CN Tower & View from the CN tower

Downtown near the Eaton Center

I usually get the chance to go to Toronto once a year, I wasn't all that interested in going this time, but my Australian boyfriend had never been there so I had to show him around
. I have to say the H & M in Toronto is huge and massive, much better then the one at the Beverly Center in LA. I was impressed that they carried most of the stock I was looking for, though because it was the long weekend it was very hectic and the half hour line ups were not that appealing.

I shopped a lot as you can see, I only get to go to this large H & M once a year. I love loose fitting dresses, I've been obsessed with them all year. A lot of my clothes in the pictures are wrinkled because they just came out of my suitcase!

I love this pale pink dress, it goes with the ballerina trend (See below). I wore it today at work and it was so cozy!

I didn't know H & M was doing organic cotton, my boyfriend bought me this cute brown dress.


I got to go to one of the three Forever 21s we have in Canada for the first time. I wasn't expecting too much because I was disappointed when I went to the store in LA, but the one on Young street really lived up. Some of the clothes were a bit too trendy, but overall I found the stock was beautiful. I got this grey hooded long sweater, I adore it to pieces, this picture doesn't do it justice. The singlet on the right is from H & M though.

Another Forever 21 purchase, it's been ironed now, but I haven't worn it yet.

The black and white top is from Urban Behaviour and the skirt is from Urban Outfitters. I hope my black and white top lasts cause it looks like it's falling apart already! That's what I get for shopping at Urban Behaviour.

Some new accessories. The one on the left totally reminds of YSL.

If you saw the post Su (The Stiletto effect) did called Behind Close Doors post you would have noticed that all my necklaces were on a hanger, well I'm much improved now!



I have this skirt/dress from Marc Jacobs, I never thought of wearing it like the model is I'll have to try it when it gets warm. Anyway enough about me, I have to say this is a great trend. It's so soft, airy and floaty. Reminds me of Chloe except easier to pull off.

Source, Source, Source & Source




I sure hope I got them all in the right order! How gorgeous would she look with a pixie cut?

I'm still waiting for Thandie to make a fashion misstep, but I don't think that will ever happen. Can't wait to see her new movie, Run Fat Boy Run.



I might be the only one, but I'm getting tired of Chloe. Who does she think she is anyway? *laughs*



I don't really get it, these two in a GQ? Unexpected. I have to say, Claudia is too hot for him. I use to have a crush on him though, back in the 3rd Rock From the Sun & 10 Things I Hate About You days.


New ads, love it or hate it?



Speaking of photoshoots, here is Speidi being fake and posing again for the paps as they do best. Did you guys watch The Hills last night? It made me miss Paris so much I was almost ready to shed of tear. I thought it was funny how Heidi's parents reacted to Spencer, they are basically thinking what we are all thinking! How dumb is Lauren for burning that Alberta Ferreti dress, why would she take such a risk? You know bad things were bound to happen!! I hope Lisa Love fries her, what she did was just wrong and stupid.

'The better Heidi' looks like she's in a photoshoot for Vogue here, I don't know how she does it. And how cute is Johan?

This picture is too colorful to resist. The two girls sort of in the middle look confused.

She has been dressing so perfect lately. I miss her dark straight hair though...

I love this bold 60s style dress, she really pulls it off.

KIM KADASHARIAN Say what you want about her, she knows how to dress her body.




I thought these two pictures were funny. Lord help Rumer, I don't understand why she doesn't grow her hair out to cover up that mug of hers. Okay well I guess she's comfortable with herself, that's good...




I was really shocked when I heard of Corinne's husband, Saxaphonist Jason Rae's death. He was found dead at 31 of a suspected drug overdose, they've been married sinec 2001. I love Corienne's music, hopefully she can find healing in it.


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Ps. I almost forgot Aisha tagged me.

8 Things I Want to Do Before I Die (in no particular order)
1. Travel almost the whole globe
2. Have a child
3. Get Married
4. Be successful
5. Pursue something I love career wise (fashion would be nice)
6. Do something daring like skydive or less daring like swim with dolphins
7. Learn to speak a new language fluently Spanish / Dutch or German
8. Not care about what other people think at all (I'm on the right path)

8 Things I Say Often

1. "That's so stupid"
2. "I love you"
3. "OMG I'm starving"
4. "You're pissing me off"
5. "No way! Your shitting me! F* off!"
6. "What did Britney do now?"
7. "I promise I'll go to bed early tonight"
8. "Want to cuddle?"

8 Books I Have Read Lately
1. "East of Eden" - John Steinbeck
2. "Shop-A-Holic & Baby" - "Sophie Kinsella"
3. "Harry Potter - Potter and the Philosopher's Stone - In the middle of it (I only just caught on) - J.K. Rowling
4. "A new earth" - In the middle of it - Eckhart Tolle
5. "Rachel's holiday" - Marian Keyes
6 "Angels" - Marian Keyes
7. "Dot.Homme" - Jane Moore (Someone left it behind at a hostel in Sydney ha)
8. "Deadly Unna" - Phillip Gwynne

8 Songs I Could Listen to Over and Over
1. Better with you - Five times august
2. Butterflies - Sia
3. Let it be - The beatles
4. Pins and Needles - Billy talent
5. Coldplay - Fix you
6. The Fray - How to save a life
7. City and color - Comin' home
8. Frou Frou - Let go

^ the list could go forever

8 Things That Attract Me to My Best Friends

I've had 23 years of Drama with best friends, I'm over it.

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Sarah said...

oh my god, I keep going back to the Joseph Gordon Levitt shoot and thinking WHAT THE HELL??? For one thing, it's kind of a really strange pairing and looks a little wrong from that standpoint. But then I get made because he was my little cutiepatootie/I was going to marry him, and now it looks like Claudia has corrupted him.
Sad, I know.

Key said...

you bought really nice clothes! the pale pink dress is so lovely!
I wanna travel around the world, too! and i really would like to go to Canada.

Anonymous said...
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WendyB said...

Claudia's shoot is hot!

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...


- J

Grace said...

yo jen, it looks like you've achieved some awesome shopping! way to go! haha :)

oh my god, i love thandie's hair. gorgeous!

anna. said...

well, my brain is too small to comprehend you giant post. haha.
but i just gotta say, i love the ballerina look, i'll take yr ideas into consideration

In Yr Fshn said...

I'm with Sarah--that was such a bizarre shoot that i keep thinking about it and trying to figure it out. Huh. Great purchases! I love the peachy pink tunic top!

Secretista said...

You're backk!

COULD YOU HAVE BOUGHT MORE STUFF?! Haha... You make me wanna go shopping. But, it's not warm here so there's no point.

The pictures with Claudia are too hott for my eyes! *covers eyes*

That's definitely Christina... Gwen's boobs aren't that big!

Speidi GO AWAY!--UGH!

Love you Posh & MJ, but I don't get the ads.

Jennifer Stoddart said...

Looks like you got an amazing haul of new clothes! Lovely! I can't wait to get that new issue of Nylon...love Chloe so much! And, I agree with you completely about Rumer Willis. haha

The Clothes Horse said...

I just got Nylon in the mail SO great! I like the ballerina look and many of the pieces you picked up.
We must have the same skirt, mine is Gap as well!

jellofer said...

I just bought the same tube top + shirt (3rd pic, left) but in dress form today! I spend waaaay too much time at the Eaton Center though, and waste so much money there cuz my campus is so close!

M said...

ahhh I wanted to be tagged! lol. I love the first kate moss shoot, but why is she smoking? and true about rumer, that girl needs extensions or something. cute H&M purchases and...what else was I gonna say, oh yeah, i hate SPEIDI!

Wendy said...

The clothes you bought are cute, can tell you have perfect style! Spencer and Heidi makes me sick, ugh.

Imelda Matt said...

I'm so sick of H&M envy, great buys. I think Thandie Newton is stunning and I'm loving her new pixie.

Kaye said...

hey Jen! I've missed this blog while I was away!! And so much has happened ! Catching up with it all is going to take a while!

I think I like the first Kate Moss ed better- it's the makeup that gives her that intense and completely sexy stare. Love her pose in the last photo of her 2nd ed though!


U said...

I love that first H&M dress! <3 And oh, I'd _love_ to get a chance to visit Toronto again... the last time I was there I was 3, so don't really remember much! :D

Thandie looks so much better with short hair! Wow, what a transformation. :)

And I don't really "get" the GQ pics either... but I still think they're kinda hot.

Fashion Tidbits said...

thandie newton already looks sooo cute!

Cate said...

omg omg kate moss!!! she's wearing the balmain trousers i wnated to have so badly, but given that they cost as much as a crap car... love kate.

the_kitten said...

Good you've had a fun time. If I had only access to H&M once in a while I'd stock up BIG time, so I can very well understand your hunter-gathering.

I find Joseph prettty cute here. I mean, surprises are always good, no? I like Schiffer's funny expressions.

And thandie newton? LOVE

SKYLA said...

Toronto looks amazing!
I love Thandie Newton in that shoot. And Kate Moss-will most probably be en vogue until she's 90.

LBIC said...

Your dresses are sooo cute! I actually quite like the JGL/CS shoot. He looks so cute in it. I actually want to go home and watch 10 things because of it now lol.

Neekoh said...

Aaah! I love it when you go shopping :) You always inspire me. That little tunic with the lace is adorable! I think lace is so gorgeous, especially now that it's starting to get warmer.
Did you see The Hills? I forgot how much I love that show. A huge part of it is definitely the fashion aspect.

Kira Fashion said...


i am back!
so, nice shopping you did :)

thanks a lot for passing, you are great!

a kiss and a hug,


Katie Rosemary said...

Argh I'm so jealous of all your purchases!
I used to really fancy Joseph G-L when I was younger too... I thought I was the only one! Tis quite strange to see him being "sexy"...
Definitely the first Vogue Kate shoot... it's so "Kate". Boho-chic. It's the epitome of her style.

millicent said...

i actually really like that picture of ashlee simpson (beside the ugly rumer one) haha

heidi and spencer are really starting to annoy me now though, every time their scenes were playing in the Hills i felt like changing the channel. who wants to see them fighting, when you could be watching Lauren in paris?!

Reggie said...

I wish i could go to Canada! lol
I really love the ballerina look and i'm 100% jealous of all your amazing purchases!!!

care to trade links?


bronwyn said...

Wow, Jen, what a totally wonderful haul of clothes you got. I love ALL yor choices, but for me the cherry on the top is definitely the Forever 21 dress with the lace style collar....mmmmm....want it, want it, want it! Enjoy wearing all the new things, what fun to have so many new looks to experiment with.

Make Do & Mend said...

Ah great to see the CN tower - I lived in Missisauga a long time ago and went to TL Kennedy!!
The first H&M dress is a fantastic buy - and looks like you made great choices with the rest. I'm heartin' H&M a lot at mo.....

addicted said...

where does one begin???such great finds!!! kim kardashian kind of bugs!!! heidi looks fab!!! so does claudia! nylon, yay! thandie newton is my fashion icon!


ahaha i love that picture below in your last post with george bush and the easter bunny haha. and you have so much in this post i dont even know where to begin... I'm still not sure if that picture was gwen or christina agularia.. that really shocked me. and you got so many wonderful pieces at forever and H&M.. im envious of your ability to go shopping- im so broke! and i never knew that h and m did organic cotton... until you posted it!

Belle said...

I love all the clothes you bought. I am so glad we finally got Forever 21 here in Canada. I have yet to go to the one downtown though.

fashionistakay said...

"How to save a life" really is one of those you can listen to over and over! So glad you're back from Toronto, your blog is such a great read!

Marsadie said...

Every time I see Thandie Newton I think of her in the movie Beloved and it frightens me! LOL... she played a good part tho'...

Jelenie said...

I love all your buys Jen!!

Miss Woo said...

I don't know, I always really like Chloe! And you have sooo much nice H&M things!

Carolina Lange said...

Love all your buys!!!
Love the photos of Kate Moss!

Ediot said...

yOU lucky. with that skirt!marc jacobs one. such a beautiful pattern!

love this post by the way. ANd i', currently looking everywhere for that sweater+tube dress you bought from h&M..i need it so bad!

Take care!

discothequechic said...

I'm so glad that the mainstream shops are embarcing organic cotton, so important.

and seriously, i love every single one of those pieces you bough; all so beautiful and feminine and love the colour palette.

kathrynsky said...

i like the second kate shoot...
but claudia is sooooo much cooler!!!