that shaggy haired guy from Rooney. Remember when they were Seth's favorite band on The OC?

How to wear sparkles.

CARMEN ELECTRA I've said this a few times, Carmen Electra can dress.


Our Canadian songstress has made an appearance finally! I actually like this olive green dress!



6 months along? Crazy.


TOP SHOP IS COMING TO AMERICA, they will be opening on Broadway in New York on October 10!

VICTORIA BECKHAM has been dropped by a number of high end shops because her jeans are not selling.

Fraser Ross, owner of Kitson, said: "We asked her PR people so many times for her to appear but she didn't. Celebrity lines are no different from an album or music tour. They have to be promoted to sell."


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j'aimetamere said...

I love Julia's style and she is beyond gorgeous. As we as her mother, except I'm not really feeling the shaggy blond hair. I think she looked better with the brown.The marimekko line looks amazing, I'm hoping to go there soon! I agree with what you said about Ashlee's line of t shirts, it's not very creative and a little half-assed in my opinion.

WendyB said...

I've always admired the color of Rihanna's poodle.

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

^ isn't he or she the cutest? I want one just like it!

j'aimetamere - The hair needs help but I'm willing to forgive her because of her age.

Belle said...

Rihanna's hair is nice, I do agree variation would be cool too. But you've got to admit--that haircut seems to be lucky or something.

When exactly does the collection for Uniqlo come out? I've got money burning a hole in my wallet and a Uniqlo a few subway stops away..

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

^ I'm not sure to be honest, but I think very soon maybe in the next month or so?

Anonymous said...

ooo wow very chic mother daughter! they're so alike sometimes. it would seem like it would be a lot of pressure to be the editor of french vogue's daughter, but she is naturally stylish wow!

mischa looks great, love the coat, i love how you called him the shaggy hair guy from rooney, i mean honestly why bother with the name haha!

TOPSHOP!? AMERICA!? HOLY F#*$ING CRAP! I THINK I JUST POOPED MY PANTS! no haha jk, but wow! i'm excited, going to college in dc next fall means i'm only 90mn train from NYC, woah exciting!

Jelenie said...

Carine is very stylish but I wouldn't call her beautiful - her features are very mannish but Julia is actually quite pretty. :)

More pics of Liv Tyler please Jen! Love her!

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

^ your right, I think that's her style though messy elegant.
She is 54 though!!

Wendy said...

Why can't we have a Uniqlo over here in SF?!

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

^ I think they are mostly concentrated in Asia.

enc said...

I really like this mother and daughter post. I admire their style, and am glad to have seen so many photos concentrated in one place. Thanks for working so hard on this one.

Tam Pham said...

i love love love your post on the carine and julia! i'm obsessed with the duo...even though carine is probably my fave! she's A-MAZING!

Secretista said...

It's the shoes Fergie is wear, it's the shoes!

Carine's got one smokin' body for a 50somethin' year old, but something is off about her face to me.

Chic Closet said...

With the Fergie pic- i think it's the strap around the shoes. If it were those shoes without the straps the whole look'd be complete!

I love JULIA RESTOIN-ROITFELD & CARINE ROITFELD. They're such a great mother-daughter team. I wish my mum was stylish.... she gets uptight with everything- low cut tops, short skirts, etc etc....

Aretha said...

Carine and Julia are by far the most stylish mother and daughter team. I wish I could be like Carine in my 50's too, or right now!

Romany said...

Oh my gosh - Carine used to be so gorgeous! She still is, in fact. Always smiling, she looks so happy.
Her daughter has great style too.

Ashlee looks quite pretty in those ads. I love the pink one.

I think the problem with Fergie's outfit is the white wrist cuffs. What kind of woman wears those? I love Fergie but that's just not right.

Mischa with someone from Rooney? Oh that's so cool! OH yeah I remember that Rooney OC episode - love it!
Now I feel like watching the OC lol. Well, I'm off to o that! ;)


Secret Agent said...

Wow, the Roitfeld girls (except for the mom =p) are cute. No wonder they model.
I went to H&M the other day with my mom, randomly, and she bought one of the Marimekko shirts...haha. Looks good on her.
Aren't Balenciaga known for making crazy ass shoes. I guess so... because those ones that Nicole has on are nuts.
I think I know (what bothers me) what's wrong with Fergie's outfit. It's her sleeves. If they were shorter and not as "heavy" it'll look better. Wait, I don't know what I'm talking about. Ignore me.
Deborah Cox, damn. She still looks hot. I remember when my sisters bought her album...I was 7 years old!

Imelda Matt said...

fab post on Julia and Carien they put Anna and Bee to shame with all that fierceness!!!

Imelda Matt said...


alis said...

the dress carine's daughter is wearing on pic #1 and #6 is the white dress from the first kate moss topshop collection..! and yesterday I was still banging my head against the wall for not buying it last year..!

carine should do something about her eyebrows, she was so cute the way she was when younger..

saray said...

My dream is to studay in New York's Parson's school of design!
both JULIA & CARINE have great style! i wish my mom was the editor of french vogue! or any vogue.

i adore nicole's ahoes!

The Seeker said...

What a great post.

Carine and Julia are very stylish despite I think Julia more beautiful I wish I could be in Carine's shape.


!*!*!*!*!Fresh and Fab!*!*!*!*! said...

you would expect those two (mother and daughter) to look good all the time, i know i do..

i cant believe nichole is 6 months gone, thats mad.

fergie looks good and im not feeling Deborah at all.

jellofer said...

I hope I will dress as nice as Carine when I get to be her age! She always looks great!

Oh I saw the Marimekko for H&M stuff but wasn't too interested, maybe the prints are too loud for me?

And yes, I agree! Canada needs an Uniqlo! When I went to NYC last summer, the one there wasn't open yet. =(

lara said...

I'm so in love with julias style I love everything she wears !

SKYLA said...

Carine still looks great but WOW she was gorgeous! Even looking at the eyes i wouldn't have spotted it was her. Teen carine looks very natural whereas new carine looks very sleek and well put together. both great, just different.

SET said...

I love the mother daughter combo, love fergie's outfit, not sure about the bag, maybe thats whats off.

copperoranges said...

i'm confused about nicole's lack of baby bump as well .. i hope she is doing okay!

as for ferg, i think it's the cuff on the shirt sleeves.

Cate said...

-wow, carine looks so YOUNG!!! and i think julia's brother (?), vladimir restoin-roitfeld, is extremely good-looking. i love the shot carine did for teen vogue. but i don't like her all over leopard look in the second from last picture.
-a miracle has happened! i actually saw marimekko for h&m in my town, where h&m normally never stocks the designer collaboration things! the clothes look nice, i don't think i will buy something though, i have bought far too many clothes lately (will blog aboutmy latest buys soon ^^)
-ashlee's t-shirt line is nothing special in my opinion.
-the thing that looks off about the fergie outfit in my opinion is that the trousers have a peculiar length, somehow the proportions don't fit. it looks a bit like a school uniform.
-i kind of like rihanna's hair style at the moment. it's better than that bob, and way better than that spiky haircut she had in between for not very long.
-i seriously LOVE liv's outfit, and she's a real beauty.
-and i really dig mischa's jacket - i almost bought a similar coat in zara once.
-uhuh. nicole kidman you anorexic fish, where the HELL is your baby? i think the nice think about being pregnant (though i've never been pregnant, but i just talk like that ^^) is being round, and pregnant women don't seem fat to me, but beautiful.

Vain and Vapid said...

Julia and Carine are so chic and lovely. I can't believe Carine is in her 50's she looks much much younger and even though she wears the same clothes as women in their 20's & 30's, she never looks like she is dressed inappropriately for her age.

Nicole's Balenciagas are ferosh.

stilettostetico said...

Julia Restoin-Ritfeld and Carine Roitfeld seraient parfaites pour "Comptoir des Cotonniers" !!! Carine R est "ageless", et ses anciennes photos, au style très "seventies", ont un Charme littéralement Envoutant . . .

A Bientot, Antoine

Anonymous said...



Kool Thing said...

It's quite funny that in a mix of young up-and-comers, Liv Tyler is the one that looks coolest!

JuliAM said...

i guess uber-chic runs in the roitfeld family...and a lot of cash to support the fashion habit!

Silvana* said...

Carine Roitfeld is so stylish! and her daughter too!
i wish i could look like that when im 54!

whats wrong with fergie's outfit: that little purse and the shoes!

e.jay said...

Great Post! Who wouldn't want to be Tom Ford's muse! :-)

U said...

The Uniqlo-A. Wang collaboration makes me so excited it's ridiculous... :D

Kira Fashion said...


nice pics about carine, she really used to be so beautiful, now, she is not too beautiful, but has a good body an amazing style!!!

her daughter is soo cute!

so great post!

Ediot said...

i think mishca looks great here! really great
so does nicole- but im not a big fan of the shoes..
the roitfelds are very stylish and pretty!
thanks for a great post!

Anonymous said...

damn I love the big flowing dresses!!!